The Biggest Loser: Transformed finale airing Monday, May 1st!

It seems the plan for a live finale is going ahead, in spite of this season’s abysmal ratings.

The finale will now be part of a special, extra long episode of Studio 10, Channel 10’s morning show, on Monday May 1st. There’s two versions of Studio 10 in the guide for Monday, with the one starting at 11am and finishing at 12.30pm listed as the Loser finale.

It’s unclear how much the format will change as a result, it’s likely to be roughly the same and include the live voting for the best transformation. Fiona, Libby and Shannan all attended the Logies and so should all be on hand for the finale, but maybe some of the Studio 10 people will also be involved?

Anyway, if you were interested in voting for the best transformation and thus determining who wins the grand prize of $100,000… I hope your boss lets you have the TV on. Or you can maybe livestream it via the official site? Or just vote blindly. It’s on in the middle of the day and not even the regular time it’s been on since tanking the night time slot…

I might be the only person who actually watches it on the day. :)

TBL 11×23 – Josh is a whiny manchild, again

Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed the teams were dissolved and now it’s every man and woman for him or herself.

Today, frustrations boil over in last chance training and the weigh-in is the tensest ever as nobody has a team to fall back on and five will be battling in the arena, instead of the usual 3!

Shannan knows it’s singles time but his boys are still his boys, he wants to give them one more push towards the end. He knows weigh ins have come down to as little as 0.03% so they’ve got to keep smashing it out.

Shannan had a big breakthrough with Brett in the past week, discovering he’d been sneaking bacon sandwiches. He swears to Shannan his diet has been on point in the past week and he’s hoping for a minimum of 4kg this week. He’s feeling better than he ever has before, so he’s obviously confident.

Libby says she’s going to push her singles hard today, really hard, because she wants them all in the final six. Josh says they don’t mind getting whipped, but they’re sick of being beat.

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TBL 11×22 – Nikki is pretty! Sweaty treadmill people are not pretty!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed it was MAKEOVER DAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

Everyone looked pretty spiffy, except for Nikki because we have to wait until today to see her transformation. Boooo!

Today! We see Nikki’s makeover! And then it’s back to the usual grind, challenges and training and whatnot.

Nikki’s getting her makeup did and some fake eyelashes and getting a spiffy hairdo. Nikki would go to the beach with her daughter but be all covered up because she was ashamed of her body.

Finally we get to see Nikki and she looks super hot! Tight fitting dress, she’s feeling a bit nervous as a result. They haven’t dyed her hair, which is also really good to see. It’s just long and black and hanging over one shoulder, not really any different, just had a good wash, probably!

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TBL 11×21 – MAKEOVER DAY! All the makeovers except Nikki, boooo!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed the requisite Pigs In Mud challenge saw Blue lose Amy in a tight vote.

Today, it’s Makeover Day! And also tut-tutting at bad diet choice day.

But first, a total spontaneous trying on of first day pants after Lisa-Faye (not a real name) just happens to go through her bag and finds them. She has lost a hell of a lot of weight though. Nikki tries on an old pair of Lisa-Faye (not a real name) pants as well and she can easily fit both her arms down the legs as well.

Sophia tries to be like the cool girls but the difference is not as pronounced. An inch or two smaller, but it’s around the waist where it’s really important not to be carrying fat around, so she’s done well too!

Brett and Simmo are both doing the pants thing too. Simmo notices he’s got a baggy arse, Brett thinks his pants would probably fall to his ankles if he tried to take a step or two.

Lynton’s joined the rest of the group in the lounge and he shows how he can nearly fit an arm down his pants too. But not quite, too many muscles he says to much good-natured laughter.

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Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed the Blue Team’s winning streak was finally broken, losing the weigh-in and then losing Matt in the arena elimination challenge.


My personal favourite challenge every year. There’s always a really muddy challenge and it’s always a really tough, messy affair. Fiona says, “It will make you want to quit, it’s going to make you want to cry and it will make you dig deeper than ever before.”

Everyone in the winning team will be safe from elimination, the losing team will join Fiona in the arena as for the second day in a row, there’ll be an elimination.

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