Biggest Loser Australia 3×26: Week 4 Elimination. Red and/or Dead?

Previously on The Biggest Loser, Blue sent Sean home after losing Friday night’s challenge.
But they turned their fortunes around at the weigh in, handily beating Red.

Tonight is elimination night and practically everyone’s at risk. There’s talk of double crosses, betrayals and a lot more.
Is it all just cleverly taken out of context or are Red finally going to self destruct?

To find out, make with the clickings!

Nicola says there’s a bit of a dark cloud hanging over their heads as they come out of weigh in. Nobody likes going to elimination.
Cosi gives a special mention during the congratulations to Kirsten, who was the week’s biggest loser.
Sam has an aside to say he doesn’t know what to expect. He thinks he’s proven he’s an asset to the team, but he used to wear a Blue shirt and they don’t like blue shirts!
Alison says she sees three possibilities, Cosi, Sam or Sheridan. If it goes to a hung vote, Blue will be voting out Cosi because he’s so strong and a major force in challenges.

Michael says he’d be disappointed if Sheridan was sent home. Because he looooooves her! He says they’re hoping for a hung vote so Blue can choose who goes home.

Sam wanders in for a chat with Sheridan and Nicole.
Sheridan has a side bit saying that for her own security she wants Cosi to be voted out. She thinks it’s their one opportunity to even the playing field and she’ll need Nicole and Sam on side to do it.
Nicole asks Sam if he thinks Blue would vote Cosi out and Sam says pretty much. “It’s so crazy it could work!” – Sheridan
Sheridan and Sam both say that he’s capable of doing it on the outside and has already achieved most of his weight goals. Sheridan also says that Cosi’s wife is pregnant and wants him to come home and he has something to go home to, whereas others don’t have something to go home to. They need this to get their life on track.
Nicole says she wants Cosi gone, he’s the number one threat and Sam says it’s like he controls the game. Sheridan says it’s frightening to go against someone so charismatic.

Nicole heads out for a chat with Cosi, Nicola and Garry. Nicole decides to be honest with them and tells them she wants to get her threats out while she still can. And her main threat at the moment is Cosi.
Cosi has a side bit saying he was knocked for six, he couldn’t believe it. He says he has five minutes to try and convince her otherwise.
Cosi tells her that if you want to talk about threat, Sam’s got a better chance of winning. He’s heavier, has a smaller frame and he’s got to be a good chance to win as well.
Nicole says that Cosi did bring up some good points and she hadn’t really considered how much of a threat Sam is.
Nicole asks if Cosi has her back as he’d previously told her he’d save her from elimination. Cosi gives Nicole his word that he’ll go before Nicole goes.

Cosi’s now left wondering whether she’ll still vote for him or if she’ll now vote for Sam. Because if she’s going to vote for Cosi as well that’ll make a hung vote and Blue will definitely pick him!

Red head down the stairs, Garry in a hobo shirt and jeans, Sam in a hobo shirt and jeans, Cosi in fairly presentable gear and the ladies all done up very nicely, particularly Sheridan and Nicola.

Ajay welcomes them, in her own swish outfit. She reminds them that they’ve been to the elimination room 3 times so far.

Sam is asked if he feels ready to go home and Sam says no, he doesn’t think he’s ready, he needs another couple weeks.
Sheridan is asked if there’s much trust in the room. “Um, no!” Sheridan says she doesn’t resent anyone for looking after themselves first.
Cosi didn’t think he’d be going home tonight yesterday, but now he’s not so sure.
Nicole says she didn’t think she was a bitchy person but now she’s turning out to be one. You’ve got to fight for your survival and you’ve got to do what it takes to stay in the game!

Red is reminded that in the event of a tied vote, Blue can choose for themselves who to eliminate.

Garry says his decision is based on team dynamics. This person has strayed from Red a bit and there’s a connection to Blue that is not healthy.
Sheridan: 1

That’s what you get for making smoochies with the enemy!

Sam says his decision wasn’t easy, this person is a great person and he doesn’t feel like he himself is ready to go home yet, he needs to do what he can to save himself. So he’s chosen Cosi.
Cosi: 1
Sheridan: 1

Sam looks pretty upset by having to vote for Cosi. Cosi tells him it’s alright and he’s not going to die!

Nicola says her vote is based on personality and strategy. This person has traits that annoy her and she finds difficult to live with them in this confined environment. And this person is her direct competitor in terms of weightloss percentage. So in order to protect her position and to hopefully get a better living environment, she’s voted for Sheridan.
Sheridan: 2
Cosi: 1

Sheridan seems fairly amused at what Nicola had to say.

Sheridan’s vote is based on self-preservation. The person she voted for is the fittest, strongest, smartest in the competition and if people don’t look out this person will go all the way. She’s had personality clashes with this person, but she thinks maybe she hasn’t been given as fair a chance as she’d hoped. She’s voted for Cosi.
Cosi: 2
Sheridan: 2

Cosi says if you whack 15 overweight people in a house you’re not going to like everyone. He feels he’s been lucky to have liked most of them, but one in particular he finds annoying and they occasionally get confused about why they’re on the show – it’s a weightloss show, not a dating show! Sheridan giggles at that. Cosi says he doesn’t hate this person, it’s just that they don’t mesh. “I’m voting purely on annoyance, and I think I speak on behalf of Australia when I say the most annoying person is… Sheridan!” Sheridan laughs some more and says, “Thanks Cosi, that was sensitive and beautiful, exactly what I expect of you!”
Sheridan: 3
Cosi: 2

Nicole’s the last one. If she votes Cosi, it will be a tie. If she votes anyone else, Sheridan will be gone!
Sheridan looks quietly confident. But will she be stabbed in the back?

Nicole says her decision was between two people. She wants someone who is going to motivate her, someone who will be part of the team, someone who she can trust. She doesn’t trust people very well and he’s proven today why she doesn’t trust people. Garry shoots her a filthy look. Nicole says maybe she needs to listen to herself for. The person she voted for, she doesn’t know if they’re still a Blue member or a Red member. Uh-oh! So the alliance is a bit of a problem for her.
So she’s voted for… Sam! Silly fool!

Sheridan will be going home then!

Sheridan is asked if she feels betrayed. Sheridan says it’s a game and you can’t hate people for playing. You can feel resentful to people being unkind but you can’t dislike someone for trying to stay as long as they can. It’s every man for themself. She’s very concerned about some other people in the team who she would like to stay longer. Particularly one person who she’d like to see win this and she doesn’t think this will happen now. Ajay asks who? Sheridan says Nicole, because she thinks her number will be up next.
Nicole is asked how she feels about what has happened. She says she doesn’t have anything to say right now. She feels screwed over by all the other people who voted for Sheridan. They did have a plan and clearly she was the only person who followed the plan. The plan was to vote Sam out. Sam looks fairly stonyfaced.
Nicole doesn’t know where she stands now.

Cosi says that what happened was Nicole said she’d been thinking about voting out Cosi, which was hurtful to him.
Sheridan butts in and says that the other guys have been saying they’d vote for her for weeks. Cosi responds, “Sheridan it gives me great pleasure to vote for you!”

Sheridan is asked if she wants to reply to what Cosi had to say about her and she says the best thing to do is to just leave with dignity and do the best she can on the outside and come back looking damn hot! “Best revenge is success?” “Damn straight!”

Garry says they smelt a doublecross and that’s why they voted for Sheridan. Himself, Cosi and Nicola have formed an alliance, which he says is fairly obvious now. He says they have the best interests of the Red Team at heart.

Sheridan is asked if she has any regrets about her relationship with Michael, now that it was part of her voting out. Sam wolfwhistles. Sheridan says she has no regrets, why would you regret meeting someone, “who’s like, awesome!” And her best friend. So absolutely not.
Sheridan is looking forward to talking to her friends who have been really honest with her in the past about her needing to do this and she hated them at the time but now she’s grateful of their honesty. She says her Mum will be stoked, especially that she’s been open and honest and spoken her mind.
Sheridan says next time Ajay sees her, she hopes she’ll see someone really strong. Ajay says she is really strong, she’s achieved a lot in here, she should be proud of herself. Sheridan says she is but she has big expectations of herself.

Sheridan, say your goodbyes, you’re not The Biggest Loser.

Sheridan dispenses lots of hugs and kisses. And says to Garry, “Don’t get any taller!”

Red Team are in disarray, Ajay says. Alliance, backstabbing and doublecrossing have been words thrown around today. Those aren’t the building blocks for a successful team!
And yeah, blah blah, Black Team is coming, be afraid.
“The game is about to change… forever!” Isn’t it always, Ajay? Isn’t it always…

Sheridan arrives back home. In a stylish van-style taxi. Couldn’t Biggest Loser spring for a decent taxi?
Small family gathering for Sheridan, including someone, sister perhaps? Jumping into her arms for cuddles. Someone says her bottom is so much smaller!

2 months on, she’s looking like just a slightly chubby girl. Still has a huge rack, too!
She says the biggest change for her is running, she never used to run and now she can do a 3km circuit.
Before going on the show, takeaway was her friend. Now it’s lots of salads, lots of protein, still a lot of kangaroo!
She’s feeling less self concious nowadays, she doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb as she used to.
Before being on the show she was a 22, now she’s about a 14 on the top half and a 16 in her bottom. Heh.

She’s looking forward to buying a lot of fun stuff, a lot of pretty stuff.

She looks very much different from her audition tape, where she admits she grosses herself out.
She’s feeling more confident and positive about her future.
19kg more and she’ll be 70kg and hopefully looking pretty damn good. She already looks pretty damn good, if you ask me!
Since appearing on the show Sheridan has lost a very impressive 32.2kg.

Tomorrow night Shannan and John will duke it out once more. Shannan is telling him he’s out of line, John says no he’s not, he’s going to stand his ground. Shannan says his attitude is a “selfish ass attitude!”

And some time this week The Commando hauls in a military landing boat, with the help of Blue and Red. And the boat contains the Black Team!
But the biggest shock? “Steven… Must be replaced!” Meh.

Later this week, John’s survival hangs by a thread after Shannan gives him some tough news.

And a secret vote reshuffles the pack. And the challenge this week will reshape the game. Possibly into gooey muddy sculptures as it seems it’s time for more “pigs in mud” footage, with a 3-way tug of war in a massive mud pit.

Looks like fun but I’m sure there’ll be tears before bedtime!

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