Evicted ‘Loser’ John will NOT be invited to the finale.

The Sunshine Coast Daily is reporting today that evicted rulebreaker John Morrall has confirmed that he will not be invited to attend the Biggest Loser Finale.

“One of the things I visualised when I was meditating was me at the finale looking fantastic.

“I had my whole picture, rocking up on the Harley Davidson, jeans, boots, a cool belt buckle and a great t-shirt, walking down and looking at myself.

“That was my visualisation and they’ve just said to me that ‘you won’t be invited to the finale’ and that knocked me on my backside,” John said.

There’s been some confusion around the forums as to whether he would be allowed on stage at the finale and it seems clear now that he will not.

Personally, I think this was a good decision. While it would have been interesting to have seen his “final” results, by putting him up on stage the show would essentially be saying, “This is the sort of result you can get if you completely ignore doctor’s orders and put your life in jeopardy.”

Also, John reveals an interesting glimpse of what life is like inside the White House. Apparently certain folks behave very differently when they have a camera on them…

“I’ll say this, I was never a rebel but I was true to who I am and that was the most important thing from day one.

“But with a lot of the other people in the house, the minute the camera goes on them they are very different people, there’s some great little snakes in there,” he said.

But at least the snakes are heeding the free medical advice, John.

[Source: Sunshine Coast Daily]

Should John have been allowed to attend the finale?

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