Recap #33 – Tuesday 13th March – Elimination fallout continues

As the fallout from one of the stupid elimination debacles ever on the show continues, the contestants learn that even more twists are in store.

What’s the latest surprise to be sprung on the contestants? Read on to find out! And be sure to vote in the poll at the end of the recap!

(But first a quick note: tomorrow night’s recap is likely to be significantly delayed, probably by more than an hour and quite possibly until the next morning. Apologies in advance!)

Courtney tells us that they’ve all be woken up early and ordered into the weigh-in room, which came as a surprise (to Damien as well) because they’d really only just come out of the weigh-in room the other day!
Ajay is there to tell them all that the game started with 14 people, Jules may or may not be back… and from now on, no more Blue or Red teams!

So now they’re going to do another weigh-in to see how far everyone has come and who is the Biggest Loser so far.

Seem to be going up the rankings, but no actual new weights.
Laura’s total loss: 13.5kg, 12.36%
Jules’ total loss: 19.6kg, 15.49%
Pati’s total loss: 18.8kg, 15.64%
Courtney’s total loss: 22kg, 15.8%
Munnalita’s total loss: 20.4kg, 16.03%
Mel’s total loss: 18.2kg, 16.79%
Damien’s total loss: 36.6kg, 16.92%
Greg’s total loss: 27.6kg, 18.55%
(Greg was announced before Damien, sorted in order for sanity reasons!)

They’re being told this now because one of them will be given the power to control the game… as very soon they will be competing as duos.
To decide who will have the power they will be competing in their first ever individual challenge!
And for the first time they will be facing elimination as duos, which Greg liked because it would mean two people to get rid of at once!

Courtney asks if there’s anybody wants to be coupled with anybody in particular?
I think a few of the girls would like to be coupled up with Shannan!
They’re speculating about what the challenge might be… Greg sounds slightly horrified as he suggests that he might be a THINKING challenge!
Then someone asks what if it’s the Commando? And Mel asks if they mean someone has to take him on?

Courtney says, while everyone is wondering if Jules will return, that the only thing that would stop Jules coming back is if she lost a leg!

Shannan and Michelle wander in at this point… Shannan stands beside Mel’s chair for a moment and then Mel pats her lap and smiles up at him and Shannan puts a leg over and straddles her!
Not facing, thankfully, but still. Ooooer!

Michelle is pleased with Greg’s progress, Shannan’s happy with Mel being second as well. He’s off her lap now though.
Red heads off with Michelle for a chat.

Damien’s a bit sad that it’s officially the end of Blue, but Shannan wants them to remember that the job was getting them to where they are now. And there’ll always be a Blue team and he expects Michelle will always have her Red team.
Shannan wants Blue to play smart this time, whoever wins the challenge gets to play God. Wants them to think about who to pair with other people, especially people like Munnalita!

Greg’s happy that it’s gone to duo, because he thinks he would’ve been gone in another Red elimination anyway.
Courtney’s happy because of all his little alliances and so on. “Stuff the Red team!” Sigh.

“Jules is back!” Thanks, Shannan!
She doesn’t have her happy face on, she tells Shannan.

To the dismay of the Blue team, she announces she has to go home. :-(
Basically everyone is all, “No! No!” Mel is crushed.
Jules points out that the show isn’t going to get any easier, the exercise isn’t going to get any less and it’s just not going to get any better. She’s a little sad to be going, but she thinks she’s gotten plenty out of the show and will do okay now.
Damien says she’s a tower of strength and lots of other really nice things.
They head out for a chat with Red. And everyone on Red is really shocked and upset as well. Michelle gives her a huge hug straightaway.

Munnalita says she’s such a strong person, after Jules says that it’s probably fate and it’ll be okay. Shannan says that only Jules could find something positive in this!

Mel helps Jules pack her bags and in an aside says that she’s her best buddy. And tells Jules that she doesn’t know how she’ll get through it without her. Jules is sure Mel will be in the final!

As she’s heading off into the car, the teams are both there to see her off… and she’s touched because they’ve all written little letters for her to take home.
And in perhaps the most surprising part of the game ever, Munnalita gives her a PAINTING she did herself. The rest of them have signed it and stuff, but still, very surprised at Munnalita proving she does indeed have a soul!
Laura tells her to look after her beautiful kids. Shannan says that Jules has given him more than he’s given her. Damien says it was really sad and that it was perhaps even harder to see how much it affected Mel, not just that she’s leaving.
Jules is looking forward to getting home and seeing her kids, but her journey isn’t over, she’s going to keep going now that she’s had a good kickstart to her life.

She gets home to big cuddles from all her kids, who all say they’ve missed her. Then she goes out to see the rest of the family and by chance it’s her daughter’s birthday… And hey, she has the same little Happy Birthday sign we have, cool!
Being a little girl, she naturally has a chocolate cake. Which Jules says she’s not allowed to eat anymore!

2 months on and she’s looking even better than when she was in the house. She exercises 6 times a week if she can, but not too much each day because of her doctor’s concerns.
She’s on a low-carb low-fat diet, which she’s finding great.
She’s still very obviously chubby… but when they show her audition tape, the difference is astonishing. She still has a ways to go, but she’s looking incredible in comparison to where she started!

Since first appearing on the show she’s lost 27kg.

Tomorrow, the challenge, and it looks to involve carrying enormous medicine balls from one end of a field of grass to the other?
And right at the end Mr Voiceover Man teases that “someone is about to return” as flashes of previous contestants come up on screen. Ooooh!

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I just had a horrible thought – what if the whole Sarah chucking a tanty and leaving was all just an act? Argh!