Biggest Loser Australia 3×25: Week 4 Weigh In

Previously on The Biggest Loser, Red and Blue went up the hill to… throw a bunch of tires into a cage.
And continuing their run of bad luck, Blue managed to lose again.
Also, the Black Team has been revealed and their arrival in the White House is imminent. Can Shannan and Michelle’s fatties match it with the US trained ones?

Tonight, following the loss of the challenge on Friday night, Blue must send one of their teammates home. Who will they choose?
Black say their final goodbyes to their trainers in preparation for their return to Australia…
Also, it’s weigh in day once again. Can Blue turn around their fortunes after losing a team member, or can Red continue their dominance?

To find out, read on!

Ajay reminds Blue of the price of failure in the challenge. It’s time to cut the fat.

Cosi thinks either Sean or John will be the one to go home.
Shannan says John has a bad heart and he knows he won’t be able to push his exercise much further. Sean has his bung foot still. He thinks one of them will step down to give Blue the best chance of winning the weigh in.
Alison doesn’t want to see anyone go home, nor does Kirsten. She says everyone’s earned their spot in the house, no matter what problems they’ve had to overcome.

Alison asks John how he’s going, she says in a side bit that he’s been struggling with not being able to help his team in challenges and stuff. He’s been saying he wants to go home.
John tells Sean that if he wants to say, John will go. Sean says that’s not really the point, he just doesn’t know what else to do.
Sean says he’d love to say, he’s not felt this good since his 20s.
John tells Sean again that if he wants to stay in the game, he’ll go.
Sean says it’s alright, enough’s enough, one of them has to go and it’ll be him. In a side bit he says he thinks it’s the best thing for the team if it’s him.

Sean apparently whispered in John’s ear, “I’ll never forget you for the rest of my life.” John says that’s worth $200,000 to him!

Sean says he loves his team, he’ll never forget them for the rest of his life.
Shannan tells him that he has to continue on the outside and he’ll see him soon.

Sean says the guy who came to the house and the guy who’s leaving it aren’t the same person. He feels good, strong and he knows he can lose the weight. So he’s going to go home and do exactly that!

Back in Americaland, Bob is grinning about how the Black Team reveal must have gone down.
“Black Team, watch out, I’m going to kick your ass!” – Garry. Trying to be a badass and failing miserably.

Black’s feeling ready and they’re going to go kick some ass!

Today is the final day of training. And they’re sure it’s going to be the hardest session ever.
Jillian says the idea is to show them how far they’ve come.

Jillian says Michelle is a very different person to what she was on day one. She believes in herself and is much more confident. Her mental transformation is even bigger than her physical transformation.
Michelle is really excited to see how far she’d come. She’d been asked to do a lot of things on the first day and she just couldn’t.
“Memoriesssss!” – Jillian
Michelle says Bob and Jillian have made her realise who she is and overcome a bunch of weaknesses she had. She’s been changed for the better.

Bob takes Bryce on. Bryce says he was scared on day one.
Footage of Bryce puking outside and Jillian saying it was like the tenth time it’d happened!
Bryce says he had no confidence in his body before, but now he’s a lot more confident. He’s excited about going back to the house.
Jillian says the difference between Bryce now and then is night and day.

Carrianne wants it really bad. I assume she means she wants to lose weight…
Jillian says Carrianne was sweet and nice when she first got there, but she had a fire in her they could see right from the start.
Carrianne was overwhelmed and petrified on the first day, now she’s enjoying it.
Jillian’s very impressed. She’d be nervous but Carrianne isn’t.

Bob says having the Black Team come to America has been a great experience. He saw a team of four go to three incredibly strong and powerful people.

Back in Australia it’s Last Chance Training time. The most important session of the week, Michelle says.
Michelle arrives and finds her team already training, hooray!
She’s not sure Blue and Red really understand how much of an impact Black Team will make.

“What does Last Chance Training mean?” “You’re going to break me!” “Ahhhh, the pain! Suffering!” – Michelle and one of her Red Team.

Cosi says they’re actually looking forward to Last Chance, but also know it’s going to hurt.
Cosi and Sam are doing leaps up onto a step, taking it in turns, while Cosi says it probably looks easy at home but it’s actually hard!

Garry says that jumping for a dude his size is not a good thing. Then we see him jump on the step and topple it, falling over it and onto the floor.

“Anything that involves my breasts perhaps, you know, smacking me in the face, I don’t really like!” – Sheridan. Who clearly wants something else smacking her in the face!

Cosi says he wouldn’t’ve been able to do it a month ago, not even just 10 times, and today they did it 40 or more times.

Shannan says the week had been hard on Blue, losing a weigh in and Debbie and then Sean as well.
Last Chance for Blue involves a bunch of weights up one end of the lawn and a bunch of weight plates up the other end and he wants them to move 2 tonne worth of weights in 20 minutes between the four of them.
Alison says they have to pull together and work hard to win the weigh in.
Michael says morale is low. It’ll never be great after losing a challenge and losing teammates, he says.

Blue manage to shift 2 tonne in 11 minutes. So Shannan ramps it up. Now they have just another 11 minutes to move another 2 tonne!
Shannan says he knew that setting the second challenge would get them going, they love the competition. When the going gets tough the Blue Team gets going!
The second 2 tonne was done in 10.44. Very good!

Michael says Red is due for a brainsnap, they’re due to hamstring themselves so he’ll just wait for that. Hopefully.

Everyone tromps in to the weigh in room. Everyone is nervous, everyone wants to win, big week for Blue with losing people, it’s getting more competitive.
Four against six this week. Which makes a mockery of balancing the teams two weeks ago.

Ajay’s wearing a nice black dress again.

Due to the uneven numbers, Red will have to sit out two members this week. Red get to choose one, Blue get to choose the other.
It’s all a bit up in the air because nobody knows who could possibly have lost much weight, they’re all looking so much skinnier!

Red choose Nicole to sit out. Blue choose ex-Blue Sam.
Sam’s a little annoyed because he did a low number last week so he was hoping for a better result this week.
He gets to go on the scale first.

Sam’s previous weight: 135.7kg
Sam’s current weight: 127.9kg
Sam’s loss: 7.8kg

Yay Sam! Sam’s grinning up on the scales. “That’s heaps good! I’m a bit stuck for words, which is unlike me.”
Kirsten’s happy with their decision after seeing that.

Nicole goes next as her weight will also not count. Garry is sure it’s a good choice, but that’s before seeing Sheridan’s number.

Nicole’s previous weight: 124.9kg
Nicole’s current weight: 121.7kg
Nicole’s loss: 3.2kg

“Cool!” She’s happy with that. She wanted to get below 120kg but she knew it would be a hard ask. Ajay asks her if she’s noticed any physical changes. Nicole says people have told her it looks like she’s lost some from her face, but she’d rather lose some from her arse!
Nicole says she’d had more drive since finding out Carrianne is on the Black Team. She needs to prove herself to herself and also to her sister. She wants to prove she was the right choice to stay in the House.

And now the official part of the weigh in begins.

Sheridan’s the first up. She says she’s been consistent with her diet, working pretty hard but maybe not as hard as she had previously. She made a bet with Sam that she won’t have lost any weight. $50!

Sheridan’s previous weight: 107.3kg
Sheridan’s current weight: 103.4kg
Sheridan’s loss: 3.9kg

She’s very relieved. Garry has a look of shock on his face when the number comes up.
“I have lost fifty bucks though! To Sam!” She says it’s the happiest $50 she’s ever lost though.
She’s also really happy that she lost more than Nicole which meant they made the right choice for who to sit out.
Ajay asks about the romance thing again. Sheridan gives a big no comment to that!
Garry says there’s rumours of a kiss!
Michael has a side bit saying there’s been a lot of pressure on them from the Red guys and it’s frustrating him, it’s getting to him and he wants to scream at them to cut him some slack.

Next up is Nicola. Who is nervous! She’s hoping to lose more than 1.6kg to get under the 100kg mark.

Nicola’s previous weight: 101.6kg
Nicola’s current weight: 97.6kg
Nicola’s loss: 4kg

“Yay!” She seems pleased though a little reserved. She says she doubts she would have gotten under 100kg in this short a time on the outside, so it’s been an incredible experience.
She has an aside to say that she’s noticed changes in herself in the last couple of weeks. She’s always thought of herself as a strong girl, but has never really tested it before now.

Cosi says they’re halfway through and already got 7.9kg and they still have Garry and himself, who both ought to do well, particularly Garry.
Kirsten is fairly confident, Michael says the two boys are likely to be the best losers. One is really big and one is really fit!

Cosi’s up next. Cosi says it would be really hard to go to elimination. They had it easy before. They got rid of JJ because all the girls didn’t like him, Rachel wanted to go. But now they’ve got 6 people who all want to be there.

Cosi’s previous weight: 122.4kg
Cosi’s current weight: 116.5kg
Cosi’s loss: 5.9kg

“That’s bloody great news for Australia, isn’t it?” Tool!
He’s quite pleased, was hoping for nothing less than 3.5kg. He says he’s well on his way to 100kg now, so he’s pumped.
Ajay asks Cosi if it’s worth it, being in there and away from his girl while she’s pregnant. He says he hopes it’s worth it, if he’d known she was preggers beforehand it might have changed things. He says he’s missing out on a lot of stuff but while he’s there he’s just got to focus.
He says he’s missing out on a lot of stuff but it’s his best chance of getting back to his goal weight of 100kg. But hopefully it’ll add 5 or 6 more years onto his life to be there for his baby.

Garry’s turn now. He wants a double figure this week.

Garry’s previous weight: 184.4kg
Garry’s current weight: 177.1kg
Garry’s loss: 7.3kg

He says it’s a good number, though he was hoping for a bit more. Ajay tells him he’s lost almost 30kg now. Garry says he doesn’t want to dismiss that but to be proud of himself? That’s a long way off.

Red Team’s total: 21.1kg
Red’s Total Percentage: 4.09%

Sheridan thinks that’s a pretty decent effort. Nicole thinks it will be really close.

In order to win, Blue needs at least 21kg between the four of them.

Michael’s up first. He’s worried! If they’re going to have a chance he thinks he needs 6 or above.

Michael’s previous weight: 156.7kg
Michael’s current weight: 148.9kg
Michael’s loss: 7.8kg

Very good. He says it’s really good to crack the 150 mark. He’s happy with that. First time he’s ever been happy with his loss!
Michael says he guesses his brother has always been proud of him, there’s just not been much cause to say it before.
Sheridan, his girrrrrrrrlfriend, says you could tell he’d do a number. He’s lost so much AROUND HIS TUMMY AND STUFF, and she was halfway between congratulating him and halfway to punching him because they might lose the weigh in!

John’s next. He’d like to hit 125kg which means he needs 5.7kg

John’s previous weight: 130.7kg
John’s current weight: 124.8kg
John’s loss: 5.9kg

Very impressive, John! “Pretty cool!” He says he was stoked to get that figure. He’s overcome a lot of hurdles to get there. He wants more and more and more! He says he still feels a little bit like a horse ready to bolt.
Kirsten’s feeling a little more confident that they could actually get there now.

With two girls left to weigh in they need another 7.3kg. That’s a tough ask.

Alison says she was even more nervous at the halfway mark. She gets to go first of the Blue ladies. Everyone wishes her good luck. Kirsten is worried about her loss this week.

Alison’s previous weight: 110.8kg
Alison’s current weight: 103.6kg
Alison’s loss: 7.2kg

“YOU ROCK!” – Kirsten. “That’s really good! I’m speechless! It doesn’t happen often!” – Alison
She always feels a bit behind as the oldest girl in the house. She feels like she has her mental strength back now.

Kirsten needs to have lost at least… 0.1kg. Oh crap!
Cosi thinks they’ve totally lost now, no way “KB” will have gained weight!

Kirsten thinks she’s lost at least 100g. But she’s seen the show before and people do sometimes put on weight!

Kirsten’s previous weight: 113.1kg
Kirsten’s current weight: 105.4kg
Kirsten’s loss: 7.7kg

Whoa. Blue are boggling and excited. Kirsten says it was a huge shock to get such a huge number.

Blue win again!

Blue Team total: 28.6kg
Blue Percentage: 5.59%

Kirsten’s loss of 7.7kg also makes her the week’s biggest loser, which is very surprising. Kirsten is surprised and thrilled!

Ajay informs Red that even if Nicole and Sam’s weight losses had been included, they still would’ve lost.

Cosi says it just sucks having to face the elimination room.
Sam says it’s a scary and intimidating place… or so he’s been told, since he’s never actually had to eliminate anyone yet!

Bob and Jillian take Black up the mountains to have a sit and have some quiet, overlook the canyon and say goodbye.

Michelle has written letters for each of them. Which she’s now going to read. And we can see her handwriting, and it’s totally girlywriting!
Bob is told about how Michelle used to go to gyms and worry about what other people would be saying about her and Bob told her to stand tall and hold her head up high and he was right, let them look, she’s there doing a good thing for herself. Now no matter where she goes she’ll feel much more confident.
She says saying goodbye to Bob was the hardest thing she’d done.

Bryce has written letters too. I guess they were all told to. Jillian says when Bryce read his, she almost broke.
Bryce says day one was one of the most confronting and embarassing experiences of his life. Jillian asked him what he thought at the time and he said he felt disgraceful and disgusted. And Jillian looked him in the eye and told him she’d put in the time and effort so he’d never have to feel that way again. “The feisty little arsekicking dynamo that everyone knows as Jillian Michaels, to me she’s just the lady that turned on the lights.” – Bryce. Awwww!
“That’s what we live for. That moment when they realise their potential and they fulfill it. That’s payment right there!” – Jillian, who’ll be working for free now?

Carrianne says she remembers her first training session like it was yesterday. They set the bar for how hard she’d have to work in the future. She says before The Biggest Loser she always put herself last. She even sacrificed her place in the competition so that Nicole could conquer her weight issues.
She says it’s amazing how much a person can change in such a short amount of time. She thanks them for believing in her and she promises she won’t give up or let them down. And she will become the first female Biggest Loser!

Jillian says it’s hard saying goodbye to the Black Team. She doesn’t like feeling out of control and she doesn’t like them not being in her clutches!

Jillian tells them they’ll see them soon because they’ll be there waiting for them? Woohoo, she also says she’ll see them again in a few weeks!
But until then, she’s going to miss them. She’s looking forward to seeing them again. One month, apparently.

And then Bob and Jillian get in a sexy as hell black Porsche to hoon off down the road…

Sean arrives home to a fairly small party. At which there are hot chicks! Who I assume are his daughters or something.
2 months on… Sean looks amazing. He looks like half the size he used to be, it’s extraordinary.

He says he loves going for a walk, getting out and about and going for a ride on his bike.
He says he goes to Fitness First and sees his trainer 4 or 5 times a week. Alejandro, his trainer, says Sean has some injuries so they developed a program that maximises his weightloss, while keeping it safe.
Since getting home his diet has changed dramatically. He’s eating kangaroo fillets! Along with other things you’d expect. And he has a hot chick helping to cook his food. Clearly I need to get fat and grow my hair super long! I need a sexy chef too!

Apparently he’s dropped 6 x’s, he now fits into an extra-large.

Looking at his audition tape, the difference is amazing. In his audition tape he says he regrets not being able to keep his family together.

And then the hot chick speaks and says she’s got her DAD back. So she’s not his girlfriend. So she might be single. I’M IN! ;-)
His daughter and his son are very proud of him. He’s alive and he’s awake. If you’ve forgotten, he said he was having trouble staying awake back at the start of the show.
Sean says he was very fit when he was younger, but then going through a broken marriage, raising three kids, he didn’t worry enough about himself.

And today… He is completely off his insulin, off all of his diabetes medication.

So suck it you fucking whiny ass bitches on the forums saying Shannan shouldn’t’ve promised him that. Suck it long and suck it hard! :-P

Sean says that the fact is that The Biggest Loser has literally saved his life.

Since appearing on the show Sean has lost an amazing 55.6kg. He’s now looking forward to spending more time with his family!

Tomorrow night, the knives are out on the Red Team. Sam says he used to be a Blue Shirt and they don’t like Blue Shirts. Cosi says part of him would like to vote for “her”, because he doesn’t like “her”, presumably Sheridan.
And the biggest deception to date happens in the elimination room. Sheridan gives one of her annoying winks to someone and Garry says the last thing Red needs is a bit of Blue Team input? Hmmmm.

Lots of stabby stabby in the elimination room tomorrow night it seems. But it’s only the Red Team, so as long as no lives land in Sam or Nicola…!

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