TBL 11×22 – Nikki is pretty! Sweaty treadmill people are not pretty!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed it was MAKEOVER DAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

Everyone looked pretty spiffy, except for Nikki because we have to wait until today to see her transformation. Boooo!

Today! We see Nikki’s makeover! And then it’s back to the usual grind, challenges and training and whatnot.

Nikki’s getting her makeup did and some fake eyelashes and getting a spiffy hairdo. Nikki would go to the beach with her daughter but be all covered up because she was ashamed of her body.

Finally we get to see Nikki and she looks super hot! Tight fitting dress, she’s feeling a bit nervous as a result. They haven’t dyed her hair, which is also really good to see. It’s just long and black and hanging over one shoulder, not really any different, just had a good wash, probably!

Nikki’s in tears looking at her reflection in the mirror and she feels good and confident and beautiful now. She thanks Libby profusely.

Photoshoot time! Fiona says she looks beautiful, aww!

She’s looking very glam in her photoshoot and when she’s done the others file into the studio for a group shot. Everyone’s having a bunch of fun with it. And then they get to have a look at all of their photos.

But first, let’s look at all the Day One photos!

It’s the least flattering photo possible, their underpants ones. Josh is first and he looked bloody awful, and now he doesn’t. Hooray!

Brett is appalled, his wife had to wake up next to that? And now he’s looking much happier and fitter in his photoshoot.

Lots of laughs at both the before and after pictures. Much less depressing than previous years. Possibly because most of them weren’t enormous to begin with and are actually looking fairly healthy now.

Nikki remembers how bad it was for her before, but now she looks awesome! She says she looks like she’s off Desperate Housewives or something, which is selling herself a bit short if you ask me.

Wait, I’m thinking of the Real Housewives. Those guys are trash, the Desperate ones were okay I guess.

All the prettiness is over, it’s time for a new day! Everyone’s still on a high after their makeovers.

That’s about to change, maybe! The game is changing, it’s time for the teams to end and the singles to begin. There’s only two eliminations left anyway, barely any point!

Fiona confirms they’re all in singles and nobody seems particularly surprised, just a bit of nervousness.

Josh says he’s “always been there for the team” but he hasn’t, he got eliminated!

Simon’s got a bad tear in his calf so he’s worried he won’t be able to compete in weightloss and if there’s any running challenges he might not be able to compete there, either.

First singles training session! Shannan and Libby will be training the whole group today and this will be a chance to size up their competition. Time for the black shirts to come out!

Sophia’s feeling confident, she thinks she’s proven she can do it by herself on the outside so she thinks she’ll be fine.

Time to step up, Libby says.

Shannan welcomes the former Orange team to the former Blue team gym. Bit nervous, Nikki says.

Libby says getting to train with both trainers is great for them because it’s helpful to take the top 5% from all the people who help you along the way.

Shannan trains fighters, so he’s excited to impart some of his knowledge to the Orange team as well.

They’ve got a great session planned out between the two trainers, with a competition of sorts over 5 exercises. Will let everyone take the measure of their competition.

Nikki thinks that previously she would have thought she’d be at the bottom of the leaderboard but the competition has shown her she can do much more than she thought.

Shannan’s excited to see the strong ladies in the gym. Simmo’s a little worried by the numbers Sophia’s smashing out.

Simon had been hoping to stay in teams since he’s carrying an injury.

During a break Libby says she was hearing some “I can’ts” during kettle bell pulls, but those are the attitudes that failed them in the past. Shannan asks Nikki who’s the biggest competition for her and Nikki points to herself, which Shannan approves of rather a lot.

Nikki tells Shannan she wanted to give up at one point, but she kept going and overcame it. Her mind is in charge, not her body.

Both trainers are stoked with the first group training session. They’ve shown the trainers how serious they all are about changing their lives.

Time for the first singles challenge! And it’s a “putting the weight back on” thing. Put all the weight they’ve lost in the competition back onto their bodies via chest harnesses. They have to run 6km, one kilometre per week.

Whoever wins the challenge will get a 1kg weight advantage, all to themselves. For the first singles weigh-in that will be a huge advantage, and everyone knows it.

Shannan wants them to remember the emotions and judgements everyone felt when they had the weight on.

Simon’s advantage is bloody huge. He only has to run 900m between putting weights on, giving him a 600m advantage overall.

But his calf injury means he’ll only be walking it, not running. So he’s determined to finish, but he knows he won’t win regardless.

Lisa-Faye (not a real name) thinks she’ll have the hardest time in the challenge because as soon as she starts running her knees are hurting. She understands why she has permanent damage, from carrying all the extra weight, so she’s just going to try and get it done.

Simon was making a big deal about his injury, and it hurts, but he’s still running at 12km/h. Shannan gave him some pointers on good running form to try and minimise the pain. Everyone’s looking at Simon a bit askance now, he doesn’t seem to be going that slow.

Simon finishes his 900m just ahead of Simmo and Josh.

Cue the montage of Josh’s past struggles in the competition. Boring, seen that!

Everyone’s hitting their 1km marks all at once now. Lots more people stacking weight back on! Simon’s still going at a trot, which is much more than the walk he said he’d be doing. He’s not sure how long he can keep it up but he doesn’t look to be struggling too much either…

Josh is out in front of Simon, though only just. Simon’s technically ahead still though because he doesn’t have to run as far!

Sophia montage! We’ve seeeeeeen this. Just get the stupid challenge finished and move on.

Josh looks knackered after hitting his 2km mark and Simon’s not far behind him for the changeover. Some of the others don’t look quite so tired as Josh, which might be a sign Josh is pushing too hard too early… or the others aren’t pushing hard enough!

Brett mini-montage!

Sophia’s cheating. She’s got both hands on the handrails to support some of her weight. Not sure why the trainers haven’t called her out on it yet. Everyone else is doing it properly!

Lynton montage! He tells us he used to feel lethargic and tired all the time, not anymore and he’s excited to see where he goes from here.

Week 3 was a big one for Simmo, 5.2kg. One of his Biggest Loser weeks. He’s come a long way since then, but he knows he’s got a long way to go.

Simon’s still in the lead going into the fifth leg. So much for the injury, clearly it’s just a bit sore. Being a bit sore is not an injury.

Nikki’s overtaken some of the boys. Go Nikki! Don’t think you’ll catch Simon, but keep going!

Simon’s on the final leg, adding 4.5kg to his chest. Looks like he’s going to win, unless he falls off the treadmill.

And yup, after a bunch more footage of them running it’s Simon who wins. Injured my arse!

Simon tells Libby the pain was the same no matter how fast he ran, so he just tried to keep going.

Everyone strips their weight back off and looks sweaty, but happier!

Monday afternoon, a boilover in training sees Josh cracking the shits at Libby AGAIN. What’s he whinging about this time?

Also, a weigh-in is followed by an arena challenge, with five contestants battling it out instead of the usual three. Who can survive to top seven? Who can survive the second last elimination?

Simon’s probably safe, huh?

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