Biggest Loser Australia 3×28: Will he stay or will he go?

Tonight on The Biggest Loser, will John pay the ultimate price for his rebellious attitude?
And will Black crumble under the pressure of training with The Commando?

Would you like to know more?

First morning in the White House for the Black Team. Michelle’s looking forward to it, JJ not so much!
JJ asks the rest of his team if they always wake up together, they say yes, they get up nice and early and do a workout together.
Original Black Team aren’t sure about JJ yet. Bryce thinks he’ll settle in though, give him a week and he’ll be alright.
Carrianne says as long as the three of them stay strong, that’s all that matters.
Bryce says when he meets people, he gives them a clean slate. He’ll give JJ the benefit of the doubt.

Michelle and Shannan arrive and see four Black singlets and then Michelle realises who one of them is and is happy-shocked!
Shannan’s a little less happy-shocked!

Michelle asks how JJ got picked and JJ says their old mates Bob and Jillian picked him.
Michelle asks when Bob and Jillian are coming over, Carrianne says they will be but they don’t know when.
Bryce tells them that they’ll be training with The Commando in the meantime.

Shannan and Michelle are amazed at how much Black has changed since they last saw them, Shannan says Bryce has lost 5 chins since he last saw him!
Shannan thinks both the Black boys are a big threat, they’re fit and have the weight to lose.

“Alright, well let the games begin!” – Michelle

Michelle takes her team aside to talk strategy. She tells her team that Black won’t be just taking the game over, they don’t have their own trainers. They have JJ, who has been on the outside, there’s no way he’ll’ve lost as much as the rest of them.
Red has been training and playing the game, so they have the advantage.
Michelle says it’s important as a trainer to reassure the team, to make them believe they can do it. Make them feel like they have every chance.

Blue goes for a chat with Shannan. All he’s concerned with is getting his Blues up there and getting a good loss at the weigh in.
Shannan’s not happy with Black getting to sit out the next weigh in, “I don’t know why the hell they deserve that!”
“I’ve got this mad, crazy, new gameplan for us! It’s called Nothing Changes.” Shannan says he’s not there to be a strategist, he’s there to train his people and teach them how to live more healthily. They’ve won 3 out of the 4 weigh ins and that’s what the show is about!

And for the first time ever, The Commando runs up the drive. Only he doesn’t say anything about not knowing what to expect. Army tough, dude!
First training session with the Black Team, Commando wants to test their strengths and weaknesses. They’ve been training with a couple other trainers for 7 weeks.
“Who’re you?” “I’m JJ!”
Bryce says seeing Commando again brought back memories of the day on the sand dunes.
Carrianne says they were his team from the beginning, he picked them to go to the States. So she hopes he’s impressed by what he sees.

They head off into “the bush”… Only I can see a building in the background. Hmm.

The Commando pushes them pretty hard. Bryce says that it’s obviously going to be a lot different training with the Commando. Carrianne says that Steve’s theory of training doesn’t rely on gym equipment as much as Bob and Jillians, he doesn’t think you need it, you can do a workout in the bush.
Steve also wants a one on one session with each of them, get to know them and push them really hard.

Bryce apparently pushes hard at the start and then sort of slacks off as he gets tired. He gives up mentally. Steve’s always having to correct Bryce’s technique. Not good enough, Bryce!
Bryce says the Commando is a drill sergeant, you do as he says. He tells Commando that he’s the boss!

Michelle says before she started on the show she was the person who’d always give up. She tells Steve that she wants to better her life, that’s why she came on the show. She wants to gain some confidence.
Michelle reminds us that a member of Steve’s Black Team last year won the competition, so there’s every chance they could win.
Steve is impressed by Michelle, she’s increased her confidence and her know-how since being in America.

Carrianne is trying hard, Steve says. The others are always wondering when the session will be over. Steve thinks Carrianne has a mental edge over the others. She’s stronger than she thought she was, she tells Steve.

JJ gets a turn next. Steve thinks JJ needs to prove to Black that he deserves to be there.
JJ thinks Steve is off his head, he’s hard core.
Steve thinks JJ can push himself harder, his level of fitness at the moment and what he thinks is pushing himself hard are a bit below standard.
JJ says Steve kept asking if he was committed and at that point he really just wanted to go to the pub. Steve asks him if he’s missing his few cans at night. JJ is honest with him and says yeah, he is a bit.

“You know why we’re back at the start?” “Because we’re going to do it again?” Bingo, JJ!

JJ says it’s not easy, being trained by a guy who’s used to jumping out of helicopters at 40,000 feet. He’s never rubbed shoulders with someone like him before.

Steve says he doesn’t care if they have to get stretchers in and IV drips in their arms to take them back to the White House. He wants them to give it their all.
“It’s my way or see ya later.”

Back at the White House Shannan has received some very serious news. It’s something to do with John.
John’s worried by the look on Shannan’s face.
Shannan’s news is killing him, it’ll be the hardest talk he’s had to give since being on The Biggest Loser.

So of course we need an ad break first.

The medics have reported that the rules that were set in place to protect John have been broken.
He needed to be wearing his heart rate monitor so the doctors and medics can check on him the whole day.
He also had to have a medic with him any time he was training and John didn’t do that either.
The consequences for breaking these rules are dire, Shannan says.

“From now on you’re unable to take place in this series of The Biggest Loser. Which basically means you’re out of the game, mate.”

Shannan says John’s journey on the show has been different to everyone else’s. He came in with a pre-existing medical condition and had various limitations on his exercise regime as a result.
The crucial one being that he had to have a medic present at all times with a medic present.

Shannan asks him if he trained without a medic present. John says yes, on a couple of occasions… “But… No I’m not going to go there. It’s not worth it, Shannan. I’m not going to sit here and justify all this.” He says he’s very disappointed about going down this way.

Shannan says if he’d stuck to the guidelines, he would have been safe. Their major concern was for John’s welfare.
Shannan tells John that the most disappointing thing for him was that he’d done so well. Got his diet under control, got his blood pressure back. He’ll never forget what John’s done for the Blue Team and for everybody watching with a heart condition.

Shannan’s very impressed with John’s progress. He says John has ticked all the boxes he came in there for.
John says he’s achieved a lot for himself and he helped a lot of people achieve stuff for themself, as well.
John says that the guidelines and boundaries were starting to restrict him.
Shannan tells him he’s got so much to live for, a new grandkid, a wife. “Look after your health, mate!”

John says it’s ironic this happening now, he’d been reconsidering his position there in the last 24 hours. Black Team arrived and they’re young, JJ’s back, he feels like maybe he’s dragging Blue down. He says he pushed the boundaries to try and keep up with everyone, but he felt like it was time. He was prepared to fall on his sword if they lost another weigh in.
“I just want you to bring our team home.” – John
John breaks down into tears.
In an aside he says he has no animosity towards anyone about the restrictions, he says it was duty of care. He’s achieved the goals he set out to achieve, he can do it on the outside now.

And now it’s time to go tell Blue.

He tells them about how there was restrictions on his time in the House and he was always pushing the boundaries. And now he’ll be leaving the House.
“What?!” – Kirsten
Alison asks if it’s because he pushed the boundaries too many times and John says yes, because he didn’t follow the rules.
An aside has him saying he felt like he let the team down.
Michael feels sorry for John.
John tells them he never ever wanted to let the team down. Kirsten says he hasn’t.
John says sometimes you make bad decisions in your life and this was one of them.

As he walks out he remembers the first day and how surreal it was. And now he has to say goodbye to his friends and the mansion.

Red come out and see John getting a hug. Garry says his heart sank straight away.
Nicola sees the look on John’s face and knew straight away what was going on. John says he treated her like his daughter and she treated him like her Dad.
John tells Red to look out! Michelle’s giving a big hug to Sam. Lucky Sam!

Shannan says John is a success story and he’s proud of him. He also made John promise he’d go seek doctor recommendations and guidelines to continue his exercise.
Kirsten doesn’t think John will ever turn back, he’s so fit and healthy now.

John says the show is amazing. Being given an opportunity to lose 26kg, take the pressure off his heart, he’s probably added 30-40 years onto his life. No regrets, it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him!

John arrives home. He says it’s really good to see his wife again.
There’s a quiet gathering out the back of the house… Because his daughter is there with the baby, awwww! John breaks into tears right away. He says they have photos there every morning to remind you, but when they’re not there you still miss them.
His wife says it’s like their marriage will be renewed again and she finds that exciting.

John says he’ll continue training and will keep his promise to Shannan to see his GP and his cardiologist. And he’ll see where it goes from there.
John thinks The Biggest Loser has been the hardest thing in his life, but also the best.

No stats on how much he’s lost since leaving, but there was a bit saying that he kept his promise to “Shannon”, whoever that is.

Tomorrow night, the hidden camera in the kitchen is revealed! Apparently someone doesn’t understand not eating ice cream. And Sam dances to the fridge. And there’s thievery afoot.

And in a secret vote, it’s time to shuffle the pack!
“I’m history!” – Cosi
And it closes on a shot of a white card with Biggest Loser printed at the bottom and some text on it smudged out. Which is totally rivetting. It’s blurry text, awesome!

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