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TBL 11×19 – This is supposed to be Makeover Week but the ads LIED!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed we saw all the eliminated contestants return for the traditional second chance. With two spots up for grabs it was Josh and Sophia who managed to win their way back in.

Today, feisty weigh-in! Immunity challenge fallout, then three favourites will battle it out in the elimination arena. Will Blue finally lose another person or will Orange continue their losing streak?

Last chance training! Libby’s excited to be training Sophia and Josh again for the first time. Lisa-Faye (not a real name) says it’s good to see Sophia come back with a fire in her belly.

Sophia says she’s got so much more weight to lose but there’s not enough time to do it at home so she’s got to do it there. She’s been fat, in her eyes, for over 10 years, so she’s got to work hard.

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TBL 11×11 – Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight…

Previously on The Biggest Loser Amy smashed Simon in the team head to head challenge.

“Tonight”… oh Mr Voiceover Man, has nobody told you? It’s 1pm on a Monday afternoon!

Anyway, in this episode last chance training, a heated weigh-in and a shock elimination in the arena. Exciting!

Team Blue relays the exciting news they won another challenge, head to heads against the Orange team. Shannan’s obviously very impressed by Amy beating Simon, asks how her shoulders are. “Sore”, admits Amy. Worth it for the 1kg advantage they’ll have at the weigh-in later.

Lynton’s a high achiever, Shannan says. He wanted to be a pilot, then an instructor, but as a result his health has suffered along the way. But he’s seeing a changed man now. Lynton’s moving a lot more like a 27 year old, says he’s going to join a gym when he leaves. He’s generally feeling a lot more positive about the direction of his life.

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TBL 11×07 – In an orange shirt Josh looks like a sweet potato

Previously on The Biggest Loser the Blue Team won a challenge thing! Mostly thanks to the athleticism of Brett.

Tonight, the guy who wants to be a cop, Josh, is too lazy to stick it out in training and so he threatens to walk. Libby points out it’s basically a death sentence but I guess he misses his family? They’ll miss you more when you’re dead, mate!

Also, the second weigh-in of the season is upon us.

Josh thinks he’s maybe doing it harder than the other contestants, he’s questioning if he wants to still be there. Pretty sure some of the others have families they’d like to get back to as well!

Lisa-Faye (not a real name!) is organising breakfasts. Steph’s been struggling with the food in the house because she’s a vegetarian. So to get her protein she’s been eating a lot of eggs. Hope nobody points out eggs are not a vegetarian dish!

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TBL 10×37 – Last Last Chance Training. EVER. For This Season.

Previously on The Biggest Loser Families… Ummmm. Oh, right, Tony won another challenge and chose to send Johnee home. Because he’s a threat?

We saw the start of another challenge but again we’ve had to wait until tonight to find out who’s going to win. The prize on offer is immunity from elimination and with only one elimination remaining before finale, well, that’s a pretty nice prize, isn’t it?

This challenge has the contestants putting all their old weight back on in the form of sandbags. Do a 400m lap of the track and you can take a week’s worth of weight out of your pack. Then do 11 more laps.

It’s going to be a long, long challenge.

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