Recap #32 – Monday 12th March – Week 5 Elimination

First up tonight after the intro is finished we get a replay of last night’s events… including another great replay of Munnalita’s response to Laura’s number. Will that shot ever get old? I suspect not!

Who will be sent home after the elimination? Read on to find out!

Lots of hugging outside the weigh-in room.
“It’s gunna be a bloodbath!” – Courtney
Greg and Marty, Courtney and Munnalita, with Pati needing to be the one to be convinced.
Munnalita says Marty was sitting down to try work out how to get everyone to not vote for him. She’s also very unsure about where Pati stands, thinking it could be that she’ll vote out either Marsbarlita or Courtney.
Pati admits that she’s not with either Show-me-the-money-lita or Courtney anymore… and that maybe it’s time to tell them that.
Greg just comes right out and tells Courtney he’ll be voting for him. He heads off to a room with him and tells Greg that he needs to be more worried about Pati, saying that Pati has knives everywhere. Greg’s not really buying it, thinking Courtney is just saying it because Greg told him he already had one vote.

Munnalita heads off to ask Pati where she stands and Pati admits that Marty and Greg had approached her and they were looking at voting out Courtney.
Munnalita was shocked! Shocked I say! And asks Pati why? And Pati replies that she just doesn’t trust Courtney and asks if Munnalita knows what she means.
Uh, no, I think we all know Munnalita trusts Courtney far more than she should!

Pati then heads off to tell Courtney that she’d be voting for him too, and even goes so far as to say it’s because she doesn’t trust him. “I was pissed!” – Courtney
Courtney is pretty upset, because she’d made promises and so on, and Pati says she’d heard things that Courtney had been saying behind her back, Courtney says he’s heard things she’d said too.
Next up, Pati’s sitting outside and not long after Marty comes up to check she’s not voting for him. She tells him she’s intending on voting for Courtney, though she feels sick about it.

Red files in for elimination voting. Ajay reminds them that it’s only their second visit, tells them the team has been divided by issues of trust and friendship. As if they didn’t know!
Ajay asks if Courtney thinks his hard work, being the biggest loser for Red, will save him from going home. Courtney doesn’t think so, because he doesn’t think the vote is going to have much to do with work!
Next is Munnalita, she’s asked if there’s any alliances on the Red team. Munnalita confirms there are, and friendships too. But will the alliances hold?
Greg is asked if there’s much trust at the table. He says a big spiel about friendships and alliances being seperate entities and shouldn’t be confused. There’s not a lot of trust at the table though, no.
Marty doesn’t want his journey to end yet, still has a lot to learn, but no sense crying if it happens.
Pati is asked how much friendship and alliances mean to her. Apparently a lot, because she’s cut off from the outside world.

And the voting begins!
Courtney has heard a lot of bad things about one person, doesn’t trust this person, feels like he’s being watched. Maybe some personality clashes, perhaps due to the age gap?
Marty: 1 (Courtney)

Munnalita thinks the person doesn’t want her in the house? She feels uneasy about this person? And she can’t relax and train herself in front of them.
Marty: 2 (Courtney, Munnalita)

One more vote and Marty will be going home.
Greg believes the strongest alliance is in Blue and he thinks one of the Reds has colluded with Blue, so he’s a bit worried about that.
Marty: 2 (Courtney, Munnalita)
Courtney: 1 (Greg)

Marty had to decide between two people on the Red team. One person who goes off rumours instead of confronting the issue. And the other person hasn’t given 100% in training. Then the knife in the back was when they abused the trust Red gave them for their own gain.
Courtney: 2 (Greg, Marty)
Marty: 2 (Courtney, Munnalita)

If Pati votes for either of them, they will go home. If she’s voted for someone else, Blue gets to choose from any of the members of Red and send them home! The fate of the Red Team now rests in Pati’s hands. And you can see the look of terror in her eyes from a mile away!

Pati feels that she can’t trust the person she’s voted for, she wants to enjoy the experience of being there.
And she votes for… White shiny light guy!
No, she’s really voted for… MUNNALITA!

First time in the history of The Biggest Loser Australia.
Greg might be in trouble, methinks. Depending on if Blue vote head or heart.

Marty feels betrayed and thinks that now they’re going to find out what deal Courtney made with Blue.
Greg thinks it’ll be him, because why wouldn’t you kick out the fastest, strongest, bestest ever person out? (May not be an exact quote…)
Ajay asks Courtney if he thinks Red has made the biggest mistake ever. Courtney’s not sure, wants to see the result first.

Blue finds out that they need to select for them. They all think it’s bizarre that it’s come to that.
Courtney’s a dark horse, according to Mel. Trains hard. Pati’s a player, too, can’t be trusted! But Jules points out they don’t want to leave them with 3 guys and 1 girl. D’oh!
Then it’s pointed out that Greg is their strongest. They think if they take him out, they take out his chances at winning challenges. Take out Marty, they train less hard.
Crucial decision, they can’t believe it was left to Blue. Fools!

Damien is the poor sap who has to deliver the card with the person’s name on it.
He says it was very hard to decide, says this person is strong, says they’ve got a good chance of winning the game, has done well at weigh-ins, and strategically they need to get rid of… Marty! Awwwwwwwww!

Greg: “Can I say something? I was wondering if I could take Marty’s place? Can I talk to Blue and get them to pick me instead?” He sticks by his word, he’d told Marty that he’d try to be leaving before him. He doesn’t really want to stick around the house with people like the rest of his team hanging around.
Marty is very touched by Greg’s gesture, but he doesn’t want Greg to do it because he doesn’t think he could stay there more than a week longer anyway, and he’s not sure he could get much done anyway, with all the backstabbing going on.
Marty then says he was last to talk to Pati and she’d told him that she’d be voting for Courtney.
Ajay asks Pati if she can put her hand on her heart and say that she didn’t know it would come to a hung vote… But Pati says she knew it would come to that! But her options were either going back on her word to Courtney, or voting for Munnalita.
Marty points out that instead of going back on her word to Courtney, she went back on her word to Greg and Marty, leaving it with a hung vote, which means she knew it would be Greg or Marty to go from Blue team’s vote. “It wouldn’t take rocket science to work out they were going to vote out their biggest threats.”

Ajay asks Greg what he thinks about what Pati just said. He says that it’s all very transparent. Ajay asks him to make clear what he means, but he doesn’t want to, he thinks it’s very transparent.
Munnalita says that even if he thinks there’s an alliance going on, or Pati’s involved, she thinks there’s nothing wrong with that!

Courtney says he wants to address Marty’s comment that he orchestrated the whole thing, telling Marty that he didn’t have to do anything, because Marty has pissed people off in this game, really really pissed people off.
Marty smirks like an idiot, obviously doesn’t believe a word of it.
Courtney goes on to say that it’s hypocritical of Marty to criticise Pati for “backstabbing” Marty and Greg, when they’d asked her to do the same thing by going back on her word to Courtney. Greg says that that is not the case and that had they known she’d given her word, they would never have approached her to vote Courtney out at all.

Marty is hoping the deceit from his teammates will drive him very hard when he gets home. “When I’m this angry I’m dangerous!”, he declares.
“Marty, I’m going to be as lonely as a Palestinian in Israel, mate!” – Greg. OH DEAR, BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES!
Greg does think he’ll be lonely, might go into hiding a bit. But he thinks Marty is a reformed fat person and will do it just fine on the outside.

Marty is now leaving, says he holds no grudges to Pati, thinks she’s a good person outside the house.
Holds no grudges with Courtney either, and Courtney reciprocates. Marty tells him to do *himself* proud, give 100% every day. Courtney even says he will!
Marty says Munnalita is playing the game, playing it well and he hopes it’ll get her to where she’s going.
Last is Greg, big manly handshake, followed by a big teary girly hug!
“Pleasure meeting you, Ajay!” And Marty heads off down the corridor.

Ajay tells them it was a dangerous move, handing power to Blue like that. As if they hadn’t realised already!

Lots of tension when they get out. Greg says he felt like belting somebody.
Pati’s feeling really shitty. Wanted to find a way to not go back on her word with anyone. At the dinner table everyone is sitting around, she tries on the “I wanted to tell the boys I was voting Munnalita instead, but we ran out of time” excuse. As soon as she starts in on it, Greg immediately gets up and walks out, with a side bit of him saying, “Excuse after excuse after excuse after excuse. Trying to cover up their deceit and lies. Disgusting! I’d had a gut full.”
Greg no longer trusts anyone on the Red team.
Courtney doesn’t care how the Red team is now because the team is basically him, Munnalita and Pati, now. “The Marty problem has been solved!”

Jules thinks the Red team is “in shatters”? But only time will tell how they bounce back.

Poor Michelle walks in, hoping all her peeps would still be there.
Courtney think she’s going to go ballistic, because her little pet is gone, etc. Thinking she’d attack them all, and he was ready for it.
“What happened? Where’s Marty?” – Michelle
She thinks it’s a waste, because Marty knows how to train.
Courtney reveals her number and Michelle gives a wow.
After Marty’s number was revealed, she confirms that he was the biggest loser, and was baffled how he could have been eliminated.
“And she was pissed!” – Courtney
“It isn’t the biggest personality, it isn’t the biggest best friend. The fact that he’s gone home is a massive loss to this team!” – Michelle
Courtney tells her again that Marty pisses people off only she’s not there to see it because she doesn’t live there. Michelle turns it back on him and asks if Courtney has put in 100% in all his training? Like, 100% in every bit of homework, gone the extra mile, etc? And Courtney admits that he hasn’t. And Michelle thinks that Marty would have gotten that extra little bit out of him, so now it’s down to them to prove that this wasn’t a mistake and that they can still perform without Marty.

Shannan isn’t sure he could’ve handled another loss this week, so luckily he doesn’t have to!
He peeks his head in then bounds into the room, bouncing like a little kid, according to Mel.
First up they tell him about the hung vote and that they finally thought strategically! He wants to know they voted off a guy and they tell him they got rid of Marty which he is really happy about, thinking he has one of the best chances to go on and win the whole show.
Then they go through the numbers and he’s stoked by Laura’s number, giving her a big hug.
He thinks she’s matured a lot in the last week. Got rid of the tears, working hard, it’s all good!

Then the medic comes in and Shannan says it’s alright, we don’t need looking at, we won the weigh-in!
But the medic is there wanting to have a talk with Jules… Shannan is invited along as well. She’d woken up not well again (putting to rest the idea it was the Commando’s fault!) and so she’d been checked over again.
We don’t find out immediately as we head off to Red team’s training.

Both teams have motivational goal things on their shirts today. Courtney’s is a pretty funny goal, “to be fat-free and fabulous”.
But Damien’s takes the cake – “Stage Dives”!

Red are revisiting some early fitness tests, and everyone has made improvements on their previous figures. Exercise ball against the wall for squats, crunches for core strength, pushups, running up and down the basketball court for agility.
Then they do the “beep test”, where you have to run up and down the court in time with the beeps, which get closer and closer together to get you moving faster and faster. Last time they did this, Marty actually won!
Doubt Munnalita’s going to win, since she’s pretty much waddling.
Greg and Courtney end up being the last two going, with Courtney falling out a while after. Last time Greg got to level 3.2 (whatever that means) and this time he got to 7.1. Big numbers are gooder so he’s done much gooder!
And Michelle thinks he probably could have kept going beyond that, but now he has the record, hurrah!

Shannan wants something fun and exciting again to keep them motivated again. Jules can’t participate because she’s still off with the medic.
Turns out the something fun is training… with Bill Harrigan, ex-NRL referee! Very, very cool!
Shannan has a total mancrush on him too.
Bill’s brought an OzTag team with him. OzTag is a modified form of Rugby League, non-contact, you rip off a ribbon from the shorts of an opponent to “tackle” them. Sounds a bit lame. And advertorial. But then I guess they couldn’t play tackle-rugby!

Takes them a while to get the hang of the game, especially trying to remember to grab the tag instead of tackle.
Then Damien finally scores “a goal” according to Mel. Don’t think she’s up with the lingo!
Blue do okay, though they suspect the OzTag team may have been going a little easy on them. They did lose, but Damien scored 4 or 5 tries and they didn’t lose by much and really it was more about building up the team spirit again.
Shannan participated in the game, too, else it would’ve only been three players a side.

They’re all really happy with how well they did, even though they didn’t win, because they did pretty well against a professional team!

And Jules is off to hospital via ambulance again. So serious is her condition that they didn’t want the medic to transport her, had to be ambulance.
They’re all very worried for her, worried she won’t be able to continue on.
Mel’s confident she’ll be back, Shannan’s glad she’s in good hands and is praying she’ll be back!

Now Marty arrives home to a mini-surprise party with his Mum, his Mum’s boyfriend (?) and his nephew at least.
The 2 months later? My God, he’s skinny! Full on skinny! Muscles, can do bench presses with his nephew as the weight.
He’s often having omelettes for breakfast, making them for his Mum, too. His Mum calls him Martin!
7 XL he used to be, just regular XL now!
Still has a big fatman grin on him, but his body has just gone through a massive change. He’s seriously probably already very very close to his goal weight.
Since first appearing on The Biggest Loser he’s lost “over 40kg”. Not sure why he doesn’t have an exact figure. Is he returning at some stage? Unknown.
He’s now looking forward to going out and maybe asking a girl for a date and not getting rejected… Or maybe even a girl will ask him!

Next time there’s a surprise announcement, and the game shifts again, apparently. One contestant will have the power, with Shannan saying that if you win the challenge you can become God! I guess he meant in terms of the game.
Jules also returns, but it doesn’t seem a particularly joyous return, she may be leaving again in short order.
Mel also goes off for a scan of her ankle and might be leaving the game early too!
And finally we get a teaser shot of what tomorrow night’s challenge will be. It’s big, it’s metal, tall, ropes attached. No idea!

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