9×30 – Train the Trainers!

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    Previously on The Biggest Loser Jane was sent home at the elimination after Kevin was sent home at the end of the Super Challenge. Many tears were shed as the Awesome Foursome became a threesome. And possibly a twosome, if Kerry and Craig can win at the last weigh in…

    Tonight Dr Swan is back to tell the contestants their new life expectancies. Then it’s time for the contestants to train the trainers, with some added farm shenanigans for good measure.

    As the trainers arrive for training the shoe is on the other foot. The contestants all have their own custom shirts with nicknames on the back. Kerry’s The Mean Machine, Sharon’s the Pocket Rocket, Katrina’s Super Kat, Toni’s the Smiling Assassin and Craig’s Crusher. They all have baseball caps with Ararat PT stitched on the back. Very cool!

    Time to train the trainers. The trainers knew this was coming, of course, and they’re up for the challenge. Shannan says they’ve earned the chance to do this, they’re the final five, time for them to suck it up and show the contestants it’s not just talk on their end.

    As they’re lead off for their sessions Steve says goodbye and he hopes the medics can be in three places at once!

    Toni’s got Michelle in an indoor gym. Toni tells her she wants her to do her best and then do a bit more. Mish is expecting a schoolteacher approach from Toni since that’s what she does for a living back in Ararat. Everything will be lined up and ready to go and Mish is ready to tackle it all.

    Mish is going hard early, working up a sweat and starting to puff a bit. But there’s no quit in Mish! Mish tells Toni she’s a great trainer. Toni tells us if Mish has time to talk she’s obviously not being pushed hard enough!

    Toni asks her how much she needs to be there and Mish says she NEEDS to be there, for her family, for her friends and most of all for herself. Gold Logie performance if ever there was one! Toni tries to ask Mish if she’s cooking much out of the cookbook but Mish is finally getting a bit too puffed and says she can’t think about food right now.

    Sharon’s telling Steve to count more loudly. They’re pushing him from one exercise to the next and Steve’s looking a bit stuffed after what was supposed to be the warmup. The next step is to pick Sharon up, she says, how does he want to do it. Steve bends over, grabs an arm and throws her up over his shoulders. All while she’s saying oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! Hilarious.

    Next Craig takes over and gets Steve to pull the huge tire across the grass the contestants had struggled with way back in the day. Craig says once Steve realised he could move it, there was no stopping him.

    Steve says he’s enjoying the smashing his team are giving him. But there’s one more thing to go. Steve’s looking a bit hot, Sharon says and Steve says he is a bit. Sharon turns a hose on him. Remember this was back in the middle of the year last year, so that water would have been quite cold. Steve thanks them, saying it was quite invigorating.

    Shannan’s getting thrashed by Katrina. Shannan reckons Katrina’s counting is as good as most trainers – she missed about 50 reps before they were even done with the warmup!

    Shannan’s looking pretty stuffed after the warmup, but they’re not done yet. Shannan’s impressed Katrina’s learned so much. Like putting the treadmill on an incline of 12 and speed of 6km/hr, so it’s not quite a run, not quite a walk. It’s very uncomfortable to go at that for any length of time. He says she’s also picked up his style of training, no yelling and shouting, just getting down and into their heads as they train. Unlock their minds to unlock their bodies.

    One more surprise! Shannan’s got to put on the weight Katrina’s lost since coming on the show. And doing that has put Shannan’s heart rate past 180bpm and he looks knackered. But he’s got a few minutes to catch his breath before they move on to the next thing.

    Shannan walks out into the yard with Shannan with Steve coming up behind and Mish wandering in from the side. They can see sheeps and cows and chickens and straw. Aminals! \o/

    The contestants have been living in the trainer’s world for the last ten weeks and now it’s time for the trainers to live in the contestant’s world. Welcome to the Funny Farm!

    They’ve got a circuit of stuff for the city slickers to do. Five in all. Herd the sheep. Chop the wood. Steve asks if it’s all of it needs chopping and Kerry says it’s till he says stop, of course! Milk the cow. Find the needle in the haystack. Then pull a tractor from one end of the yard to the other. And they have thirty minutes to do them all!

    “Come here little sheepy!”

    Mish picks up a sheepy first, then Shannan grabs one… that still has a mouth full of food it’s chomping away on. He shows Mish as they both trot towards the other pen.

    Steve’s picked up his sheep and is touching it’s butt, much to Shannan’s amusement.

    And Steve doesn’t close the gate behind him one time and then there’s sheeps everywhere! Shannan finds Steve’s attempts at trying to catch one little white one HILARIOUS. They do eventually round it up and put it in the pen. On to the wood chopping.

    Shannan wonders where the chainsaw is at! Shannan’s strategy is to just hit the wood as hard as possible. It doesn’t seem to work too well, but he’s not giving up, keeps swinging away until the two wheelbarrows are full. Steve wheels one across to the sheep pen while Mish tries to do the other one for Shannan, with much groaning and laughter she gets it done.

    Now it’s time for Michelle to meet Peaches the cow. Poor Michelle’s having a tough time of it but the others offer some advice. Mish says now they’re all experts?

    Mish tells us she’s sure Peaches appreciated the woman’s touch! But now it’s Shannan’s turn. They’re supposed to fill the jug but I don’t think the cow has that much in her. Shannan’s not having a lot of luck either.

    But then it’s Commando Steve’s turn. He grew up on a farm, as it turns out. So he’s right into it and quickly fills up the entire jug with perfect technique. And when the jug is full he holds it up and goes to take a drink but Mish is horrified and says no, no! Steve said he totally would’ve done it.

    Time to find the needle in the haystack. Steve literally dives straight into it. Which may have been unwise since it’s actually a huge knitting needle. Mish finds it eventually, much to Steve’s chagrin. He really wanted to find it!

    Mish is sitting in the driver’s seat of the tractor at first and Steve’s pulling from the front while Shannan pushes from behind. But they’re going to run out of time and Steve’s run into trouble out front as the tractor hits a soft spot on the lawn. Mish has to hop off and push from behind with Shannan as well. And in the end they get it done, of course. Steve says it’s a great feeling… but he can’t get back up off the ground, he’s spent.

    Now it’s time for Dr Swan to visit again. Ten weeks ago Dr Swan predicted their ages of death based on their lifestyles. But now they’ve gotten fit and changed their lifestyles and so on, what are they looking at now?

    Dr Swan says he was worried about all of them last time and they’re all looking fabulous now.

    Kerry’s the first to get a revisit. He used to be a heavy drinker, drinking 24 kegs worth a year. But he hasn’t had a drink since coming on the show and he’s lost 36kg since then. And here’s what that looks like, in beer! That’s a lot of beer.

    Kerry’s current age is 49 and they had predicted he’d make it to 64. Now they reckon he’ll make it to 78! So he’s regained 14 years with just a couple of months work. Kerry says that even more importantly it’s 14 GOOD years. Kerry says he might be a grumpy old bugger by then, but he’ll still be around.

    Toni’s next. She’s 48 right now and they’d predicted she’d die at 64, same as husband Kerry. Now they’re saying 77, regaining 13 years. Meaning if they both keep it up they could live into their 80s together. They’re both very happy at that news.

    Katrina’s current age is 45 and they’d predicted 70 for her death age. Which wasn’t too bad, really. But now they’re predicting 79, regaining 9 years of her life. Not bad for ten weeks work. And it’ll mean she’ll get to see her kids hit 50 themselves, which means they might have kids of their own hitting 21, etc.

    Craig’s next. He was 160cm around his waist back at the start, which is about the height of Katrina. His blood pressure has come down 28 points which Michelle is staggered by. I guess she already knows about blood pressure stuff? Dr Swan explains that with blood pressure medication doctors are usually really happy if they get 6 or 8 points, so 28 is clearly an amazing result. He’s got a much reduced chance of stroke as a result.

    Craig’s lost 46.4kg so far, so here’s what that looks like… in steak! Well, in basically a side of beef. Steve unveils it and it’s really a quite impressive chunk of meat. You could feed a lot of people off that. Craig says it’s hard to imagine all that being on him. Craig knows there’s more to life than drinking and eating too much.

    Craig’s 34 and they’d predicted 59 for his death age, which was really quite sad. His new death age? 72. That’s already a whole hell of a lot better. Regained 13 years in just ten weeks. Craig says the number’s only going to improve from there, he’s going to keep going when he gets home.

    Sharon’s turn. She’s looking very nervous. She was one of their smokers. We have to see the smoker lung again. Gross. Dr Swan says she’s avoided over a thousand cigarettes in the past few weeks. Think of all the money she’s saved and think of all the crap that hasn’t gone into her lungs. Steve’s got a sponge he dips into a bucket and out comes a bunch of tar. So disgusting. Sharon swears she’s never going to smoke again.

    Sharon’s 31 and they’d predicted 69 for her death age. How about now? 87! Sharon’s chuffed. She’s regained 18 years! She says if she can keep it going she might get a letter from the Queen. I think it’s probably going to be a King by then…

    Dr Swan says the reason she’s made the biggest leap is because the smoking was holding her back so much.

    Dr Swan reminds them that he’d promised the damage was reversible and they’ve proven him right. But they’ve got to keep going.

    Now we’re off to Ararat with Steve and Shannan. We get a replay of them going there in the first place. Lots of familiar faces in that crowd now.

    It’s D-Day. Time for the final weigh in for the whole town. Have they done enough?

    It’s time to weigh in, Steve announces! This could take a while. There’s a whole lot of people to weigh in and they raise them up a long way. Not sure they really need to go that high up for a weight reading but it looks like fun.

    There’s a bunch of blue jumpers on one lift, much to Shannan’s delight. He poses for a picture with one of them with a huge grin on his face.

    Lots of green shirts for Team Sharon too. Not sure why they’re green?

    Ararat Start: 901,062kg
    Ararat Now: 861,512kg
    Ararat Loss: 39,550kg

    Shannan says they’d thought the 26,000kg target may have been too much but they’ve absolutely smashed it.

    Now they wheel out Dr Swan with some more statistical analysis based on all the data they’ve collected over the last few months.

    They’ve walked 235 million steps between them all. The equivalent of walking around the world four times. Type 2 diabetes risk is down 70%, meaning 791 less people will develop diabetes in the town. Blood pressure is down 12%, halving their risk of stroke.

    On average the town has regained 6 years of healthy life, meaning over 67,000 years of life as a town. Translated into dollars, just in healthcare costs, it’s $2million. If the whole nation could do it, it would save us billions Dr Swan says.

    Dr Swan wants to challenge Australia to match Ararat’s efforts.

    Next time on The Biggest Loser (Friday 8.30pm) it’s a trainer team up for the final last chance training. A brutal circuit is set up somewhere away from Camp.

    Then it’s time for the final weigh in and the final elimination before the finale next Tuesday. Tensions are going to run high and Sharon’s going to flee the weigh in room at one point because she’s “not liking the game anymore”.

    Only two episodes to go!

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