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TBL 11×24 – Benchmarking the newly slimline and overclocked contestants!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed Josh was sent home after failing in the final arena challenge of the year. And possibly the final one ever, since the show is unlikely to return.

This was the second time Josh was sent home, the first time being earlier in the season due to a team vote. So at least he got to experience both kinds of elimination. Always look on the bright side!

Today it’s time to revisit the benchmark test they did way back at the start of the competition. How much has their fitness improved since then? Also, a final mind health session with Glenn McKintosh. And another challenge kicks off. Busy day!

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TBL 11×02 – Contestant Benchmarks! Dietary Decisions! Fried Chicken!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed we learned a little about some of the new contestants, the challenges they’re facing and what the show plans to do about it all. We got introduced to new trainer Libby Babet and welcomed back Blue Team trainer Shannan Ponton and host Fiona Falkiner.

Tonight! The journey continues. Benchmark training to see where everyone’s at will apparently reveal some surprisingly fit folk amongst the group. A cooking challenge of some kind will give the winning team an advantage at the elimination… tomorrow! That’s quick!

Lynton’s doing it rough the next day after all the kayaking. Some of his roommates are having to bring him water because he can’t lift his arms. They’re all having a good laugh about it.

Apparently Jake was taken to hospital last night and nobody’s sure if he’s back yet. Nikki says he started slurring his speech and so they took him to hospital. Everyone’s very worried. It’s the first day and they might already lose someone?

Meanwhile Anna and Amy are the first ones up and head into the kitchen to get some food before an early morning training session. But before they can do anything they notice a note. Amy asks who gets to go on a date today, to much laughter from the rest of the group. Is that a Bachelor reference? I’m not familiar.

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