TBL 11×23 – Josh is a whiny manchild, again

Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed the teams were dissolved and now it’s every man and woman for him or herself.

Today, frustrations boil over in last chance training and the weigh-in is the tensest ever as nobody has a team to fall back on and five will be battling in the arena, instead of the usual 3!

Shannan knows it’s singles time but his boys are still his boys, he wants to give them one more push towards the end. He knows weigh ins have come down to as little as 0.03% so they’ve got to keep smashing it out.

Shannan had a big breakthrough with Brett in the past week, discovering he’d been sneaking bacon sandwiches. He swears to Shannan his diet has been on point in the past week and he’s hoping for a minimum of 4kg this week. He’s feeling better than he ever has before, so he’s obviously confident.

Libby says she’s going to push her singles hard today, really hard, because she wants them all in the final six. Josh says they don’t mind getting whipped, but they’re sick of being beat.

Josh’s legs are still tired from the challenge, and Libby’s workout is all legs today. Josh is keen to get going and starts his skipping early but Libby wants him to stop and wait for everyone else to get going too.

Sophia wins at the skipping, then another exercise.

Josh is getting a bit fed up. He’s not doing the box stepups and Libby tries to encourage him to push through it, she’s given him this training for a reason.

Next exercise Josh is complaining again that it’s legs again and asking why they’re doing legs again, it’s all legs! Libby says they’re working out the lactic acid out of their legs, if they don’t it’ll affect their whole body.

Next exercise, Josh is complaining again because they’re doing planks while lifting weights. His shitty mood is affecting everyone else’s training and they’re getting a bit sick of him.

Josh tells Libby he woke up feeling like shit after the challenge yesterday. Everyone else feels like that too, Libby points out. Josh says he’s not there to justify himself to anyone else. With his bad, childish attitude Libby decides to stop pushing him. Josh tells us it’s one training session, it’s not going to make a difference. No Josh, it’s an attitude that’s going to keep coming back to haunt you.

Time for the weigh-in!

Josh, how has the week as singles been? He tried to shake up his diet this week, cut out carbs and he feels like maybe that’s affected his mood. Libby thinks that’s an excuse, he was very disrespectful to her all week when she’s done nothing but pour her heart and soul into him every day.

Can only imagine how badly Shannan would have ripped on him if he’d tried having a sook about his legs in training! Libby has the patience of a saint.

The bad attitude is becoming a pattern, Libby says to him. Josh feels lost, he doesn’t want to be that guy, he does want to change. Anger’s not a primary emotion, Libby says. It comes from insecurity, fear, lack of control, hating yourself. Josh says he probably ticks every box.

Josh says he’s insecure about the way he looks, he likes control, he’s a mess. When he’s given everything and doesn’t come out on top, he questions his efforts. Libby says her and Shannan were very impressed with his efforts on the treadmill in the challenge. That was the hardest thing he’s done in his life and not winning made him angry at himself. So how’s he going to move forward? He has to know when the bad feelings are coming on. Libby says they’re going to push on and get it done, hug time!

New rules for singles weigh in, only three spots above the yellow line now. Five go to the arena for an elimination challenge.

Nikki Previous Weight: 68.2kg
Current: 65kg
Loss: 3.2kg
Percentage: 4.69%

Nikki’s stoked. Nikki says she can wear summer clothes to the beach now! With that loss she’s probably safe from the arena, despite worrying about her low numbers.

Josh Previous Weight: 123.9kg
Current: 115.1kg
Loss: 8.8kg
Percentage: 7.10%

Josh says it’s all down to Libby. If he hadn’t mucked about in last chance training maybe it would have been a 9? Josh apologises to Libby again and Libby says the best part about the past is it’s gone… or something sort of profound like that?

Lisa-Faye (not a real name) Previous Weight: 88.7kg
Current: 82.7kg
Loss: 6kg
Percentage: 6.76%

Yikes, suddenly Nikki’s loss isn’t looking so great after all! Lisa-Faye (not a real name) says 45 wasn’t too old, she’s got the body of a 25 year old now.

She does not.

Sophia Previous Weight: 90.8kg
Current: 84.9kg
Loss: 5.9kg
Percentage: 6.50%

Nikki’s officially below the yellow line. Aww!

Lynton Previous Weight: 106.2kg
Current: 99.8kg
Loss: 6.4kg
Percentage: 6.03%

He’d been hoping for 4kg so he’s amazed to get into the 90s. Lynton doesn’t even remember being in the double digits, he must have been at some point but he would have been so young.

Even with that great loss, he’s below the line too.

Simmo Previous Weight: 110.8kg
Current: 100.5kg
Loss: 10.3kg
Percentage: 9.30%

So close to 90s, but hard to be disappointed with a massive loss like that. He’d been hoping for 6kg, he’d told Shannan that during training. He’s getting a six pack and pecs, Libby says. Hah!

Simon Previous Weight: 92.9kg
Current: 87kg
Loss: 5.9kg (+1kg advantage from challenge)
Percentage: 6.35% – 7.42% after advantage

Simon’s goal was 88kg. Libby says there’s only a bit more to tighten up and then it’s time to work on muscles!

Lisa-Faye (not a real name) is now below the line as well, though she wouldn’t’ve been if Simon hadn’t had his advantage.

Brett needs a loss of at least 7.2kg to stay above the yellow line and push Josh below it.

Brett Previous Weight: 100.4kg
Current: 92.4kg
Loss: 8kg
Percentage: 7.97%

Brett’s very excited, it’s the first time he’s been proud of himself on the scales he said. Shannan says nothing has changed with him, it’s just all the incidental meals he’s cut out.

Simmo’s biggest loser of the week again! But because it’s the last week at Biggest Loser HQ, the power is no longer in play. Aww!

Josh, Nikki, Lisa-Faye (not a real name), Lynton and Sophia will face elimination in the arena.

Nobody wants to go home so close to final six. Only one going home after this challenge though, could have hurried it along a bit!

Josh feels his energy is depleted from the challenge still but he’ll give it all he’s got. Lisa-Faye (not a real name) has a pain in her tummy she wants it so bad.

Four rounds today! The winner of each round is safe and heads up to the peanut gallery. The rest move on to the next round, at the end of the fourth round the loser goes home.

First round is box jumps!

One minute to complete as many box jumps as possible. Lisa-Faye (not a real name) has bung knees from carrying too much weight for too long, but Sophia’s very excited because she reckons she’s the best at box jumps.

Feel like Lisa-Faye (not a real name) should probably just sit out and conserve energy for a later round? But she’s not, she’s having a go.

Nikki’s going really fast and Lynton’s trying to keep up with her. Josh has basically stopped and is rubbing his legs. Hard to tell if strategic… no, he tells us he’s resting up for later rounds.

Fifth place, Josh. Five box jumps. Peanut gallery knows he’s saved himself. Fourth place is Sophia, with 30 box jumps. She’s gutted. Lisa-Faye (not a real name) got to 31, which is pretty awesome given her bung knees!

37 box jumps gets second place and it’s… an ad break, hello!

In second place is… Lynton! NIKKI CAME FIRST! With 44 box jumps! Absolutely smashed everyone, well done Nikki.

Round two, as many lunges as you can in two minutes. They have weights to carry while they do them.

Sophia’s cheating again, not doing lunges just stepping forward and leaning over to touch the weights to the ground.

Josh is making an effort this time, but not much of one. Lynton and Lisa-Faye (not a real name) are both smashing it out.

After two minutes, Josh is last again! 42 lunges.

Third place, Sophia with 52 lunges.

Second place, 60 lunges, Lisa-Faye (not a real name).

Lynton did 62 lunges, just barely taking it out. Well done! Up in the peanut gallery Nikki giggles and says she finally beat Lynton at something!

Third round, as many burpees as you can in one minute.

Right from the start the trainers are telling Sophia how to do them properly. Big surprise, she’s trying to cheat again.

Josh is knackered. He says this is the result of cutting out carbs, you need the energy to fuel you.

Josh got 11 burpees done. Last place. Second place with 14 is Lisa-Faye (not a real name) so Sophia is finally safe, with 16 burpees.

Final round! First person to do 500 reps of skipping rope wins.

Right from the start it looks like Lisa-Faye (not a real name) is going faster, but Josh isn’t far behind. It’s just a matter of whether they can even both make it to 500?

Past 200 and Lisa-Faye (not a real name) has stopped because her knees are hurting, while Josh keeps going.

Once she starts again, Josh is tripping himself up a lot. He’s back behind her by 300 so he’s got to push hard to catch up.

400, she’s still ahead. Shannan tells Josh to dig deep, never give up!

Lisa-Faye (not a real name) finally reaches 500 and she’s safe! And Josh is back out again. No loss!

He is happy he got to set things right with Libby before leaving. Life starts again at 35 for him.

Josh says when he first came to the competition he could barely do 20 skips!

Time to say goodbye to Josh again. Bye Josh!

Tomorrow, benchmark traininng revisited. How much progress have the contestants made?

And in the last mind health training session they’re confronted with their former selves.

Later, the most important challenge yet, with a place in the top six on the line who’ll be the last eliminated contestant this year?

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