Finale airing next Tuesday night!

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    We don’t have much longer to wait to find out who takes out the title of The Biggest Loser this year. The Finale airs Tuesday, 8th of April at 7.30pm. It’s scheduled to go for an hour but expect it to run long, it always does!

    Of course I say “this year” but all this happened last year, with the Finale being taped around July. The Biggest Loser has a fairly casual relationship with time…

    There should be one more elimination between now and then, possibly during Friday night’s episode?

    But forget about that – who do we think will win? My money’s on Craig, if he can survive till then!

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      • Lauren

        Hmm. I’d love it if Craig won. He’s a good guy. But maybe Kerry or Toni? They will both have each other at home to push each other and remind each other of the money prize.

        Thanks for all the blogs of each episode. Really appreciate it! I moved out of Aust in the middle of the series and this blog has been my way of keeping up with what has happened on the show.

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