TBL 11×26 – Final Transformations revealed! See end of post for voting details!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed the first and less well rewarded winner of the season was announced. Brett lost the most weight (by percentage) over the course of the competition and took home $50,000!

Today the contestants go home and face the real world for the first time in a while. Can they keep up their weightloss journey on the outside?

Also, the final transformations are revealed! All the contestants get dolled up for our viewing and judging pleasure. Voting starts at the end of the episode, presumably, with the winners being revealed on Monday! (See end of post for voting details!)

Lynton’s the first we see returning home. He knows he still has a long way to go to get to his ultimate goal, but he’s very proud of the changes he’s made already. He’s expecting his parents, siblings and his partner Cara to be amazed.

Cara is, indeed, amazed! Can barely believe the changes in his face. His siblings are impressed as well, sister says it may take some getting used to.

Sophia returns home! Lisa-Faye (not a real name) returns home! Nikki returns home! Brett! Simon! All in quick succession!

Many kisses and hugs and tears. One of Sophia’s munchkins says she looks very thinner now. Cute!

Sophia’s munchkin says they can go swimming in the pool and Sophia says she does have a bikini. Munchkin pats her arm and says maybe wait until the 70s for that!

Brett reveals to his wife that he won Biggest Loser and she barely reacts at first, isn’t sure he’s being serious. But he is! He won $50,000!

Time to throw out some junk around the house! He’s pouring lemonade down the sink, then a can of Coke Zero that’s been blurred out. Presumably to avoid Coke filing a lawsuit, since Coke Zero is perfectly fine to drink, weightloss-wise. No sugar, no problem!

Sophia’s been finding it a bit of a struggle being back home after a while. Other people around her aren’t being as supportive as they could be and she’s spending a lot of time chasing around after kids and stuff. It’s not as easy as she thought it would be, being back home. She’s worried she won’t last.

But ahead of an ad break, we see a teaser for a surprise visit from Libby to check on Sophia. And check on Sophia’s massive stash of junk food!

Sophia is “surprised” to see Libby when she arrives, but not sure I believe that since she’s in her workout gear with an armband on for her phone. Not sweaty or anything though.

She’s been home for three weeks after leaving at 84kg, Libby gets her back on the scales. She’s only down to 83.6kg which is just not good enough.

She goes through her pantry with Libby and there’s lots of junk food, which Sophia says isn’t for her, it’s for the kids and stuff. She admits to Libby she sets herself up to fail.

They go through a workout together and Sophia says she needed the push and the insight, so she’s really happy.

Meanwhile, Lynton’s up at 4.30am to get to the gym in the morning. He’s riding his bike there though, which is good to see. He lives with a housemate who has a lot of unhealthy stuff in the house, so he’s got the temptation there all the time. But he’s not minding getting up early and heading into the gym, so he should be going okay.

Lynton’s having a training session with Shannan, testing his new body on an indoor climbing wall. He’s down to 89kg now, which is a definite improvement. He’s surprised how easy it is to hold his own bodyweight up on the wall now. And he’s stoked he even managed to make it past an overhang bit.

Lisa-Faye (not a real name) has been asking friends if they’d like to train with her and they get out in the open air for group training sessions. She’s been struggling a little but it looks like having a group of friends supporting her is doing her wonders. When Libby turns up to one of the group sessions Lisa-Faye (not a real name) jumps up and sprints to her. Never would have happened in the old days!

Libby’s having a chat over lunch with her. Lisa-Faye (not a real name) works in a very social environment, and she actually really likes drinking! So she’s struggled a little. She was managing to drink less than usual, and when she realised how much she’d had without anything healthy to eat, she actually stepped away. She was feeling really off and headachey.

She’s even a much better Mum now, she says. Much more attention and time for her son. She’s very grateful to Libby for all the changes that are letting her spend so much more quality time with him. Aww!

Now, an update on the eliminated contestants.

Amy first. Amy looks smashing! And she’s got herself a boyfriend… Luke from the Orange Team. WOOOOO!

Matt’s goal was to feel confident on the beach and he’s achieved that, he says.

Sarah’s life was a drag before the competition, but she’s 20kg down now and feels much better for it. She says she thinks there’s no better medication for depression than exercise.

Prescription medication is also good. Don’t anyone feel like it’s not okay to seek help.

Brett’s having a bodyscan done again. He’s lost 45% of his body fat percentage. Heaps less green on his scan than there used to be!

Shannan’s off to visit him. He knows it’s a big sacrifice being away from the kids for such a long time.

He meets the wife and the family. Shannan says to Brett he’s definitely punching way above his weight, hah! Boy-kid gets a big hug from Shannan and a high-five from girl-kid. Very cute.

Time for a workout! Rocky style workout, Shannan calls it, Brett tells us. Not because there’s running up stairs, but because they’re using actual rocks as weights, out in the bush. Cool!

Brett’s knackered after his session. Shannan says it was less about his body in his journey to about getting his mental attitude right. He’s much happier now he’s skinny, his daughter told him.

Simon’s not finding it too hard to pick healthy options for his food. Libby meets the family and then has a rummage through the fridge. They’re doing YouFoodz, which gets advertised a lot during Biggest Loser. There’s some cordial and apple juice in the fridge too, which Libby is worried by but Simon says he hasn’t had any, the juice is leftover from before the show.

Mate, throw that shit out. Apple juice doesn’t last forever!

Simon wanted to go on the Kokoda Trail, like his forefathers. He knows it’ll be a super hard slog so he’s been very thankful to Libby for all her pushing.

Three weeks later, Simon’s off to do the trail.

As they’re flying in on the helicopter the pilot tells him the track actually runs up alongside the airstrip and Simon wonders if it’s okay to land on it, it looks pretty rough. Pilot says yeah, the airstrips aren’t like the ones in Australia. Hah!

Bit of slipping and sliding through the mud for Simon, but he’s pushing through. They all carry packs with their supplies and stuff, to try and replicate the experience. Simon thought he was prepared for this, but it’s a relentless slog and he’s doing it tough. But that’s kinda the point, Simon!

He takes his pack off so one of the guides can carry it for a while, but straps it back on later and keeps going.

And by Day 3, he’s still going. And Day 7, the guide is still pushing him hard, but he’s coping with it a lot better now than he was the first day. Day 8 and they’re in sight of the end at last. Wearing his Team Orange baseball hat the whole way.

They finally finish and he’s very proud of his achievement, as he should be!

Nikki’s in a dress! On the beach! She says she’s not quite ready for a bikini, but she’s close now. She does look bloody lovely already!

Her partner’s set up a lovely little picnic area with flower petals strewn across. He takes a knee and says she’s the beautiful Mum of his beautiful child, the only person he wants to spend the rest of his life with, will she marry him?


And now, at last, it’s finally time to reveal the new version of herself to her friends and family. She’s nervous, but also very excited.

Libby comes out first to say hello to everyone, welcoming them to her transformation ceremony. Nikki had a lot of love and compassion for everyone but herself, but she’s a lot better now, which had more to do with her mental attitude than her weightloss.

Nikki comes out on stage and she’s baring her midriff! Pale blue top and a long skirt. She looks awesome!

She’d always wanted to wear a beautiful dress and feel confident in her skin. She’s started living now.

Libby gets Kyle, Nikki’s partner, up on stage as well and announces that they’re now engaged. Nikki says sorry to him for putting him through all her insecurities, she’s so happy to now be a much more confident woman.

And then… BIKINI! She’s on the beach with her daughter, twirling around and looking gorgeous. Kyle says she looks stunning and Nikki says it feels really nice to hear that, but also to really believe it now.

Some more posing in another long blue dress, figure hugging. Nikki’s gotta win!

Jenny, the old lady of the competition, finally got to do an 80km endurance ride with her horse, something she’d always wanted to do.

Anna was really big before the competition. 117kg. She’s now down to 71.2kg. And ripped! She barely looks like the same lady. You’d never know she was the same sad Anna from the start of the comp.

Jake! He was hugely overweight and had diabetes. And now… dude, male model much? He’s managed to do a triathlon now. He staggers over the finish line a bit, but he’s looking bloody fantastic.

Brett’s back in a gym, a boxing gym, a place he’d’ve been ashamed to enter before the competition. And he’s going to step into the ring with a guy who’s fighting fit, ready for a bout in three weeks time. Sparring at full speed, proper punches and stuff. Brett’s managing to hold his own against the much younger opponent, which has him feeling really good about himself.

Time to reveal him to the family and friends as well.

Shannan introduces Brett to the waiting crowd and he’s looking rather dapper in a white coat, white polo shirt udnerneath and tan trousers. His daughter runs up to him and leaps into his arms in tears. Awwww!

Brett says there’s a long list of people to thank, like his wife staying home to look after the family. His son had to go to hospital at one point but she didn’t tell him to avoid distracting him from his journey. Brett didn’t feel like he deserved that level of dedication at the start of the competition and he’s got to thank his wife for that.

Another bit of posing for Brett, in a blue shirt with beige pants and beige shoes which looks a bit… odd.

Sophia’s turn for a reveal! Her goal was to do a samba in front of people like they’ve never seen before. Sophia felt like everyone would have been judging her before.

All her family and friends are there to see her dance today. She’s in a sparkly top with a fluffy red skirt, all ballroom styled up. She’s hoping everyone loves her dancing.

Libby says ever since she saw the whirlwind that is Sophia she knew she had to have her on her team. Tonight they’ll see not only Sophia, but also see Sophia fulfill one of her lifelong dreams.

Many hugs and tears, aww! Sophia says she feels magnificent, and her kids are happier to be around a healthier, fitter Mum. She feels transformed. Hah!

Everyone ready to see Sophia dance? Because Libby’s ready to see her dance!

She has a professional dance man with her to dance along with and they strut around the dance floor having a grand old time. Sophia seems very happy to have finally achieved her goal.

Time for Simon! He’s feeling a bit nervous. He’s hoping he’s done enough for people to be proud of him. He was around 110kg at the start, miserable and not sleeping properly. He’s hoping to prove he was willing to fight for what he’s got now.

Libby says one word to describe Simon would be committed. He was always the guy that found it fun and was always ready to give the impossible a go. Introducing the newly transformed Simon!

He’s in a white jacket with black accent stripes, black shirt underneath, black pants, looks very stylish and much happier than he used to. Simon says he hopes everyone is pleased by his transformation, he couldn’t’ve done it without all the support back home.

Simon says Kokoda was the most difficult physical and mental thing he’s ever done. He’s super happy with where he’s at now.

More posing, in a white shirt with blue paints and a RIDICULOUS fake tan. Oh dear, it’s really obvious in those shots.

Lisa-Faye (not a real name) gets her reveal next. She’s feeling the best she’s ever felt in her life, she tells us. She seems to be in a loose jumpsuit with a cutout at the back? All dolled up with fancy hair and makeup. The girls get kind of an advantage in this, huh?

Oh, then she comes down the stairs and there’s a cutout on the front as well. Showing a bit of cleavage, not bad!

Libby says she looks drop dead gorgeous and Lisa-Faye (not a real name) says it’s thanks to her. She’s feeling a lot better about herself, which is Libby’s favourite part of the transformation, even though she looks smashing physically. Hasn’t been easy, but it’s great to be standing in front of everyone today looking and feeling much healthier.

Lisa-Faye (not a real name) knew if she didn’t do anything about her health she wouldn’t see her son grow up, much less grandkids. In her additional posing she also looks really classy and lovely.

Now, a catchup with Josh! He’d wake up feeling lethargic back before starting. When the competition started he was 147kg and he’s down to 97kg now. 50kg is a huge loss! And he’s feeling fit, healthy and active.

Steph! She was sluggish and overweight before the show and now she looks smashing! And she’s even starting to fit into wedding dresses and being happy with how they look on her.

Simmo! Poor Simmo. Should really have been in the final six. He’s looking pretty buff now and having fun being active again.

Time to see Lynton’s transformation. He thought he was happy before coming on the show. He definitely feels transformed now though.

Shannan hasn’t seen Lynton for a few weeks but he’s excited to see him because Lynton’s never failed to surprise him.

Lynton comes walking in the door and… he’s a regular dude. Blue shirt, white tee underneath, blue pants, looking happy and healthy. His Mum has many hugs and kisses for him. He’s looking great!

Shannan checks him out, front and back and is obviously very pleased with his progress. Lynton says it’s the culmination of every hardship he’s been through and it’s going to be good not only for him, but also to bring the changes back home.

Lynton used to get encouraged/harassed by his Mum to lose weight but he’d never gotten around to it. His Mum says he needed to lose weight or the plane might stop taking off! Lynton laughs and thanks his Mum, and apologises for the times he got cross with her.

Lynton feels like all the sacrifices he’s made have been worth it now. He’d been adventurous mentally, but not physically before. He’s found he’s loving hiking and swimming. He’s even gone kayaking for fun! After the original day on the show doing kayaking and thinking he was paralysed afterwards. Now it’s just fun for him!

AND NOW! Time to decide who’ll win the $100,000 and the title of The Biggest Loser Transformed.

The number to CALL is 1902 555 011.
The number to TEXT is 1995 10 10.

Vote for your favourite by calling and following the prompts, or by texting your chosen person’s name to the text number.

Your choices are Lynton, Nikki, Lisa-Faye, Simon, Sophia or Brett!

Probably need to spell them correctly, so be careful when voting, if you choose to do so.

Winner will be announced during the Studio 10 Biggest Loser Live Special on Monday! Starts at 11am in Sydney, check your local guides!

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