TBL 11×21 – MAKEOVER DAY! All the makeovers except Nikki, boooo!

Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed the requisite Pigs In Mud challenge saw Blue lose Amy in a tight vote.

Today, it’s Makeover Day! And also tut-tutting at bad diet choice day.

But first, a total spontaneous trying on of first day pants after Lisa-Faye (not a real name) just happens to go through her bag and finds them. She has lost a hell of a lot of weight though. Nikki tries on an old pair of Lisa-Faye (not a real name) pants as well and she can easily fit both her arms down the legs as well.

Sophia tries to be like the cool girls but the difference is not as pronounced. An inch or two smaller, but it’s around the waist where it’s really important not to be carrying fat around, so she’s done well too!

Brett and Simmo are both doing the pants thing too. Simmo notices he’s got a baggy arse, Brett thinks his pants would probably fall to his ankles if he tried to take a step or two.

Lynton’s joined the rest of the group in the lounge and he shows how he can nearly fit an arm down his pants too. But not quite, too many muscles he says to much good-natured laughter.

Simmo remembers not being able to shop in normal shops because they don’t carry 4XL and stuff. Simon says Simmo will probably drop a few shirt sizes but won’t be able to fit his arms in. Muscles!

Before we get to the makeovers, we’re training again! Libby’s got her team in the gym to check everyone’s progress. Josh is doing lunges quite well, which Libby says is much better than he used to and Josh said he certainly couldn’t’ve gotten any worse!

Josh has also cut a lot of the fluff out of his routine now. Eat, sleep, train, repeat.

Lisa-Faye (not a real name) could barely do six situps in a minute at the start, now she’s smashing them out. But not for long, as they get on the assault bikes and work for a while her tummy’s feeling funny and her arms are weak, she gets dizzy and then topples off the bike.

Libby helps her up and gets her head between her knees to recover. Has Lisa-Faye (not a real name) been eating enough? No! 6-700 calories yesterday. Libby reminds us that these guys are training like athletes and so they need to eat like they’re athletes. She needs to be eating more to keep her body fuelled up.

Now, Blue. Shannan asks about the elimination. Shannan’s worried it may have been a boy’s club decision, but the boys deny it. Simmo says he’d told Brett he’d never write his name down. Shannan points out to us that Lynton’s head is probably on the chopping block next.

Amy was the biggest loser of the week, Shannan reminds the boys. Brett’s weightloss has tapered off badly by comparison. Time to get to the bottom of that.

Bacon sandwiches, apparently. Brett claims it’s only been one sandwich a week but Shannan’s heard it’s been two. Brett says he’s not lying, but Shannan points out that he has been. Brett’s been having a bit extra in all the meals, bit extra chicken, bit extra sweet potato. All the little bits add up.

Brett grew up with nothing, they’d go for a week with just mashed potatoes and peas, so he’d always try and get a bit extra in whenever he can. So he doesn’t feel like he’s being dishonest, he’s just getting what he can, when he can.

Time to get brutally honest with ourselves, Shannan says. Be accountable for everything you put in your mouth.

He says food and drink. But you should probably apply it to all things that go in your mouth.

After an ad break they’re off on an adventure, a mysterious adventure. Josh thinks maybe they’re going indoor rock climbing, but once they get inside the building they see racks of clothing and realise it’s makeover day!

Fiona says they’ll all be starring in a photoshoot for OK Magazine. Is that one of the bullshit trash rags? It’s hard to keep track.

Brett says even the boys are excited for the day. Nikki’s keen to finally get a makeover, see how she looks when she scrubs up now.

Fiona says they’ll be styled one of the best, fashion expert, makeover magician, Westfield Personal Stylist, has styled famous people like Sophia Loren, Richard Branson, Danni Minogue… and Fiona! It’s Donny Gallela. Never heard of him, wouldn’t trust his style advice since he’s wearing a lowcut tshirt under his suit jacket so you can see some of the hair on his much more tan chest. Why is your face so much lighter than your chest maaaate? Why is your beard so uneven? Whatever mannnn.


Shannan’s all dolled up for the day as well, he’s got a smart dress shirt under his jacket. Would trust his fashion advice over Donny’s.

Simmo’s been kind of the wingman of the group for the last few years. Before that he was fit and active, but as he’s put on weight that’s fallen aside. In 2014 he got a call from his Mum saying she was sick with cancer and six weeks later she passed away. Since then he suffered from depression and put on a bunch of weight.

Simmo’s first to be revealed, we’re not messing around apparently. His hair’s been trimmed way back, short around the back and sides with a bit more left up top. And the beard has been given a proper trim, so he no longer looks like a homeless hipster, it sits on his newly skinny jawline. Shannan says aside from the face transformation, not having the huge gut is a huge change. Simmo’s not been able to see a belt buckle in many years.

They finally unveil the mirror so Simmo can have a look at himself and he’s blown away. He’s not sure about the slightly longer hair of the beard on his chin, might ditch that, but he’s having a good look at himself for the first time in a while.

Simmo can’t remember feeling so good in a long time. What helped him get out of his depression was his mates stepping in and telling him he’s got to get help or he might not be around much longer.

Simmo’s not dated in at least three years, felt too unhappy on the inside. Feels much better now. Shannan asks if the ladies need to look out and Simmo says look out everyone. Maybe he’s broken through some other barriers while he was in the house?

Lisa-Faye (not a real name) is next. She’s an 80s girl so she likes a big blowout hairdo. She’ll be happy with just a nice haircut. She’s a busy mum with a busy job so she’s never had time to lose the weight. But she needs to lose the weight for her son.

She’s getting a bunch of makeup spackled onto her face, which she says feels strange after not having any makeup on for so long.

Libby’s dolled up too! Has a tiny peach dress with peekholes on the sides and down her front.

Lisa-Faye (not a real name) comes out to show Libby and Libby’s very excited. Lisa-Faye (not a real name) says as a Mum she was holding all the weight around her belly for a while after giving birth. She has a nice blue dress on with her hair wavy and off to one side. She looks quite good, especially when compared to where she started! She thinks she looks beautiful and Libby’s really happy to hear her say that.

Libby asks what size the dress is and Lisa-Faye (not a real name) doesn’t even know. Stylist-boy says it’s a 14, she used to be a 22-20. Lisa-Faye (not a real name) says she was probably actually bigger when she met her husband than she is now. She has sweat absolutely pouring out of her, so was this one of the ridiculously hot days in Sydney? They’ve cleaned her back up for the actual photoshoot, thankfully!

Simon’s given the hairdresser free rein over what is done with his hair. Simon has been in work since leaving school at 16, he works in a family business that now has 35 employees and part of his job is to keep work coming in. He’s felt a lot of stress around that and has gained a bunch of weight. He knew he was on a bad spiral so he’s hoping to go home in a much better frame of mind.

Simon comes in to see Libby and she’s blown away, as am I! With the beard shaved off and his hair cut and styled nicely, a well fitting shirt and pants, he looks at least ten years younger. Libby says she’s a little jealous, he looks even younger than her now! Simon thanks Libby for pushing him so hard and Libby says he’s been a joy to train, and they’re not done yet!

Josh is a bit nervous, there’s a lot of trimming going on but not a lot of hair falling off. His haircuts usually only take four minutes!

Josh’s goal is to get married. A few years ago he lost a bit of weight and decided to propose. As of now they’ve been together for seventeen years so it was probably a bit past time!

Libby’s really nervous to see Josh, he’s had so many ups and downs in the competition so she’s wanting to see him.

Josh’s hair looks much better trimmed and the beard is gone. Looks much better. And the blue blazer he’s got on really suits him. His kids told him he can’t marry Mum until he’s under 100kg, and he’s getting close now. He feels like maybe that’s a possibility now. He owes a nice wedding to his partner. He’s getting a bit teary about the potential of that happening. They’re simple people, they won’t overdo the wedding, just a country wedding, under a big tree maybe.

Josh finally sees himself in the mirror and he thinks he looks a lot younger in the face. Libby says the change in his body is what’s impressing her. Josh says he’s always been the fat guy in the room, now he doesn’t think they’d have a second glance for him.

Sophia’s turn! They’re going to try taming her hair, the stylist says they’re going to get some Miracle in there, which I gather is some kind of product? Sophia thinks they’ll need a miracle for her hair!

Sophia comes out quickly to see Libby and she’s got straight hair! She’s in a red dress that comes in a bit at the waist to show her figure a little better and she’s in heels, so when Libby tries to twirl her she stumbles a bit. Still a bit unsteady, she confesses.

Comparing her to her pre-show size it’s not as apparent the changes she’s made, mostly just not as big in the belly and legs. She’s always seemed happy though so it’s hard to even say she looks a lot happier!

Brett’s turn. He was a boxer and hard worker but once the kids came along his weight got a bit out of control. He’s feeling a bit nervous about his transformation, will he look like an athlete again?

Yup, he looks like a footballer who’s been allowed to dress himself. Black v-neck tshirt under a khaki blazer with his multicoloured necklace from his daughter around his neck. He looks silly. When he takes the jacket off for one of the photoshoot pictures he looks a LOT better.

But he’s slender and happy and that’s wonderful!

Lynton! His only goal was to save his career as a pilot and instructor. He’s never had anyone give him a makeover before, so he’s a bit anxious about what the results might be.

He’s got the tight back and sides with styled hair on top like Simmo had. And he’s got a nice shirt with a white tee underneath. Looks like a nice young man. Shannan says it’s what a 27 year old should look like. Shannan says he looks much better without all the chins and stuff.

Lynton can’t even remember having a flat tummy and after six weeks of hard work… everyone should do it. He’s put his life on hold, but he regrets nothing. He needed the good kick in the arse Shannan’s given him. He had no idea about nutrition and stuff. This is the best he’s ever felt. First two or three weeks were hell, but getting past that was amazing.

Tomorrow, the makeover I most want to see… NIKKI! She looked pretty good going in and has looked better and better as the competition progressed, how is she going to look all dolled up. Competition-winning, that’s how she’s going to look.

Also, the teams dissolve tomorrow. Every contestant for themselves from here on out! Not long to goooooooooo.

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