Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed the Blue Team’s winning streak was finally broken, losing the weigh-in and then losing Matt in the arena elimination challenge.


My personal favourite challenge every year. There’s always a really muddy challenge and it’s always a really tough, messy affair. Fiona says, “It will make you want to quit, it’s going to make you want to cry and it will make you dig deeper than ever before.”

Everyone in the winning team will be safe from elimination, the losing team will join Fiona in the arena as for the second day in a row, there’ll be an elimination.

Amy says everyone got great numbers in the weigh-in room, it wasn’t that they did poorly it was just Orange knocking it out of the park. Losing Matt was rough but they’re still as determined as ever. Simmo’s going to miss Matt’s sly remarks and little jokes. Was good to have him around.

Lynton’s still proud of his efforts in the elimination challenge yesterday. He never wanted to be in the elimination arena, but he came through it okay. Shannan says it didn’t surprise anyone in the Blue Team because they’d seen him training better and better each week.

Josh says the mud challenge looks like fun, just like being back at work, typical Melbourne day in winter. Just without the excavator, Libby points out.

Today’s challenge is kiss-chasey in mud. There’s an oval track through the mud with different obstacles on each long stretch. Teams will be tethered together and the goal is to catch up to the other team and tag them. When a team is tagged they have to pick someone to sit out. Last team with at least one member in the race wins!

Because Orange has an extra person they have to pick someone to sit out. Lisa-Faye (not a real name) volunteers because she has bung knees, getting a bit old!

They all head into the mud and Josh is already sinking to his knees. Oh dear, this is going to be a tough challenge.

Nikki picks some mud up with two fingers on each hand and daubs it on each cheek, as do the two boys. Rock on, Nikki!

Nikki’s doing pretty well and she tells us she thinks this is her challenge to win.

The mud is very sticky, Amy says, it’s a struggle to get your feet back out of it. Sophia says it’s going to “suck me in to its vortex”. Yeah, it’s not a vortex…

Josh is having a rough time getting over the hurdles part of the course, copping logs in his rib. Struggling to catch breath and keep up with the team already.

Ahead of Orange, Brett and Lynton get too close together and Lynton accidentally rolls onto Brett’s arm and two of Brett’s fingers end up pointing entirely the wrong way. OUCH!

Brett’s not giving up though. He’s doing what any redblooded man would do, he says. He grunts and groans and grabs a hold of each finger in turn and pops them back in. OW OW OW!

Amy’s having a hard time, meanwhile. Getting pulled from ahead and not being able to move because the boy behind her is stuck. It’s hard when you’re struggling to keep your footing. She has a lot of trouble wriggling under the net but the boys are trying to help.

Orange has nearly caught up before the net and coming out the other side Simon stretches a long way to tag Amy’s ankle.

Libby says after the first round it’s hard to tell who’s on Blue and who’s on Orange. There’s only a few spots on Orange in particular that you can still see team colours. Nikki’s still beaming though!

Amy’s sat out of team Blue for round two. The three boys ought to be a bit faster, especially with how much Sophia’s already complaining about the mud.

Nikki says her hair feels like it’s about 50kg, chockers full of mud. Isn’t mud meant to be good for your hair?

Simmo stretches out as Orange struggles through under the netting and manages to tag Nikki before she gets in. Because Josh’s rib is giving him grief he’s the first one to sit out. Sophia was hoping to get out, she’s finding the sticky mud tough mentally.

Blue’s looking more focused in the third round, off to a good start. But Orange is working together much better at the logs, crossing over and under together. But out the other end, Sophia’s freaking out.

Nikki’s trying to help Sophia as much as she can but when they get under the net Sophia basically gives up and pops her head up through the net and declares she’s having a panic attack. No, you just want to get tagged out and make Simon and Nikki carry the team again!

Lisa-Faye (not a real name) hollers at Sophia from the sidelines to get her shit together.

Nikki’s half-laughing behind Sophia and facepalming. Nikki’s finally tagged again by Simmo and Sophia can finally be set free. She’s still babbling about it though. Libby tries to get her to calm down, somewhat successfully.

Down to Nikki and Simon for Orange with the three Blue boys still slogging through the mud behind them. Lynton’s finding it the hardest now, while Nikki and Simon only have to help each other through instead of dragging their Sophia anchor.

Lynton’s got his feet stuck when they’re trying to get under the net, allowing Nikki to catch up and tag him out. Nikki’s got a huge grin on her face and she tells us it felt great, she felt like she’d really proven herself to the team today.

It’s down to Brett and Simmo versus Nikki and Simon. Basically all the fittest, strongest people still in the competition.

The mud under the netting is getting sloppier and stickier with each team going through it. Simon and Nikki are desperately trying to catch the boys before they can get through the netting again and they’re successful.

Final sitout for Blue is Simmo, after his epic effort in the elimination yesterday. Brett’s determined to keep his team safe again.

Nikki’s just about done, she says, but her and Simon are still slogging through.

Brett gets to the netting as Nikki and Simon are just struggling to get out the other end. Will it come down to Brett v Simon again?

Yes, it will! After another ad break Brett stretches out to tag Nikki just before the hurdles.

Simon’s got payback on his mind, after losing to Brett in an earlier challenge this season. That one was squat jumps though, not mud.

Brett says it’s hurting and he wishes he wasn’t there, but he’s not going to give up. Simon’s having to crawl through the mud, it’s too hard to try and walk through it.

It’s hard to even tell who’s who anymore. Nikki tells us that Brett’s just ahead of Simon on the hurdles. Thanks, Nikki!

After the hurdles Simon manages to throw himself at Brett and tags him. Blue has to send another member home, oh dear!

Libby jumps onto the course and rolls around in the mud with her team. Lisa-Faye (not a real name) has much less mud on her, boooo!

Orange is now safe from elimination and have a spot in the final eight. Blue face elimination yet again. Poor buggers.

It’s a vote again. The last time they had to vote someone out it was Anna, and everyone’s nervous. Amy’s hoping the boys don’t decide to stick together and vote her out.

Fiona tells them that voting at this stage of the game is one of the hardest things in the competition.

Simmo, have you achieved what you wanted to achieve? Hasn’t hit his goal weight, but he’s been aiming more for a good mindset.

Amy’s not there yet, so she’d love to continue and hopefully get there in the end.

Brett says they’ve all got work to do, nobody wants to vote anybody off, but they lost the challenge.

Lynton says they’re near the end of the competition so it’s important to have big numbers on the scales, but eventually they also become competition. He’s not necessarily happy about that, that’s just the facts of the game. But right now, they’re not. They’re his mates, his family, his teammates.

Lynton’s not sure who he could beat on the team. Lynton says put him in the ring with Brett and Brett would win. Brett retorts that in a plane, Lynton would win.

Fiona asks them if they’re being frank about the issues between them and Brett’s wondering what issues? Apart from Lynton crushing his fingers today, they’ve never really had any beef between the four of them, from the very beginning.

Amy says they’ve all known each other so long now they all know each other’s stories and why they’re there.

Going to be a rough vote, methinks!

Brett’s first to vote. He’s voting for someone he’s hoping nobody else will pick, somebody who still needs to be there. He doesn’t want to be ganging up on anyone. He’s voted for Amy.

Amy’s next to vote. She needs a minute before she can vote. She was hoping to look into a mirror and like what she sees and she still struggles to look into one. She’s worried she’ll fall back into every day life, being an unhappy, fat 27 year old. Fiona’s nearly in tears too.

Amy’s voted for Brett. They both have a laugh and Brett asks if he at least got a happy face on the card, but it’s two kisses, so that’s okay!

Lynton tried to leave emotion out of it, so he’s trying to decide on criteria to pick one, still couldn’t pick one, so he eenie-meenie-miney-moed it. Simmo!

If Simmo’s voted for Lynton, it’s a re-vote. Anyone else, they go home. Ouch.

Ad break!

Person Simmo’s voted for doesn’t deserve to go home, but it’s how he’s decided to play it at this point of the competition. He’s voted for Amy. Awww.

Fiona says the girl who walked in to the girl she is now, outwardly and inwardly, she’s going to kill it on the outside. Just keep going.

Many hugs! Simmo apologises, Lynton tells her to stay strong.

Amy didn’t know it was going to be so hard being on the show, but it’s been an incredible experience. She’s learned she needs to stop worrying so much, be open to showing her emotions. She’s excited to see all her new friends after the competition.

Fiona tells the boys she hopes they’ve made the right decision. They all feel awful about the decision, it’s been the hardest one so far. Lynton knows the Orange Team will feel the loss as well.

Tomorrow, Makeover Day! Hopefully they’ve kept Amy on for that since she only missed it by a day and could certainly use the boost going home?

Anyway, shaved faces, new haircuts, fancy duds. Should be fun!

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