Jeda and Jodi

JedaName: Jeda Symonds-Poynton
Age: 23
Height: 165cm
Lives: NSW
Status: married
Children: Liana (5), Emalee (8 months), plus one lost child – still birth at full term.
Occupation: full time mother.
Biggest Loser partner: Jodi (best friend)

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“I want to see my kids grow up and have grandchildren.”

This young mother’s kids are her life and she says they shouldn’t have to grow up wondering how long she is going be around. Jeda’s very conscious of how her weight might affect her quality of life as her parents are both overweight with health problems and diabetes.

This contestant has been pregnant pretty much ever since she met her husband. She lost her second child who was still born at full term two years ago. Depressed, Jeda was finding it hard to lose her baby weight when she fell pregnant again a few months later.

Jeda wants to look her best for her husband and wants him to feel proud to say “that’s my wife” and feel like a lucky man to be with her. She’s sad that she can’t run around with her children like her husband, who she says is “skinny, beautiful and perfect.”

A life lived to the fullest is what Jeda wants. She wants to be able to go out to nightclubs and dance with confidence, be not too big to go on rides at theme parks and be able to kick a ball around with her daughter without getting puffed.

Jeda’s best friend and Biggest Loser partner, Jodi, has been a great support to her in the past years. “Being in the house will test the friendship, but it will make us stronger,” Jeda predicts of their time on the show together. “We have been through so much together as friends already. We’ve been through hell and back and so we can accomplish anything. Nothing can be worse than what we’ve already been through.”

Favourite foods:
Mashed potato
Tim Tams

JodiName: Jodi Nolte
Age: 25
Height: 163cm
Lives: NSW
Status: married
Children: Taylor (4), Brodie (7 months).
Occupation: full time mother.
Biggest Loser partner: Jeda (best friend)

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“When Jeda asked me to apply with her, I said I’d do it for her, but now I want to do it for myself as well.”

Like her best friend and Biggest Loser partner, Jeda, this young mum wants to be around for as long as she can for her kids. Jodi’s grandparents were both very overweight and died in their ‘50s and she doesn’t want to suffer the same fate. Her mother is overweight but even she wasn’t as big as Jodi is at her age and her parents have expressed concern about their daughter’s weight.

While her husband is very supportive and copes well with embarrassing incidents like the time his wife broke a chair in a restaurant on Mother’s Day, this contestant wants to look better for him.

Jodi’s son Brodie had heart problems when he was born and she worries that her size somehow had something to do with it. She wishes she could more active with her children and feels guilty when she gives them unhealthy food because she’s too tired to prepare something better.

“We both help each other’s weight loss and hinder,” says Jodi of her best friend, Jeda. “If we want to go out and have bad food or want to exercise, we do everything together. We are each other’s worst enemy.”

“I will know everything that should and shouldn’t go in my mouth and I will know how to live properly on the outside,” affirms Jodi of her life after Biggest Loser. “I know how to eat healthily to a degree but I will learn what to cook and how to cook it.”

Favourite foods:
Melting moments
Cakes and pastries
Spaghetti Bolognese
Tim Tams

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