Biggest Loser Australia 3×60: The Super Challenge Part One

Tonight on The Biggest Loser the Super Challenge begins…

… and I guess on Sunday someone will go home because they won’t show a Super Challenge in just one night!

Would you like to know more?

Aloha Ajay!
In a pretty purple top and a white skirt that does nothing for her.

Cosi says today’s challenge is a super challenge, which makes you wonder how the others weren’t super enough?

The race is from the mountains to the sea.

Garry doesn’t want to go home, Alison says she’s the weakest, the slowest and thus the most likely to go home.

The Super Challenge is:
500m on foot through the valley.
4km bike ride through gruelling terrain.
3km out and around an island, then to another island.
A run through the jungle which leads to… 6 plates of food!

Once again the person who is holding the plate with the highest number of calories on it will be eliminated.

Nobody wants to be last, high stakes, ooh, etc.

Kirsten expects Cosi to be the strongest challenge. Cosi knows he’s got to go hard and get to the ocean first.
Alison doesn’t want to come last, she doesn’t want to go home yet!

Expect a lot more stuff like that. Nobody wants to come last, people want to win, etc.

Cosi’s currently in first place, unsurprisingly. Sam is coming second with Kirsten not far behind. Kirsten’s plan is to just not fall too far behind Sam and cosi.
Michelle is surprisingly in 4th place. She says she can’t see Alison or Garry behind her.

Cosi gets to the bikes first, of course. Cosi says he knew he had to gun it on the bike because Sam’s young, fit and good on a bike.
Sam figures he needs to keep up with Cosi because it doesn’t matter if you come first, just don’t want to be last!

Garry’s in 5th, followed by Alison as they get to the top of the hill. Meanwhile Cosi and Sam are pelting ahead of Kirsten.

Michelle says Kirsten is about 15m ahead of her. They’re heading down a hill and Kirsten is coasting fairly slowly so Michelle blitzes past her.

Cosi says going up the hill on the bike was a pivotal moment for him, legs burning, but had to just keep pushing on. He has a quick glance behind him and can’t see Sam so he’s quite proud of himself for getting such a good lead so early.

Garry’s got a dud bike, the chain’s come off. He’s hoping Alison doesn’t go past him, but she probably will since he’s now pushing the bike.
Alison powers past him!

Sam says there’s a lot of pressure on him because he could be going home!

Cosi hits the beach and gets his kayak out and says it’s a long way out to the island, but they don’t just have to go out and back, they’ve got to go around it!

Michelle’s struggling on her bike up the hill, eventually hopping off and pushing the bike up the hill, allowing Kirsten a chance to overtake near the top of the hill. Real battle developing between those two!

Garry’s riding really fast desperately trying to catch up to Alison… and of course completely stacks it. He figures he might be out of the race, he thinks he might have broken a rib but he doesn’t want to give up. The medic comes up and wants to check him out but Garry says he’s alright, he wants to finish the race! He starts reefing at his bike which is a bit more messed up now, calls it a piece of shit but eventually gets it sorted and heads off once more.

Sam’s still powering along in second place, gets to the end of the bike leg. He says his legs felt like jelly, like he’d been running for an hour and a half. Can’t see anyone behind him… but also can’t see cosi, who is almost all the way out to the island. Cosi says he has his missus on one shoulder, Michelle on the other and the young fella up front, wanting to do it for all of them. He wants to keep pushing on and not become complacent with the huge lead he’s opened up.

Kirsten says she’s really stuffed. The race has taken a lot out of her and Michelle is still pushing along only a hundred metres back.

Garry’s got a few cuts and bruises but he keeps going and manages to catch back up and go past Alison again.
Alison’s worried because she won’t get a choice in the food at the end and if that’s the highest calorie food, she goes home!

Meanwhile Cosi’s on the shoreline of the next island and sets off running right from the start. Crazy stamina man.
Cosi says when his missus and young fella see this he doesn’t want them to think he’s going at it half-arsed. He wants them to think he’s given it 110%.
Cosi gets to the plates first and now has to make the choice.
Cosi’s worried about picking the highest calorie plate, which could still send him home.
His gut feeling is to go for the yoghurt, which he thinks will be the lowest calories by a long way.
“I’ll be buggered! I’ve won a fitness race, this has never happened before!”

Sam’s second. He says it’s a good feeling, coming second and not being able to see anyone behind him.
Michelle knows she has no chance of winning it, but being in 4th place? She’s happy with that, so long as she’s not last!

Garry used to do kayaking with his friends on weekends. But once it flips over, it’s a horror for him, he says.
Alison’s fairly confident with kayaking, even though she’s not done a lot of it before. She’s learnt that mind strength far outweights anything else.
She’s actually managed to pull in front of Garry for a while, until they turn round the island. Garry tries to cut the corner a bit and go along the inside of Alison, which is a big mistake as the waves are a lot stronger closer to shore, so he ends up in the drink! He struggles to get back up and eventually can’t manage it, slipping below the waves…

Ad break!

Sam gets in to shore, short run with 5 options to choose from.
But he says he has no idea. “This is not the calories I know!”
Come on Sam, don’t make a dud choice, please!

Kirsten seems to be hot on his tail.

He’s thinking the chocolate might be the go. And eventually picks it up. And he says as soon as he picked it up, a lot of regrets went through his mind.

Kirsten picks up the baked beans after a quick look around.

Garry’s back in last position, still trying to get into his kayak. He keeps falling right back off each time he gets on top.

Alison is getting very tired but she says the excitement of actually being in front of someone kept on driving her along!

Michelle thinks that she still has a pretty good chance, depending on what food options are left.
Cosi had thought Garry would be the next face he’d see.

The three options left are 60g of fruit and muesli cereal, 600ml bottle of Fanta and a 74g bag of McDonald’s french fries.
And she chooses the drink, which is just full of sugar you would think? And she says as soon as she picked it up, she was like, “Damn!”

Alison comes in 5th. French fries versus muesli. The muesli is obviously the healthier choice, but that’s more to do with the fries having a lot of fat and salt, not necessarily a bunch of calories…

Garry’s last. He can barely drag himself out of the water. He gets to the end and picks up the bowl of muesli.
He figures he’ll be going home.

Sunday… We find out who actually picked the highest number of calories. Unless someone wants to go do the math right now?

And back at the weigh in, have dirty tricks put someone below the yellow line? There’s a bit with Shannan saying food shouldn’t be taken away and prepared by anyone else and footage of someone pouring regular chocolate topping into a “light” chocolate topping bottle.

Mmmmmm, chocolate topping.

(Update: I see a lot of newcomers are dropping by this post looking for information about the challenge. I write these updates every single night the show airs, so if you like them, check back on Sunday or subscribe to my RSS feed. I promise you might not regret it! ;-) )

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