Sarah Moon

Age: 29
Goal weight: 74kg
Lives: NSW
Height: 183cm
Marital status: In a relationship
Children: None
Occupation: Executive housekeeper

Describing herself as a lost soul, Sarah’s diet is partly accountable to her upbringing, raised on all manner of unhealthy foods, which caused a dramatic weight gain.

Sarah sees The Biggest Loser as an opportunity to finally turn her life around, and erase the painful memories she associates with living a reclusive life.

She wants to be able to do everyday things with her girlfriend Kim, who she’s become embarrassed for, and wants her partner to be able to wrap her arms around her fully.

“It is now or never,” says Sarah, who enters the House with her cousins. “I can do this!”

How are you related to your teammates?
What is your favourite food?
Chicken pesto pasta.
What are your hobbies?
Singing in online competitions, Texas hold’em poker contests.
Where would you like to travel most?
Las Vegas.
What is your dream job?
To be a police officer.
What’s your idea of a good night out?
Eating at a restaurant with my partner, then going to the pub to finish off a good night out.
What made you decide to go on The Biggest Loser?
I was afraid if I didn’t I’d end up six-feet-under, because I’m eating myself to death.
What is your ultimate Biggest Loser goal?
Newfound strength and to regain respect in myself.
What is your favourite TV snack?
Ice-cream, without a doubt.
What are your biggest fears about the competition?
Failing – not being able to lose weight or change rotten habits.
Who is your favourite ex-contestant? Why?
Shannon; his incredible journey helped me believe that I can do it too and that anything is possible.
What will you miss most while in the house?
I will miss my beautiful girlfriend Kimberly and my wacky doggy.