Biggest Loser Australia 3×29: More Team Swapping Shenanigans!

Tonight on The Biggest Loser someone has been pilfering tasty treats from the fridges and cupboards.
Or possibly many someones!
Will they be at all repentant?

And in a “dramatic vote” it’s time to shuffle the pack. It seems the teams will be evenly distributed via some elaborate poll system?

Why they couldn’t just give Sam back to Blue is beyond me…

Would you like to know more?

Today is the first day back at training since losing John. Only three in Blue and now the Black Team is back, 4 strong people being trained by The Commando and Red is 5 strong.
Blue is back to being the underdogs!
Today is going to be a flogging!
And Blue is already in the gym and ready to train. Not actually training yet, but ready at least!

Training starts out light with Shannan getting them each to punch his mitt one at a time. He tells them they should be nervous today, because it’s going to hurt!
Michael says the whole new level in training today was good.
Alison says they’re all nervous because 3 is not a very big team.
Shannan says they’ve all taken their intensity to a whole new level today. A week ago they couldn’t’ve done what they did today.

Michael’s now a beast of a man. He’s gone from a crybaby on the front lawn to an athlete who pushes himself as hard as he can.
Michael says he’s a lot stronger and more confident now. He’s not afraid of Red or Black – they bleed and hurt just like them!

Shannan forms a one man Kirsten cheersquad, telling her the girls should be scared of her as she’s lost the most in the House and now she needs to start taking on the boys.

But the surprise this week is Alison, he says. First time he saw her she couldn’t get her shoulders off the ground to do an ab crunch, now she’s pumping out full situps!
Alison doesn’t want to be coming from behind all the time, she wants to feel like a strong member of the team. She’s feeling vulnerable, she’s in a team with two ex-athletes!
She wants to be fitter, stronger. She wants to catch up.

Michael says after the session he was completely buggered.
Shannan says the commitment Blue showed today proves to him they can take on anything. The Blue Team is ready to go!

Red Team is found… in the kitchen!
Cosi says she looks fit and ready to go, oh no!
Michelle reminds them that with the Black Team here they need to be ready to go. She says Red is the strongest team right now, they’ve got 5 versus 3 on Blue, 4 on Black. It’s time to feel good about their strengths and concentrate on wiping the Blue Team out.
Cosi says he’d become a little bit complacent, but now with people biting at his heels he’ll perform a bit better.

Training finishes for Blue and Shannan tells them whoever needs ice packs should get them. But then Alison spies a cute little box with a note saying it’s for Red and Blue.
Alison asks Shannan if they should wait for Red. Shannan says nah, bugger it, open it! Heh.

The DVDs are labeled “Blue/Red Team In Action.”
Alison heads out to the front lawn to call in the Red Team who were still training.

Michelle says her team was excited but she was nervous.
Michael thinks it’ll be footage of them training to spur them on.
Cosi says once the DVD started he realised it’s footage of the kitchen and there’s hidden cameras that have been watching them go to the fridge!

Meanwhile, Black is training. In the bush again!
Steve says his own experience in the Army has taught him that teamwork is essential. You can only achieve so much as an individual.

First “mission” Black receives is to lift a bunch of tires and sandbags up and over a wall.
Steve asks who the weakest link is and one of the girls pipes up to say they don’t have one. JJ says there’s no weakest link, if one of them falls behind, the others drag them through. That’s their philosophy.
Bryce says he’s stoked because JJ is fit, strong and fitting into the team really well.

JJ wants to prove to Black that he can lose good numbers. Black is intelligent, fit and a lot fresher mentally than Red or Blue.
Bryce thinks their fitness is not too bad, they still have a long way to go, but he’s not threatened by the other teams.

Steve pushes them hard today to see if they’re up to his standard for where they should be at this point in time. Steve says he’s pleased that they’re pulling together and working well with each other.

“Now they’re with me, they’re not on their little Californian holiday and we’ll push on, we’ll forge ahead, we’ll show this Red and Blue Team what we’re made of.” – Commando Steve

Shannan says that the contestants generally have The Warehouse. They get their food for the week that way sometimes. However, generally they can order in food. Michelle and Shannan hope that they don’t order anything too bad.
But everybody can order. If one contestant orders ice cream or chocolate, then everyone in the house has a real life temptation.
Alison says Blue is really good at resisting the sweets, but Red is really bad. So Blue order in extra desserts and ice creams. “It’s not our fault they have no self control!”

First on the DVD of shame is Sam, who is caught stealing chocolate topping from Blue!
Cosi says it’s a double whammy, not only is he stealing food, it’s unhealthy food, and it’s right in front of Michelle!
“8 calories! I can fit that in!” – Sam
Michelle says that even though they’re diet products, it’s still a bad habit and they’re hard to break.

Next up is Cosi, stealing ice cream out of the Blue fridge. Blue have it in their fridge because they’re allowed to have it once a week but Red have no control so Michelle doesn’t let them have it at all.
Cosi says it looks like he was taking ice creams but there’s no evidence he ate them!
Michelle tries to explain that they’re in a weight loss competition, there’s no room for ice cream!
“Hey guys, can we pump up the ice cream order?” – Shannan

Then there’s footage of Garry stealing what looks like a dozen cans out of Blue’s fridge. Disgraceful behaviour, but not really unexpected from Garry.

Michael’s first on the Blue DVD. He says a lot of the time he’ll go right to Red’s fridge, he doesn’t know why. Just to piss them off, he supposes!
He’s stealing some kangaroo meat, so at least he’s pilfering something healthy.

Kirsten is next. She’s stealing some cheeeeeeese from Red to make a toasted cheese sandwich for herself and Alison.
Only two slices left, so she takes them. And puts the empty packet back in the fridge with a grin on her face.
Alison comes in looking for more ingredients and Kirsten shows what she did and Alison is horrified.

Michael is shown looking around at one point, trying to figure out where the camera was.

Shannan is stoked at the realisation that Blue had only stolen meat and low fat cheese, compared to Red stealing junk food. He says it’s no wonder Blue keep winning the weigh ins!
Michelle is annoyed. She’s never put ice cream and choc topping on their diet plans! Cosi says he didn’t take choc topping, Sam says that was him. They give each other high-fives.
“Awww, you guys are deeeead!” – Shannan

Old habits die hard, Michelle says. Night time eating has got to stop! They’re there to lose weight and learn about better habits.
Michelle tells her team that Shannan is obviously okay with Blue having ice cream and they’re probably only ordering it because they know Red are just going to steal it!
Blue is laughing.
Michelle says ice cream is off the diet sheet. If she sees anyone eating ice cream at night they will get a punishment they don’t want to know about!

Everyone’s heading outside to chat to Ajay, who is in a pretty purple dress with a silvery sash. Spiffy!

As the game stands, Red has 5 members, Black has 4 and Blue has 3, “in what was once a dominant team in this game.” And still would be, but for the dickhead producers. Right, Ajay?

It’s now time to make the game be fair again, apparently. One person from Red will be joining Blue!

Nicola is disappointed, Cosi says it won’t be good for Red, they’d had an advantage and now they’re going to lose that advantage, just like that.
Alison is very excited. She really wants Sam back in Blue!

To decide which one will make the switch, there’ll be a secret ballot.
Kirsten is confident it’ll work out for them. Cosi thinks he’s history, he thinks he’ll be sent over to Blue and then eliminated next time they go to elimination.

They will all have the opportunity to write down one Red member to swap over to Blue.
They’ll get a short amount of time to think about it and may only chat to their own teammates.
JJ’s happy with that. Since Black arrived they’ve been united and keeping their cards close to their chests.
Carrianne’s glad for the chance to discuss it, since this is the first time they’ve really taken a part in the game.

Carrianne says they need to pick someone who’ll benefit them by being picked.
JJ says Cosi is a very likeable guy. But he’s also “butterin’ his own bread”. If Cosi goes to Blue, it would be beneficial, since he’d probably be outed.
Bryce says they gave some thought to breaking up the “Red Alliance”.
JJ says that other than Cosi the next choice would be Garry. Carrianne says that there’s an advantage to Blue there though, since Garry will lose a lot of weight still, probably. Which gives Red a disadvantage, but Blue an advantage.

Blue are pretty much unanimous right from the start. Sam. He’ll work hard, he’ll work harder with Shannan and Kirsten says that he’d get his head back in the game then. Sam started the team and it’d be good to have him back on the right team.
Advantage of getting Cosi would be he’s strong and if they go to elimination he’s an easy one to vote out.
Kirsten says they could play the game, or they could go with their hearts and get Sam back. It’s a tough decision, she says.
Blue is always about heart. They’ll vote Sam, surely.

Nicole tells Cosi that he’s the most likely. Cosi thinks they’d want Sam back but Nicole says that they’d see him as the big strong person.
Nicola says to Sam that he’d see it as a good opportunity to go home. Sam looks a bit torn. Cosi asks him if he wants to go back. Sam says he wouldn’t complain if he went back.
Cosi was 99% sure that it would be himself or Sam.
Cosi says for safety amongst the Blues, the best bet would be to send Sam back to them.
Garry doesn’t agree. He doesn’t know what to think, he says. In an aside though he says that Cosi is just trying to save himself, he’s being selfish. Because Garry is never selfish, y’all!

Time to make with the voting.
Cosi thinks he’s done for, no way he’ll come out of this alive!

Alison is first to vote. She says Blue plays the game differently to Red.
She votes Sam!
Sam: 1

Michael is happy to be getting another member, and he votes Sam as well.
Sam: 2

Kirsten votes Sam and says it’s really out of their control, ultimately.
Sam: 3

Garry thinks Black has a lot of control right now.

Michelle votes for Cosi, Black is sure of their votes apparently.
Carrianne votes Cosi as well.
Cosi: 2

Bryce puts Cosi in as well.
Cosi: 3

JJ says Black agreed to vote for Cosi to take the strength and brains out of Red. Why they’re not voting for the strength and brains is a mystery.
Cosi: 4

Cosi doesn’t like the use of the word trust in this house because it’s a game.

Nicola walks up with no idea who to vote for. We don’t see her vote.

Sam really wants to go back to Blue to get away from all the “alliance.. stuff”. And get back into losing weight and having fun.
Sam: 4

Garry’s still in two minds about which way to go. He wants to vote for the sake of the alliance. We don’t see his vote, either.

Nicole has no idea what to do as she walks up, either. Don’t see what she votes for.

Cosi’s last. He’s looking at everyone and figuring they’re all voting for him.
Cosi thinks it will be out of Sam or himself, so he’s hoping that Black or Blue will be voting for Sam.
We don’t see his vote, either. Seems likely he’d vote for Sam, but you never know.

4 missing votes, 4 each for Sam and Cosi. Hmm.

Whichever member of Red receives a majority of the votes will immediately become Blue.
Nicole is hoping both teams would think smart and vote Cosi out so he’d be out of her team forever.
Cosi thinks the best result would be to have Sam move back over to Blue and they’d both be safe.

Cosi: 1
Cosi’s mortified.
Carrianne’s excited, thinking their plan is going to work!

Sam: 1

Sam’s getting excited, he might finally return to Blue!

Nicola: 1

Nicola’s as baffled as me. She says that if she does, well, so be it.

Cosi: 2
Cosi: 3

Alison’s thinking that Cosi will be coming over.

Cosi: 4

FYI a simple majority would be 7. With one vote each to Nicola and Sam, a majority could be had with just 6.

Michael’s worried Cosi will be coming to Blue, he doesn’t want a guy like that on Blue.
“I’m a popular man, Ajay!” “Obviously!”
Cosi says moving to Blue would be a death sentence. Sam’s getting nervous.

Sam: 2
Sam: 3

Alison’s feeling positive now.

Sam: 4
Sam: 5

Two votes left!

The next vote is for… SAM!
Yay, Sam’s back in the Blue!
Final vote is also for Sam! So a clear majority!

Sam: 7
Cosi: 4
Nicola: 1

Sam says he’s pretty stoked to be going back to Blue. He says he was fine to stay with the Reds but to be back with the Blues, “they’re just lovely people. Even Michael!”
Michael’s very happy as well.

Sam says it felt good to put the Blue shirt back on. He’s been wanting it for the last fortnight.
Alison says Sam never looked good in Red, Blue suits him.
Sam says it’s like that day in Olympic Park when he got the first Blue shirt.
He gets a hug and a kiss from Alison, a hug from Kirsten, a hug from Michael, then another hug from Alison!

All the teams are back to four, all the teams now have four relatively fit members, the game is on!

Sam says thanks to his Team once they get back inside. They’re celebrating, basically.
Alison says they thought about playing the game and maybe stealing Cosi and eliminate him. But Blue is heart. They couldn’t do it.
Kirsten says Shannan would be proud of the way they voted because that’s been their philosophy – they stick together.
“Shannan is going to be THRILLED!” – Alison

JJ talks to his team and says they’ve had their first taste of how things don’t always go to plan. JJ says he’s happy they did stick together as a team, there was the four votes for Cosi they were expecting.
JJ has an aside to say that the other three have realised that people are playing the game.
Carrianne sees Cosi as a bit of a mastermind and the game is being played a bit harder than they all thought. And it’s being played hard by a lot of people and she’ll have to start playing if she wants to make the finals.
Bryce tells them they can’t influence what they do, all they can do is watch and learn.

Nicole says she wasn’t expecting Black to put Cosi’s name in. Cosi says they’re here to win it. They wanted him gone.
Cosi says there’s a game on now, two guys and two girls on each team and anyone could win from here!

Now we get to catch up with some of the folks who got sent home back on Day One. Very cool!
Eleven of them got sent home, they didn’t make it through to the White House or the Black Team. But they’re in the running for a $10,000 prize kitty from The Biggest Loser Online Club.
Shannan pimps the club a bunch, saying provides recipes, nutrition plans, calories in/calories out calculations, it even predicts how much you should lose a week.
All eleven have been using this at home and over the next few weeks we’ll see how they’ve been progressing.

First two to check in on today are Darryl and Missy, Shannan says.

Darryl is first. He’s 35, started at 163kg.
He feels that being overweight is letting himself and his family down. He wants to be a good example for his kids.
He says when Michelle told him he’d be going home, he was gutted.
Shannan says it’s wonderful that his weightloss has continued outside the house.
There’s some shots of him here where he’s looking amazing.
Shannan says he’s training 4-6 hours a day. Boxing, running, cycling and swimming.

Today Darryl weighs 136.4kg. A loss of 26.6kg. Very impressive!

Misilei aka Missy is second. 35, 158.1kg.
He’s originally from New Zealand. And he’s been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. He’s worried he’ll end up in hospital.
He says it was like being stabbed through the heart when Michelle told him he’d be going home. It pretty much broke him.

His current weight is 136kg, a loss of 22.1kg. Also very good! He’s looking a lot better, too.

Apparently Darryl and Missy formed a good friendship on the first day, Shannan said. It’s such a good friendship they decided to help each other out on their weightloss journey. They’re providing each other with the support they need to get through it.
And it’s paid off, they’ve lost almost as much as some of the people in the White House. Michelle says the message here is that you can do this on the outside, you don’t have to be in The Biggest Loser House, you just have to be determined and want it.

Tomorrow night, Sam plays another prank on Shannan, wandering in to a Blue meeting in his Red shirt which he pulls up to show his Blue shirt underneath!

Michelle says, “That Blue Team is looking hot!”

And in a three way tug of war challenge, “Mud, mayhem and misdemeanour.”
“Very important for me to keep sabotaging my own team.” – Nicole.

Oh how I hope that’s a joke…

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