The Biggest Loser: Transformed finale airing Monday, May 1st!

It seems the plan for a live finale is going ahead, in spite of this season’s abysmal ratings.

The finale will now be part of a special, extra long episode of Studio 10, Channel 10’s morning show, on Monday May 1st. There’s two versions of Studio 10 in the guide for Monday, with the one starting at 11am and finishing at 12.30pm listed as the Loser finale.

It’s unclear how much the format will change as a result, it’s likely to be roughly the same and include the live voting for the best transformation. Fiona, Libby and Shannan all attended the Logies and so should all be on hand for the finale, but maybe some of the Studio 10 people will also be involved?

Anyway, if you were interested in voting for the best transformation and thus determining who wins the grand prize of $100,000… I hope your boss lets you have the TV on. Or you can maybe livestream it via the official site? Or just vote blindly. It’s on in the middle of the day and not even the regular time it’s been on since tanking the night time slot…

I might be the only person who actually watches it on the day. :)

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