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Previously on The Biggest Loser Transformed the Blue Team’s winning streak was finally broken, losing the weigh-in and then losing Matt in the arena elimination challenge.


My personal favourite challenge every year. There’s always a really muddy challenge and it’s always a really tough, messy affair. Fiona says, “It will make you want to quit, it’s going to make you want to cry and it will make you dig deeper than ever before.”

Everyone in the winning team will be safe from elimination, the losing team will join Fiona in the arena as for the second day in a row, there’ll be an elimination.

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TBL 10×07 – Pigs In Mud Conclusion, Weigh In Drama Llamas

Previously on The Biggest Loser Dr Swan came in with his bio age business again, though now it’s “body age”. Whatever, dude.

A four way tug of war in a mud pit was started, with the prize on offer being immunity from the next elimination. The Hailwoods, Cliff in particular, has been spitting the dummy over the Jofres helping the Pestells to get a flag. No sense arguing about it, guys. Get on with it!

Tonight, they get on with it! Cliff’s still fuming as a new round starts. Hailwoods still have all three flags to get, Jofres, Auvales and Pestells are all down to two. Which also means two contestants per side. So the Hailwoods have three and like their chances now. They’re trying to get themselves going by screaming they don’t want to lose to cheats.

They’re really not cheating, it’s one of the strategies, you would know this if you’d watched previous seasons. Silly!

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TBL 10×06 – Your Bio Age Is Bad And You Should Feel Bad

Previously on The Biggest Loser we said goodbye to Terry, the first eliminated contestant of the year. He seems to be doing well on the outside, so it’s not all bad news.

But there’s a lot of bad news back at Camp as the rest of the Pestell family has turned snarky. Er. Snarkier.

Tonight we find out what the prize was from last night’s challenge and then it’s time for Dr Swan to reveal the contestant Bio Ages. Later on… PIGS! IN! MUD! Guaranteed to be a mess and cause a fuss.

Tenealle opens the case and inside is a cheque for $20,000. But they don’t get to keep it, it has to be given to one of the other families. But if the family accepts it they have to leave the house immediately. They’re already throwing that in there? Put it on the Pestells, they’d probably run away and buy pies!

Next day, when Tenealle has to reveal the power to the rest of the house, everyone is speculating on what it could be. Johnee’s hoping she’s gone from the house with $100,000. But that’s not it, we already know.

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9×25 – Makeover Day. And then PIGS. IN. MUD!

Previously on The Biggest Loser it was Makeover Day at last. And tonight it’s still Makeover Day. Does it ever end?

When we left the show on Wednesday night Kevin had just proposed to his long term girlfriend Julie and we were waiting for her answer. Tonight we better bloody find out what she says pretty quickly.

Later tonight… PIGS. IN. MUUUUUUUUUUUD!!!

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TBL 5×21: PIGS. IN. MUD.

Previously on The Biggest Loser Wayne was sent home, possibly for undisclosed family-related reasons.
Chris tried to reptend he was a threat in the game, despite being beaten by practically everyone in the game thus far.

Yes it’s the yearly muddy challenge thing where they all roll around in the mud for some sort of prize like immunity.

Everyone heads out to… some strange place with an obstacle course set up. Coloured flags, mud, tires, all the jazz.
Jarna doesn’t do dirty. Not mud, not paint, nothing.

On offer at today’s Challenge is Immunity.

And it’s every Loser for themselves this week. Theoretically, at least. Realistically I’m sure there’ll be some strategies in play…
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