Biggest Loser Australia 3×27: The Black Team Cometh.

Previously on The Biggest Loser, Sheridan was betrayed by Nicole and sent home by a narrow margin in the elimination room.

Tonight on The Biggest Loser, Michael has a sook and John cracks it at Shannan.
And The Commando delivers a surprise package – boatpeople!

What, they’re on a boat, they’re Black, there’s no children on board…

Would you like to know more?

Blue wait out in the lounge room for Red to come out of the elimination room.
Michael has a sook when he notices Sheridan is missing. He could relax around Sheridan.
He says he’ll try and put a brave face on it, but it’s sad.

Alison is shattered, Nicole says. Alison has a mini-cry in an aside to say that she relied on Sheridan to help her get through everything in the house.
Sam says Nicole was very quiet which he thinks is because she felt betrayed by the other Red Team members.
Nicole says she felt she got screwed over big time by Cosi, Garry and Nicola. Conveniently ignoring the way she screwed over Sam and Sheridan. Mmmm, taste that double standard.

Nicole is sitting with Blue during the post-elimination chat, she wants nothing to do with Red, can’t even look at them. She eventually goes off in a huff. Nicola goes off after her. Big mistake!
She wants to clear the air with Nicole before she spoke to anyone else.
Nicole is in tears, saying they changed the plan. And she looked like a bleeping fool in there, how stupid does she feel. She could have turned it around and voted Cosi out. “Like that! *snaps fingers*”
She thought she was with the others, but now the other three have announced an alliance. She wants to know why the plan changed. Nicole says she told them what the plan was, they were going to get Sam out. How can she trust anyone now?
Nicole says the idea was to vote out Sam to have a female majority again. But that’s out of their hands now.

Cosi is meanwhile telling Blue that what happened wasn’t what’s best for the team, it was all about strategies and that’s why it’s hard and confusing.
He has an aside to say that Nicole was upset because she felt she upheld her end of the bargain by voting Sam off, but his response to that would be that she was the one who threw a spanner in the works.

Nicola tells Nicole that it threw them off to put Cosi’s name up like that. Nicole says he’s in her way, he’s in Nicola’s way, too. Because they could totally win it. *coughcough*

Cosi tells Blue that he didn’t think his head was on the chopping block till yesterday late afternoon. Because the idea had been to vote Sam, he confirms to Alison.
Michael says that it looks like he’s either very lucky or very smart. Cosi says lucky.
Alison mutters “smart” behind him.

Cosi says in a side bit that he, or the team, did not trick Nicole into voting for Sam. Not at all, what’s the point?

Michael says he doesn’t believe Cosi. Alison says she thinks Nicole got screwed. They told her they’d be voting Sam to avoid the split vote.
Alison says he’s too smart, everyone underestimates him.
And John pips in to ask if they think nobody else is playing the game. He says it’s a bit weird that all this morality is coming out now when everyone else is doing the same thing, he thinks.

He has an aside to say that this elimination has changed the entire game and it’s only going to get dirtier and nastier from here on in!

Shannan and Michelle arrive at the White House… WITH NO IDEA WHAT’S HAPPENED.

Nicole’s nervous about chatting to Michelle, she still doesn’t want to talk to her team.

Michelle seems a little disappointed that they lost the weigh in. She asks how they came to the conclusion to vote Sheridan out. Sam says there was a lot of miscommunications.
Cosi says it’s a circle of hurt, Nicole says she wants to vote Cosi which hurts him, so he changes tactics to vote Sheridan and she’s hurt by that and then Nicole feels hurt because the plan changed and she felt betrayed.
Nicola says that Nicole felt betrayed by them because they changed their mind and made Nicole look silly.

Michelle is amused by it all. Red Team to the rescue once again!

But she’s impressed by their numbers. They did quite well this week, despite losing the weigh in overall.

Michelle says they’ve got to pick up the pieces now. Black Team will be arriving within the next couple of days most likely.
She wants them aggressive and maybe this is the kick in the ass they need. Alliances and gameplaying will only take you halfway. Cue horribly sour look on Nicole’s face…

Shannan comes in and does his usual headcount. And he’s ever so relieved to see all his team still there. “You won! You won! You won!”
He was worried it was going to be 6-3 and they’d’ve been wiped.

Shannan goes round the group and is totally stoked by Alison’s 7.2kg. Big huge crash tackle hug!
He says Kirsten is insane, losing 7.7kg.
Michael says he was happy with his result, tied with Sam.
John got 5.9kg, which Shannan says was good.

John says there’s more good news – Kirsten was the Biggest Loser. “*Gasp* NO?! That is wicked!”
Shannan says this was the happiest he’d been since starting. This has cemented their place as a force to be reckoned with.

Shannan asks if the energy is okay with the team, is everyone okay? 2 or 3 people say yeah-yeah. But then he looks over at John and, “Oh my goodness.” He doesn’t look happy!

But first, back in Americaland. Black is packing all their gear back into their bags. They’re really nervous. Bryce says the last couple of weeks have really changed him.
“Want me to fold your undies?” – Michelle. Bryce declines.
Michelle says Bob and Jillian have turned her into a woman after she came there as just a girl. This is the best thing to have happened to her. She knows if she was still back at home she wouldn’t’ve changed. She can’t wait to go home and throw all her clothes away!

Carrianne says it was a lot harder than she thought it’d be, but she never once thought about quitting.

Michelle says as much as she loves LA, she can’t wait to get back home.

They pile into the back of a limo and Michelle says it’s lucky they’ve lost some weight, they can fit. There’s a lingering glance at Bryce…

Carrianne’s really looking forward to seeing Nicole if she’s still there. Since they were kids they were always competing, who had best grades, who was most popular and Nicole always topped her in most things. Now it’s her turn to beat Nicole at something!

“I can’t believe we’re going home!” – Bryce
Bryce says it’ll be game on when they get back there, because the White House people won’t want them there. They’ll have backs to the wall and come out fighting or go home!

“I’m strong, I’m ready to compete and I will win this competition!” – Carrianne

Back to White House and John’s hissy fit.
John says to Alison that he thinks she has a problem with him and he’d like to know what it is.
Shannan has an aside to say that John had heard rumours and whispers from other people that Alison was attacking him.
John says that he’s disappointed in Alison and he told her that to her face. He’s decided to lay it all out on the table.
Last week at the challenge where they had to vote someone out, Alison brought in an issue about John that was a personal issue that he had to deal with.

Apparently there was a debate about wearing his heart strap from the minute he gets out of bed to the minute he goes to bed. He refuses to do it.
Shannan has an aside to say that everyone knows John has a bad heart and he’s been under strict medical guidelines. He needs to wear his chest strap which feeds to his heart rate monitor so the medics and doctors can check on him for the whole day, while he’s awake.
We get a replay of Shannan saying that if he breaks any of the guidelines, he’s out of the show. Oooh!

John says the medical people told him they want him to wear the heart band every waking hour of the day and, “I thought well, no, I’m not going to do that!”
*BOOOOM* That was the respect of a nation simultaneously imploding.

John says he wants to stay there, but he’s going to stand his ground. If he’s forced to do that then he’s quite content to go home. And he’ll walk out the front gate with his head held high.
Shannan looks like he’s biting very hard on his tongue at this point.
When John finally stops raving, Shannan says he’s out of line, John’s his teammate.
John interrupts and says he’s wrong, he’s not out of line.
Shannan says you don’t say to the coach if you’re not playing there then you’re walking out, that’s not being part of a team.

“I’ve put too much bloody time and effort into getting you here and getting you right to be part of my Blue Team, then having you bucking your freaking head and deciding that it’s time for you to go. Because that’s going to affect my team.” – Shannan
Kirsten and Alison are looking pretty uncomfortable by now.
Shannan has an aside to say this is the most fired up he’s been, he’s had enough of John’s defiance and John wanting to do it his way.
Shannan says to John that if he’s prepared to walk just so he doesn’t have to wear a chest strap, walking out and leaving the team in the shit, that’s a selfish ass attitude. To walk out of here with his head up and leave the team.

John… looks convinced he’s still right.

Alison says John needs to wear it for his own safety when he’s exercising, but it’s a continuous fight. And when you’re in the team dealing with it day in, day out, it does your head in.

John says he’s not comfortable with authority, he never has been. So he stood his ground and wasn’t prepared to wear his heart monitor every day.
Shannan reminds him that what he’s done with his restrictions is incredible. So what they’re doing is working!
Another rule was that he had to have a medic with him at all times during training sessions, but John continually broke that rule, too.

And the fact that he broke those rules is the biggest possible problem Blue could have.

“I wasn’t stupid enough to just walk out the front gate.” – John
Shannan says it was pretty close at one stage. Alison says that’s what he told them, that’s what he told his team.
Shannan says John owes them more than that. They can’t afford to go on without him.
John says he doesn’t think he’s let his team down yet.

Shannan asks Kirsten what she thinks, he wants her to speak. But she’s cracked up into tears.
Shannan says that Kirsten is his rock, she never shows any emotion, never shows any pain. She’s the enforcer! But she’s burst into tears.
John looks disgusted. Michael says it’s alright, it’s better for it to come out.

John apologises at last, saying he’s sorry if he’s let them down. He’s not there to let them down as a team. He played sports so much and he knows what it is to be part of a team. He’s not there to do that to anyone.
Shannan says that Kirsten being in tears blew John away, he put his head in his hands and started sobbing.
Shannan reiterates in a side bit that it’s his Blue Team, they do things his way!

And now The Commando arrives to give the Fatties an early wake up call. Rattling a bar across the shiny front gates.
Michael’s really not looking forward to having a day with The Commando.
“Red Team, Blue Team, get down here now!”

John comes out of the house without his shirt on, pulling it over his head. Exposing an expanse of flesh with no heart band on it. Hmm.

Cosi says Blue came back with stories like Commando is ten feet tall and he eats little men!

They have no idea where they’re going, they head out the gates at a steady trot.

Back to Americaland, Jillian talking about starting out with four fatties, but Steven chose to go home because he was struggling.
So they’ve got to replace Steven!
So they got a DVD from the Aussies and curled up together on the couch so they could choose who to add back into the game as the fourth Black Team member.

“Oh wow.” “Oh my goodness, poor thing!” Bob and Jillian after seeing Sean’s belly fat. Jillian says she knows the implications for his health.
“Oh, I kinda like her already!” – Bob, after seeing Sheridan.
“How old is she?” “TWENTY.” Bob and Jillian about Monica. Bob says she really needs it.
“There’s a big makeover in her, too, I want to see it!” – Bob about Rachel.
Bob says JJ seems like a real tough nut. He’s a truckie who spends all his days alone. We can hear Michelle saying he’s the fittest person in the house and he could be a very serious contender.
And then there’s Debbie. There was a moment where she fell into the grass and got so emotional. “Awwwww!” – Jillian

Bob says these people think Biggest Loser is going to help save their life and he can’t work out how to choose. Jillian says she feels uncomfortable picking one over another. It’s a tough position for them to be in.

Red and Blue are going to be hit with a major bombshell. But he won’t tell them until they show him how strong they are.

They get down to the beach and there’s a big barge just offshore. Commando Steve says the run was just the warmup. The barge weighs 120 tons and they’re going to beach it. Together, as one team.

Nicole wonders if he’s serious. I think she doesn’t realise that they don’t have to actually pull 120 tons because it’s FLOATING.

Steve rips his shirt and sunnies off and heads into the water. “Oh yeah, hello there!” – Nicole
He swims out to the barge to pick up the tow ropes.

Sam says he didn’t think much of The Commando taking his shirt off, but the girls did. It was the highlight of the day, for them!
Alison says she doesn’t think he should have swum out there with his shorts on. A pair of speedos would have been more appropriate!
As he comes up out of the water, they’re lost in the beauty of it all, Alison says. They didn’t even think of what they were about to do.

John delegates along with Steve to sort the two teams out. Two big blokes on each of the ropes, then the rest spread out evenly.

Michael says he was getting frustrated pulling in the barge. Sam says it was like tug of war against a brick wall!
Kirsten says they were very exhausted. During this, there’s shots of Steve helping them pull it in.
Alison says her only plan was to not pass out!

John is told to help push people along, but there’s so many big personalities in the house and none of them like being told what to do by anybody.
Nicole confirms that by saying she just wanted John to shut up!

Slowly, ever so slowly the barge comes in to the shore.

Alison says as it is almost on the beach, they had a real sense of accomplishment.

It’s finally beached so they can drop the ropes and assemble in front of Commando Steve.
Michael says it was amazing, he didn’t think they’d get it in there.

Suddenly the barge door starts coming down… to reveal the Black Team standing in the bed of the barge.

They’re doing what amounts to a Charlies Angels pose, and is about a third as intimidating.
Nicole immediately squeals when she sees Carrianne. She says it was bizarre seeing her for the first time in a while.
Bryce was interested to see what the look they got was.
Garry puts on a big man pose. Says that they won’t be taking his spot!
Cosi says they look fit and tough, which is good for them, probably not good for Red and Blue!

Kirsten says Bryce looked fit, they looked tough.

Red and Blue give them a round of applause and welcome them, though.

Carrianne’s a little nervous about seeing Nicole, worried she’d be skinnier than her, or upset to see her since Carrianne’s been to LA.
She needn’t worry. The twins instantly have a big squishy hug. Awwww!
“You bitch in LA!” Slaps from each.
“What’d you do to your hand?” “Oh, punch bag without gloves.” “Ohhhh.” “I had to imagine they were the Black Team!”
Carrianne says they’ve always been competitive, but she doesn’t see Nicole as a threat. At all.

Sam says Nicole started to get a bit arrogant, talking herself up. Bragging about getting rid of JJ. Yeah, laugh it up.
Carrianne was a little disappointed, she’d been hoping to see JJ. Strange.

Nicola says the entire Black Team looked really good, slim and lean. Michael thinks they’ll be tough to beat.
Michelle says it’s been fun, but really hard. But it’s been good. Michelle thinks they were more concerned about finding out how much training they’d been doing.

Garry essentially goes the grope on Bryce to find out if he’s got a sixpack, but there’s still some flab there, so he was reassured.

Cosi was surprised there was only three of them, they’d seen Steven but he wasn’t there.
Someone asks Bryce where Steven is and he says Steven… Uhh… He decided he was going to go home.
Garry says to Michael that it makes it easier for them. Michael has a side bit to say that there’s two possibilities. They could unite and fight White House versus Black Team. Or they’ll start probing Black Team to make alliances…

Carrianne’s excited about finally going to the White House!

This is the second time they’ve walked in this place, Bryce says, and they’re not kicking him out again!

As they arrive back at the house, Ajay is standing there in a pretty blue dress.

She talks about the secret weapon being unleashed. Bryce, Michelle and Carrianne have arrived at their ultimate destination, The White House.
But their journey has not been without loss. Steven decided to be a big baby and quit and go home.
This leaves Black a member short. So that the Black Team have a fighting chance to stay in the competition, “Steven must be replaced.”
“Oooooooooooooooh!” – Michelle

Bryce thinks maybe they’ll be pinching a Red Team member to even things up. Because that would be logical! “But as we know, logic is worth a pinch of salt around here!”

Bob and Jillian got to choose from all the eliminated contestants so far. Their selection has now returned!

Blue, Red and Black turn around to look out the gates…

Ad break!

And surprise surprise, it’s JJ!

And damn, he’s looking good! Cosi thinks it’s hilarious, as do quite a few of the other people. Nicole isn’t happy, though.
Cosi is crowing about Nicole having bragged about getting rid of JJ on the beach not 90 minutes ago.
JJ’s thinking to himself, “Here we go again!”

Garry’s cheering with joy. For the first time EVER! And it’s because of JJ! Heh.

Cosi says you couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. He knows the fireworks JJ will cause and Bob and Jillian made a brilliant decision, as far as Cosi’s concerned!

Alison thinks Cosi will see this as a way to form an alliance with Black and make his position stronger.

Bryce says that from all reports JJ will be a great addition to the team. He looks good. They’re no Brad Pitts, but you know, he’s alright!

JJ has a good laugh about some of them seeming happy at first, but then talking to them later, not so much!

Black Team’s trainers Bob and Jillian will eventually rejoin them. But until then, they will be trained by a man they already know. Commando Steve, baby!
Michelle says she’s really excited by that because Bob and Jillian had told them that if they get to train with anyone, hope for the Commando, because he’s really tough.
JJ’s less excited. Commando is ex-SAS, big and muscly and having him yelling at JJ may not shape up so well!

Black will not officially enter the competition until after the next weigh in. So for this week, and this week only, Black essentially has immunity.
Alison’s a little disappointed. She doesn’t think it’s particularly fair since they’ve been playing the game as long as the rest of them!

“It’s game on, like never before!” – Ajay

Kirsten’s concerned. JJ’s fit and the rest of Black is young and fit. Big twist, they’re a big threat in the competition!

Now Black is a full team, White House people show Black around the House. Bryce says it’s very impressive.

Cosi takes JJ off to the fridges. Black Team has their own fridge now.
Cosi says with the arrival of JJ they just want to crack a beer and get back into it! But they have Pepsi Max instead. “Yep, we’re real men!” Only has one calorie.
The boys are back in town and JJ is definitely the headmaster.

Michelle sees a picture of Bob in the trophy room (with his S1 Blue Team) and she starts crying. They find a picture of Jillian as well and Carrianne gives her a hug.

Alison takes Bryce upstairs to show him the bedrooms. They get halfway up the stairs and can see a sign on what used to be Alison’s and Kirsten’s room, saying that that’s now Black territory. All other contestants must get out right away.
Alison’s not happy!
Cosi says there’s drama because the master bedroom has been turned over to Black, so Alison, Kirsten and Nicole have nowhere to stay. He doesn’t seem at all upset!

Nicole says it’s her bedroom!
Michelle says she felt really bad, she didn’t want to come in and take over the house, let alone someone’s bedroom.
Nicole points them off to the spiffy bathroom. Carrianne and Michelle are quite happy to have the best bedroom, Kirsten says Nicole wasn’t too happy at all.
“It’s my bedroom!”

Alison’s going to have to share boys. “I don’t want to share with boys! Boys smell!” Heh, legend!

Sam and Michael behave like gentlemen and give up their own bedroom to let Alison, Kirsten and Nicole have a room away from the boys.
But apparently the room stank to high heaven.
“Boy germs! *sprays*” – Alison

Once they got unpacked and sprayed a bunch of perfume around, it doesn’t smell so bad!

Cosi says it’s all bitching and backstabbing now! Not one big happy family at all! Everybody’s guilty of it.

Tomorrow night, the California holiday is over, Commando Steve says, as he takes his Black Team for their first training session.
“It’s my way or see ya later!” – Commando

And Shannan delivers bad news to “rule breaker John”. Surely he’s got to go home. The rules were made abundantly clear to him and he’s refusing to follow them.
“I’ll be leaving the House.” – John

Clever editing or is he really gone? Tune in tomorrow night!

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