TBL 11×24 – Benchmarking the newly slimline and overclocked contestants!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed Josh was sent home after failing in the final arena challenge of the year. And possibly the final one ever, since the show is unlikely to return.

This was the second time Josh was sent home, the first time being earlier in the season due to a team vote. So at least he got to experience both kinds of elimination. Always look on the bright side!

Today it’s time to revisit the benchmark test they did way back at the start of the competition. How much has their fitness improved since then? Also, a final mind health session with Glenn McKintosh. And another challenge kicks off. Busy day!

First, benchmark tests again. Lisa-Faye (not a real name) is actually really excited to see how far she’s come.

Shannan says the last two weeks have been about how far they’ve come, both aesthetically and physically. Today it’s time to put it all to the test. Libby tells us she can see how far they’ve come but it’s time to show them.

Beep test is not just a measure of fitness, it’s a measure of toughness, Shannan says.

Lisa-Faye (not a real name) gets a rating of 3.6, a good improvement over her 2.7 at the start of the competition!

Sophia manages 5.5, better than her 3.4 at the start. Brett gets 5.7 but we don’t see his original rating. Nikki gets 5.9 versus 2.7! Simmo a 6.4 to his old 4.9.

Just Lynton and Simon left! Libby’s running back and forth to keep Lynton encouraged as he’s starting to fall a tiny bit behind the pace. He manages a 7.9 in the end, versus his starting 4.4. HUGE improvement.

Simon’s still going. He remembers being overweight and not driven, now he’s enthusiastic and eating the right things and much healthier. Simon got 5.9 in week 1, which was already a pretty good rating. Now he’s at 9.0! Proper fitness!

Next test is pushups. Weird ones though. Lying on the floor, pushing their upper body up then lifting their legs as well for the boys. Brett did 35 of those at the start and tops the rankings this time with 52.

Situps next! 23 for Lisa-Faye (not a real name) at the start and now 43! Brett gets 60 in a minute, one a second, he’s stoked.

Sophia “the queen of squats” is aiming to beat her original 73. She gets 83 in the minute, so she’s happy with that.

Burpees! Brett got 24 versus his 13 in the original test. Shannan says they’d all be well above average fitness now.

Wall sit challenge, endurance test again. Simon and Brett are sitting beside each other and Simon is determined to beat Brett at this, this time. Brett beat him at a sitting challenge back in the day.

Nikki’s one of the last out this time. She holds on for one minute fifteen seconds this time, after managing a mere 10 seconds originally.

Down to Simon and Brett again. Both are sweating like mad, Brett’s fidgetting a lot. It’s not really that important but we’re taking an ad break now anyway. TENSION!

Brett makes 2.24 versus his original 40 seconds, which is a huge improvement. But Simon’s still going, he’s gunning for the 3 minute mark and just makes it. He did 36 seconds the first week!

Libby’s very excited by everyone’s progress. Libby’s very excited about a lot of things though.

Time for BRAINSSSSSSSS!!! Glenn says they all look great, but it’s important they see for themselves how far they’ve come. Time to look at the audition tapes, acknowledge where they came from.

Everyone’s nervous, but Lynton’s first. Lynton’s still looking a little chubby, but seeing him in the audition tape makes it very, very clear how far he’s come. He has a proper jawline now for god’s sake!

Lynton says the biggest change for him has been the mental change. He used to look for the lazy ways to do things, now he’s keen to get out there and do things. He has to come up with an affirmation and he picks, “Don’t waste today.” It’s a reminder to… not waste… the days.

Simmo! Simmo actually looks like a normal, fit bloke now. Especially with his recent makeover. His head is a lot smaller now, both due to the shave and the goodly amount of weight lost. And he believes in himself now, he says.

Sophia’s interview, her attitude hasn’t really changed, but she’s definitely looking a bit smaller.

Brett was shocked by his weight back during the audition process. The version of himself sitting there now is the one the auditioning guy was picturing. He tells us he was more interested in TV and fast food than living with his beautiful wife and gorgeous kids. “You have an amazing life, embrace it and treat yourself well.” That’s a long affirmation!

Simon had a huge belly! And now he doesn’t anymore. Well done Simon! Simon tells us he realises now how much he needed to change his lifestyle. Can’t change the past, just have to move forward.

Lisa-Faye (not a real name) had a big leopard print scarf obscuring her neck and a big jacket hiding much of the rest of her. Pretty makeup and stuff hides it, too. As a result she doesn’t really look that different, just not as well made up! She thanks the old version of herself for getting her to where she is now.

Nikki was a bit chubby before the show but generally looked pretty good. Nice cleavage! But she was sad and miserable, she remembers. She isn’t anymore!

Glenn tells them they’ve had so much support in the house and it’s not going to be there when they leave, they have to prepare themselves for that.

They’re out on the wharf in front of Biggest Loser HQ again today. The winner of the challenge today will get a big advantage in tomorrow’s elimination challenge. Two stages for today’s challenge.

In the first stage you fill up a bucket and carry it over a balance beam to empty it into another contestant’s drum. After fifteen minutes you have to hold your drum up above the ground, with the aid of a rope and pulley.

Men start with 30 litres in their buckets, women start with 15 litres. Which is a bollocks, 30kg versus 15kg!

Fiona says just one more thing… The buckets have a hole in them. Because of course they do!

Where’s the water coming from? The harbour of course! Are you allowed to do that? Our precious harbour water!

Lynton goes out hard at the start and thus his heart rate is too high and he can’t get across the balance bar. He’s lost so much water from his bucket he has to go back and refill before trying the bars again.

Simon’s first across as a result and he dumps his bucket into Lynton’s barrel. He’s the threat in the competition, Simon thinks.

Nikki’s targeting someone she thinks she can beat, so she’s dumping into Sophia’s barrel. Sophia’s strong, Nikki thinks, so she wants to make sure she can’t hold on for long.

Sophia’s targeting Simon though.

Simmo’s having a rough time of it. His bucket keeps getting emptied before he gets to the barrels.

Everyone’s having a lot of trouble keeping any water in their bucket while getting across the beam quickly.

Brett’s focused on getting across the beam, but about three quarters of the way across Shannan hears a massive bang. Uhoh!

It’s not too bad, fortunately. He’s scraped his leg down the side of the beam and is a little bloodied up. Might be more of an issue during the barrel hold!

After Sophia drops off another bucketload for Simon, Simon decides to dump on Sophia. This goes back and forth a bit, so they’re both working on knocking out an ex-Orange. Silly!

Time’s up! Simmo, Brett and Lisa-Faye (not a real name) didn’t manage a single crossing with any water.

Round two, hold up your drum for as long as possible. Last person still standing wins the advantage.

Nikki’s only got 15 litres in her bucket because nobody thought to put any in hers, I guess?

Everyone’s finding it pretty easy early on and they all make it to the first marker. Fiona gets them to put their barrels down so they can add 10 litres more to everyone’s barrel. That’s 10kg extra and everyone’s starting to struggle almost right away.

Nobody wants to be first to drop their drum, but they’re all doing it tough. Lynton’s hands are going numb and he’s trying to wriggle them to wake them back up, which is making it harder to hold position…

And down it goes! Lynton’s out.

Simmo’s next out. Lisa-Faye (not a real name) is really surprised for some reason. Yes, he has the big arms and chest but he also had a lot more weight. Especially since they screwed the guys with way more weight from the start.

Lisa-Faye (not a real name) is next out. Nikki’s not sure she can take much more… and she’s right, she’s out as well.

Brett, Sophia and Simon are fighting it out for the advantage. Brett’s got a big bandage on his leg from his slip earlier, but he’s holding on. Sophia seems likely to be next out, but she’s trying to get into Simon’s head, saying hasn’t he won enough things already.

Everyone’s telling him not to listen, Nikki tells him to stay strong which doesn’t go down well with Sophia.

Simon had the heaviest barrel, so it’s no surprise he’s out next.

Nikki had targeted both Sophia and Brett because she thought it would come down to those two.

After another ad break they’re still holding barrels. Come on! One of you fall over already!

They’ve been holding their barrels for 45 minutes now, getting a bit ridiculous, should have put more weight in them!

A while later Brett finally drops his barrel and Sophia is stoked. She says she wants to be top six and that’s the way it’s going to be.

Yeah, but you’re not going to win the big vote, or the weightloss percentage thing, so whatever!

Tomorrow the final six are decided via an epic series of challenges. Probably spanning two days, since there’s two episodes left before the finale on Monday!