9×31 – The Penultimate Penultimate and The Punisher!

Previously on The Biggest Loser… eleven weeks of torment! Fourteen champions from Ararat (and Kevin) have been whittled down to just five.

Tonight they’re doing a revisit of The Punisher challenge from week one, with added training thrown in to make it a last chance training session.

Then a final weigh in and a final elimination. Only four get to make it to finale…

And about that. Finale will actually air over TWO NIGHTS. Tuesday and Wednesday next week. God knows why, the ratings have been appalling, just get it over with!

Sharon’s pretty happy for her final training session since she won’t have to go through that pain again but also sad because there’ll be no more Commando. They’re close, she says.

This is also the first training session since the Train the Trainer bit. So it’s going to be a good one.

The champs enter a stadium which resembles a colliseum, Shannan says as the lights come up on the trainers. It’s the final last chance training session ever!

Shannan says they want them to train like gladiators tonight. Katrina’s seen that movie, she tells us, and it wasn’t easy being a gladiator.

Shannan reminds them of the toughest challenge they’ve ever set in the first week of the competition, The Punisher. 10,000 steps. And behind them there’s a bunch of steps. What a coincedence!

Craig says it was a tough challenge and he’s not looking forward to doing it again. It’ll be a little easier this time though because they’ll be working as a team of 5 to clock up the 10,000 steps, unlike the first week which was two per team.

But they’re going to be doing the rest of the workout in between the steps. Spinbikes and pummelsticks and god knows what else. Steve says the trainer’s mission is to break them and it’s the contestant’s job not to break. It’s a category 5 storm, Shannan says, with all three trainers pushing them tonight.

Toni’s the first to do two laps of the stairs, she can come back down and tag someone else when she gets down. Her choice.

Toni recalls the first Punisher when Stocky (Kerry) would do two laps to give Toni an extra rest. No resting tonight though!

Kerry says it’s tough getting up the stairs still but now when he gets to the bottom he’s ready to keep going, which is a huge change from where he started.

Sharon the pocket rocket’s powering up the stairs. She knows she’s a lot fitter now and back in the day she struggled a lot with her breathing because she was a smoker. She tells us that’s what smoking does to you, ruins your lungs. But she can breathe now!

There’s a lot of kicking of a mat Mish is holding as part of the rest of the training. Then the rope returns. Got to hold it up above your head. Katrina remembers the last time she was holding it – back in Ararat and it’s what got her into the show in the first place. She’s very proud of how far she’s come since then.

Craig’s carrying some kettlebell weights down the track at one point and Shannan’s pacing backwards whacking him with a pummelstick, funny!

They just keep going and going and going and going. Kerry and Toni are doing a lap of the stairs together. Shannan says they’ve been inseparable since day one.

Craig’s flashback is him bragging over his 100 shots of beer record again. Then they’re at 9,500 steps. One more trip each and they’re done.

Craig’s the one to do the final lap but he doesn’t want to do it until everyone else is up the top as well. The five of them pull it down together to much celebrating.

Back at the house again and the girls are chatting about how good it would be to have the three of them in the final together. Ideally they’d just like Craig to be under the line this week to guarantee it. Doesn’t matter who’s under with him since they’ll have the votes regardless.

Sharon’s mystified as to how Craig’s getting the biggest loser of the week. Well, it’s all this extra training. Some of which we’re seeing right now. Craig tells us the girls think he doesn’t do anything in the gym but he’s off giving it everything while they’re chatting away. Craig tells us if he makes the final four he’ll win the competition.

Time for the weigh in! The very last one in the house. Judgement Day, Hayley says. It’s also their final chance to add money to the town kitty. And for tonight Hayley’s going to bump the dollars per kilo up to $2,000. Everyone’s hoping for big numbers now!

First to weigh in will be Katrina. Katrina’s mumbling don’t let it be her!

Katrina says she’s worked “as hard as she could put in” so this could be another mediocre result?

Katrina Previous: 106.2kg
Katrina Now: 104.2kg
Katrina Loss: 2kg
Katrina Percentage: 1.88%

I don’t think that’s going to be enough. She doesn’t seem too confident. She says she’s struggled a lot with losing the weight, though she knows it’s been hard for everyone. Just sometimes she felt like the weight wouldn’t come off.

Has everyone been training as hard as her, Katrina is asked. Katrina says she might take longer to get done what Craig does in half an hour. And everyone’s off doing sneaky training sessions when others are in bed. Think Katrina’s twigged to Craig’s secret training… but maybe not, as she thinks it’s a look of surprise at secret training, maybe?

Steve says the girls may have a grand plan but if Craig’s put in the hard work and he’s above the line there’s nothing they can do about it.

Next up is Toni. Toni says she really wants to be in the final four and she wants Kerry to be there and she wants the girls to be there… Sorry Craig! Craig doesn’t look too worried by it this week. I think he knows he’s smashed it again!

Mish says Toni’s done very well this week so she ought to make it through…

Toni Previous: 95.1kg
Toni Now: 92.4kg
Toni Loss: 2.7kg
Toni Percentage: 2.84%

Mish is jiggling around very happily at that. Toni’s got a huge grin on her face, says Mish has given her some great advice and she works her hard. Will it be enough, Mish is asked and Mish says she’s won already. Toni’s lighter now than when she got married eighteen years ago. Which is pretty amazing!

Next up, Craig. To beat Toni and Katrina and be the first guaranteed spot in the finals he’ll need to lose at least 3.9kg. OOF. That’s a big number this late in the competition, but it’s not impossible for a man his size.

Craig Previous: 137kg
Craig Now: 132.5kg
Craig Loss: 4.5kg
Craig Percentage: 3.28%

Good on ya Craig! Sharon swears, saying “Oh fuck off!” Got a real sour look on her face. Not cool Sharon, I thought you were the nice one?

Craig’s the first into the final four. Craig’s still shocked. He says it’s something he’s wanted, it’s been a stressful week for him.

Craig’s then asked about the late night training sessions. Craig says he’s always been a bit of a night owl, late nights at the pub and at work. He’d go and work hard in the gym right to 10.30pm when the gym closes. They close the gyms now? Used to be people would be up all night training?

Anyway, it’s not really secret training, Craig says, he just goes harder later at night.

Sharon’s now in tears. She says she’s been working her arse off for weeks and she has to see Craig pull better numbers. Hayley asks if she’s sure she’s been working harder than Craig and Sharon blows up. Says the secret training stuff is shit. Craig’s got a bemused look on his face up on the scales.

Sharon’s had enough and storms out of the weigh in room. Yelling at Jimmy to open the doors so she can get out. When she’s outside she’s saying she’ll be fine but to see Katrina go home because of it is crap.

Well, no, if Katrina got off her fat arse and worked harder instead of gabbing off with the Awesome Foursome maybe she’d’ve lost enough weight.

Steve’s followed her out and says Craig’s got the weight to lose. And everyone made it clear to Craig that they don’t want him there and so that’s fired him up. Can’t hold it against him, Steve says.

Can’t hold his hard work against him, but that’s not going to stop them being bitches about it I bet!

Well, here’s hoping it’s Katrina and Sharon below the line. How great would that be?

We get another side bit with Sharon saying she’s tired and her body hurts.

Steve tells us Sharon reacted that way because they’d all seen it playing out a certain way and Craig had thrown a spanner in the works. Craig’s put in the hard work and nobody can take that away from him, Steve says.

Next up, Kerry. To stay above the line he’ll need at least 3.1kg.

Kerry Previous: 105.6kg
Kerry Now: 104.9kg
Kerry Loss: 0.7kg
Kerry Percentage: 0.66%

Kerry’s below the yellow line and will be facing elimination. He’s a bit surprised but he’s pushed as hard as he can.

Toni’s now definitely into the final four as well!

But Toni’s not feeling so good, she’s a bit wobbly and has to have a sit down between the weigh ins. Toni’s getting it in her head now that she might not be going through with her husband.

Sharon needs at least 1.6kg to stay safe.

Sharon Previous: 84.6kg
Sharon Now: 81.8kg
Sharon Loss: 2.8kg
Sharon Percentage: 3.31%

Sharon’s safely through to the final four. And she’s the biggest loser of the week to boot!

Katrina and Kerry will face elimination so poor old Kerry will be eliminated?

Sharon’s not liking the game at the moment, she says. Katrina and Kerry have worked as hard as she has, why can’t they all go through? Because it’s a final four. Can’t have five in a final four!

Steve reminds her of her audition when she came in with her little pink hardhat and her story of wanting to be recognised as a girl and such. She wanted to be fit and not have her kids turn out to be fatties. She hated herself before coming to the show, she says, that’s why she came on the show. To change all that.

12.7kg for the group today meaning $25,400 for the kitty from one week’s work. Over the course of the past 11 weeks they’ve raised $142,720. Well, plus the $30,000 Cal took…

It’s money that will go to help their town stay fit and healthy well into the future.

One last piece of business… Kerry and Katrina will have to face elimination.

Only three votes tonight so no ties possible.

Katrina says she’s not feeling safe, she’s sinking fast. And sitting next to Kerry makes it twice as bad. Kerry says it’s his second worst case scenario, only Toni beside him would have been worse.

Katrina says she doesn’t strategise, she plays with her heart. Ummmm you formed an alliance and deliberately worked to fuck people over, including Craig. But she says she wants to be in the final four as much as they do.

Kerry says he’s given 100% every time he’s trained. He’s given it his best and it would be very special to be there with his wife.

Kerry thinks he’ll be safe with Toni not voting for him, then Sharon voting for him so it’ll come down to Craig’s vote.

Craig’s got a lot going through his mind. It’s voting on who’ll be in the finale. He’s trained with Kerry a lot and Kerry’s encouraged him all the way, Craig finds Kerry an inspiration.

But Katrina he knew before coming to the house and he’d promised Spanner he’d keep her safe. So he’s torn between the two.

Sharon doesn’t want to vote for either of them. She has the alliance in her mind but also Kerry’s been there with her since the start and she has a strong bond with Toni and it’d cripple her if Sharon wrote Kerry’s name.

Toni thinks she’s got it the easiest of the voters because Katrina knows if it was anyone else beside her…

Kerry says he’s had three bad weeks behind him but he’s hoping he can turn it all around again and win it.

Katrina recalls it coming down to the very last shirt on the selection day. She’d waited too long to change her life and saw the show as a lifeline. Was hard leaving Spanner behind but she knew if she could do this it’d set her straight again.

Time to vote!

First to get two votes is out!

Toni’s first to vote. She says she’d considered both people as she thought it was only fair to Katrina to seriously consider her options. But in the end she had to vote for Katrina, of course. Nobody really expected anything else.

Sharon didn’t want to write a name down. She steels herself before revealing her vote, saying the only thing she could think of was to vote this way because Toni was already there. She’s voted for Kerry. Leaving the deciding vote to Craig.

Craig’s been dreading this all afternoon. Craig says Kerry’s put in a big effort and Katrina’s also put forward a good case. But he’s also realised it’s a game and his back has been to the wall with the alliance and their ring in.

His vote starts with a K… Katrina’s face falls. She’s such a fucking moron.

Ad break!

Craig has, of course, voted for Kerry. His only sensible choice. Kerry’s his main rival for winning the whole damn thing.

Kerry’s not surprised, Katrina’s relieved. Sharon asks Craig if he’s okay and Craig gives a small nod.

Kerry won’t be going through to finale. Kerry says that’s okay, he’ll become a trainer!

Kerry says he can walk away with his head held high, he’s done well and is proud of his efforts. He’s sure the other four will do Ararat proud. And Toni’s in second place now, he thinks, so she’s in with a shot!

Kerry says Sharon’s eighteen years younger than him and she still can’t catch him. Sharon laughs and says she will one day.

Kerry says it’s been a magnificent experience. But everyone out there shouldn’t wait for The Biggest Loser to come knocking, get out there and do it.

Hayley says she can’t wait to see Kerry at the finale, but it’s time for him to go and we’ll see him then!

Tuesday night, back in Ararat, finale times!

Who do we think will win? Craig, Sharon, Toni or Katrina?

(… Craig’s gonna win.)

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