9×32 – The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia – Finale Recap

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    Previously on The Biggest Loser THE ENTIRE FUCKING SEASON!

    Tonight it all comes to an end with the finale. Which champion from Ararat will be the most championest of all?

    Eleventy weeks ago Shannan and Steve kicked off a revolution in Ararat, dubbed the fattest in the country. Given the tools and assistance they were set the goal of losing 26,000kg during the course of the show. A challenge they accepted and passed!

    Lots and lots of recapped footage starts the show. Then a reminder it’s down to Sharon, Craig, Katrina and Toni for the finale tonight. They’ve worked hard for their town, hard for their families and hard for themselves.

    And for the finale they’re at the town hall in Ararat. Hayley comes out on a big fancy stage in a hot pink dress to have a natter to the crowd about how the champs have done so well, worked hard, had some fun along the way. But it comes down to tonight, who did the best? Lots of cheers as Hayley announces all the final four’s names.

    But before the final weigh in and stuff it’s time to see the transformed contestants. But haven’t they been wandering around town for weeks at this point? Hmmm.

    First is Cameron. Shannan says Ararat’s lucky to have him. He’s super honest and super loyal, he’s a credit to the town. He had a breakthrough on day one back on Mt William and he’s gone on to lead the blue team… but then he got ruled out of the competition through a heart condition. Poor bugger! Shannan was sure Cam would continue his journey on the outside.

    Before we get to see him we have to see Jane too. Steve says Jane’s let everyone come before her, she was locked away in her own little world. But Steve brought her around, of course. Lots of cheers in the crowd as they see Jane jump off and into Sydney harbour during one of the challenges.

    Finally they come out on the stage and JESUS. Are you kidding me? Cam looks like a new man. He’s got a shaved head and he’s skinny. Looks twenty years younger, amazing transformation.

    Jane’s looking pretty good too, skinnier than she was before though still a bit flabby. A good haircut has helped her a lot.

    But CAM. FUCK. He looks so good, especially considering he had to leave due to medical issues.

    Cam tells Hayley he’s had two surgeries since leaving the house (!!!)… his last surgery was actually on Monday. Not sure how many days ago that was but he’s doing well to be up and about and showing off in front of the crowd. Cam says he was feeling a bit sick and sorry for himself when he first got home but his wife gave him a kick in the pants and got him motivated again.

    Jane’s got a sparkly lacy flowing dress thing on. She says the change in her is a complete 360. Soooo she’s back to the same old routines? Hmmm.

    Time for the first two Mums to come out. Natalie and Shannon. First a recap of Natalie and how she had cancer, if you’d forgotten from all the other times they told us SHE HAD CANCER. Also she has a disabled daughter. Did you forget that, too? How could you!

    Natalie fought hard from the start but Shannon was always making excuses and struggling. Until shark attack victim Paul de Gelder visited and turned her around. Until she found out her daughter needed surgery, so she went home to look after her girl.

    And the time away from the house hasn’t done her any harm it seems, she’s definitely lost weight since she left and is looking pretty good in a long blue dress. She’s still overweight but from where she started she’s doing well.

    Natalie’s also looking a bit thinner but doesn’t seem to have made as much progress as Shannon.

    Shannon confirms her daughter is doing well since her operation, made a full recovery and all that jazz. Natalie’s advice is to take time for yourself, to look after yourself, not just your kids all the time.

    Now it’s time to see Craig’s homecoming. Lots of people there for his party. Quite a few tears and lots of hugs get passed around. Craig reckons if he loses another 20 or 30 kg he can take out the title.

    After an ad break we get a replay of that time Steve and Shannan used a whiteboard to illustrate all the interpersonal connections between them all. Lots of laughter from the audience at all that, too.

    Time for a recap of Rodger. The first of Mish’s secret team! And Kerry, finalist Toni’s husband.

    As the sliding doors open it’s no surprise to see Rodger’s looking trim, he was pretty much already there from his time with Mish. He’s looking very fit and happy now though, good to see.

    Kerry’s also looking a lot better than when he left the house. Much thinner. The grin on his face is about the same, he was always a pretty happy dude.

    Hayley says Rodger was the naughtiest contestant they’ve ever had. Rodger claims he wasn’t there long enough and Hayley retorts it’s why they had to eliminate him! Rodger’s wife loves him more than ever, he says. And now we get a replay of Rodger “walking” his dog by driving beside him in the ute.

    Kerry says his life has changed a lot, too. He could hardly walk after work, would have to lift his legs into the car. And now he can run 10km on the treadmill. He says his only regret is not doing it 25 years ago, but it shows you can do it at any age.

    Now a bit of Matt and Mary. Mary first, the heaviest female contestant in Biggest Loser history. Shannan says she had way more breakdowns than breakthroughs in the house, she really struggled.

    Then Mish got her hands on her. Mish says she’d heard Mary would give up easily in training but there was none of that when Mish trained her.

    Matt wanted to have children with his wife. He was a strong member of blue team and he pushed hard when he was training with Michelle.

    Mary looks quite different when she comes out on stage, courtesy of a much nicer haircut. She has a sparkly gold top with a long black skirt and a sheer black shoulder hugging thing over the top. But she’s still really badly overweight. Not sure she’s made a lot of progress since leaving, to be honest.

    Matt’s looking fancy as fuck in a nice suit and a cravat!

    Mary says she needed to get off her arse and start working. She says the biggest change she’s noticed is she can move around and she no longer thinks of things she can’t do, she thinks of things she can.

    Matt was hoping to lose weight before his wedding. And he says he’s got a much brighter future – and his wife has lost over 19kg herself!

    Now let’s see Sharon return home! She comes inside and the big crowd is momentarily taken aback. They’re all obviously used to her being a hell of a lot bigger. Her daughters say she looks beautiful, like an angel. Awww! Her husband says it’s the best he’s ever seen her. Awwwwww!

    Time for a recap of Cal’s journey. He’s doing it for his kids! And he was motivated from the start, Shannan says. Physically very strong and he would take everything Shannan threw at him in training.

    Caitlin on the other hand was determined to change her life for herself. She was just 17 when she started. She spent most of her time at home with her best friend, her Nan. Mish says she’s started to open up over the course of the show and started to get her life back on track.

    Cal’s looking pretty sharp when he comes out on stage. Very bright orange tie and pocket square. Still has a little bit of a belly on him.

    Caitlin has an odd scar under at least one her arms. Wonder what that was about? Anyway. Blue sparkly top to her dress and long blue skirt. And she still has the really hot red hair! She says before she would hardly leave the house but now she’s never home, ask her Mum!

    Hayley says Caitlin was young and sweet while Cal was a naughty boy on the show. Cal’s got no regrets over the feathers he ruffled on the show, he says.

    Now it’s time for Toni to return home. Man, that’s a lot of really old people, hah!

    After another ad break… Kevin proposing to his girlfriend again, awwww!!!

    Now a replay of how Kevin came to be back on the show, the first to ever be on two seasons of the show. Shannan says Kevin proves that nothing is impossible and he looks fitter, healthier and happier than ever.

    And we finally see him come out on stage and… well, yeah, he’s still fat. But even with his clothes on he’s got to be half the size of his old self. It’s an amazing transformation. He even does a little slide coming out on stage, dancing along.

    Kevin says there was no life for him at all at 254kg. Can’t move, can’t breathe properly, no life. And now he’s got a beautiful fiance!

    Kev had set himself a goal of losing 100kg by the end of this season of the show. Hayley’s still a little surprised at that number. We also see a shot of the crowd with… I know that guy, he’s a past contestant but the name escapes me. Dammit.

    And of course the contestants couldn’t’ve done any of this without three very special people. The trainers!

    Lots of the trainers kicking contestant booty. Then they get to come out on stage too! And the boys look smart in their suits and… wow. Michelle is stunning. Sparkly flowery top to her long white dress with a deep, plunging neckline. Cleavage like whoa! Commando Steve is one lucky fucking dude.

    Shannan says it was a lonely place on high street at day one, they had no idea how well it would be embraced by the town. The results from the contestants and the entire town have blown them away. They’ve done big training sessions before, Michelle in particular, but it’s an entire town! But they’ve gone from one of the fattest towns to the fittest towns in Australia.

    Michelle says she loved being in charge of the secret team back in town. Got to be sneaky squirrel behind the backs of the two guys, they thought she was gone! But nope!

    After the ad break the eliminated contestant weigh in will start… but first, Katrina has to return home.

    She gets pretty much mauled by Spanner. Lots of people crowded in their lounge room. One of her boys gives a little speech and breaks into tears. Awww. Everyone’s very excited to hear she’s one of the final four.

    Right, time for the eliminated contestants to fight it out for the individual prize for eliminees – $10,000.

    First up will be Kevin. Seems unlikely he’d win but it’ll be awesome if he can hit his goal of 100kg down, meaning 154.7kg at this weigh in. He was very close back in the house so there’s a good chance he’ll get it done.

    Kevin Start (this season): 185.9kg
    Kevin Now: 152.5kg
    Kevin Loss: 33.4kg
    Kevin Percentage: 17.97%

    Kevin is absolutely stoked and Shannan is overjoyed as well. Very big smiles all round. And Kev’s in the lead so far! Won’t be for long, but still.

    Rodger needs to have lost at least 22.6kg. Is he confident? “Very.” Everyone has a chuckle at that and Rodger clarifies that he’s only had to do this once, Kev’s done it twice now!

    Rodger Start: 125.6kg
    Rodger Now: 99.4kg
    Rodger Loss: 26.2kg
    Rodger Percentage: 20.86%

    Rodger’s very happy with that and points to Mish, who points back. Then he gives the kiss off to Kevin who has a good laugh and gives him some more applause. Kevin’s obviously very happy for Rodger anyway, no hard feelings.

    Next up, Mary. She needs 37.9kg to beat Rodger… and her goal for the night is 40kg. So it’s tough but she could be there!

    Mary Start: 181.5kg
    Mary Now: 139.8kg
    Mary Loss: 41.7kg
    Mary Percentage: 22.98%

    So she’s knocked Rodger off, not a bad effort!

    Next, Matt. To topple Mary he needs 28.3kg. Tough ask again. Not sure he’ll get there but it could be close.

    Matt Start: 122.8kg
    Matt Now: 99.9kg
    Matt Loss: 22.9kg
    Matt Percentage: 18.65%

    Not enough to win but he’s obviously very happy to be under 100kg anyway.

    Next! Caitlin. She needs 30.9kg. She’s not sure but reckons it will be close.

    Caitlin Start: 134.4kg
    Caitlin Now: 97.5kg
    Caitlin Loss: 36.9kg
    Caitlin Percentage: 27.46%

    Wow, romped past Mary, very nice effort. Mish looks a bit surprised, but happy for her.

    Next up, Natalie. To beat Caitlin she’ll need 32.9kg. To which she replies, “Nup!” Her goal was only 25kg though so she might meet that at least.

    Natalie Start: 117.6kg
    Natalie Now: 92.3kg
    Natalie Loss: 25.3kg
    Natalie Percentage: 21.51%

    Not enough to take the lead but enough to hit her goal. Better than nothing!

    Four contestants remain… next up, Jane. She might have a chance at this, could be close. She needs 33.5kg and she reckons it’ll be easy. Her goal was 30-40kg, hoping for closer to 40.

    Jane Start: 121.7kg
    Jane Now: 80.3kg
    Jane Loss: 41.4kg
    Jane Percentage: 34.02%

    Wow, beat her goal and beat Caitlin comfortably.

    Shannon next. Hard to see her winning, she wasn’t very heavy to begin with. She needs 33.1kg, which she says she’s no chance of getting.

    Shannon Start: 97.2kg
    Shannon Now: 69.9kg
    Shannon Loss: 27.3kg
    Shannon Percentage: 28.09%

    Not enough to win but she’s very, very happy to have a weight starting with a 6. She didn’t think she’d get there tonight.

    Cal’s next. This could be very close. 44.8kg he’ll need and he says not a hope in hell, and it burns him he can’t get there!

    Cal Start: 131.6kg
    Cal Now: 98.4kg
    Cal Loss: 33.2kg
    Cal Percentage: 25.23%

    Cal’s very happy to be under 100kg. Mish says it’s a great result!

    Kerry’s turn. He fell at the final hurdle so he has one of the better chances. Needs 48.2kg. He reckons he’d need to chop a foot off to stand a chance.

    Kerry Start: 141.6kg
    Kerry Now: 95.6kg
    Kerry Loss: 46kg
    Kerry Percentage: 32.49%

    Geez, not quite enough but an awesome effort. He’s pretty happy to be under 100kg as well, reckons he hasn’t been since he was 12. Hah!

    Last is Cam. Cam’s looking so skinny in just his weigh in gear. This could be tight. Hayley says he’s won either way and Cam agrees, have a look at him. But to win the $10,000 he’ll need to have lost at least 49.9kg. Cam reckons he can do that.

    Cam Start: 146.4kg
    Cam Now: 86.2kg
    Cam Loss: 60.2kg
    Cam Percentage: 41.12%

    HOLY CRAP. That’s a huge result for an eliminated contestant, especially one who got sent home for medical reasons. The trainers are gobsmacked, too. His wife gets a big pash up on the stage, awww!

    Oh god, there’s still forty minutes to go…

    Hayley says that as of the finale the town has lost over 40,000kg in total and they’re now under the average rate of obesity for the country. Huzzah. Most of you are still porkers though!

    $142,720 was the final town kitty from all the lost weight… but Hayley’s going to round that up to $145,000 for them. Nice!

    But back to business. Time for a revisit of the pocket rocket’s journey. Sharon wanted to be a sexy mumma!

    Everyone knows Sharon’s up for some fun and noise but she takes her training very seriously. When Lisa visited the house for a chat with the Mums is when Sharon kicked into another gear though, she realised she was there for the right reasons. Steve says he was a part of Sharon’s success but it’s mostly down to her hard work and determination.

    And then Sharon comes out from behind the big sliding doors in a bright blue shiny dress looking a lot trimmer than when we last saw her. She’s walking a little uncomfortably but maybe that’s the heels more than a tummy busting corset? Not gunna cry, Hayley says. Not gunna cry. Sharon says she nearly vomited backstage. She’s looking like a sexy mumma now, Hayley says.

    Sharon’s hubby has lost 20kg as well, he didn’t really seem to be that big before so not sure how he managed that.

    Sharon says Commando shouted at her a lot during training but she shouted back a bit. Steve bursts into laughter, doubles over in his seat. Bwahaha.

    Now it’s time for a recap of Toni. Mish says she loves Toni. Never trained a day in her life but she has an awesome attitude and a great laugh and she never complains. She’s a little uncoordinated, Mish says. But Steve says she’s proven she’s got what it takes. May not be the fastest or the fittest but she gets the job done and Mish reckons she could win, why not?!

    And holy crap, she’s looking good when she comes out on the stage. Red sparkly top and an even brighter red flowing skirt. And her arms are looking pretty thin. Might give Craig a run for his money?

    Toni’s main goal was getting her health sorted out, she was on a lot of medication when she came to the show and she managed to get off half of them while she was in there. Her doctors back at home are hoping to have her off the other half very soon now.

    And there’s a special footage package of Toni and Kerry being all lovey dovey on the show. Awww!

    Time for Craig recappy bits. Including a replay of the hilarious Craig and Kevin on a two person aquabike. Both men still at weights where they’d count as two men each!

    Commando Steve thrashed Craig hard in training but the results showed on the scales. He’s a good chance at winning because he’s got the weight to lose and the drive to get it done.

    And when he comes out from behind the doors… No way, that’s like his much skinnier twin, right? He’s still a little full around the face but his body looks like a totally normal person. You wouldn’t know he’d been monstrously overweight just a couple of months earlier. Hayley says he encapsulates what the show is about, he looks amazing.

    He used to spend a lot of time in the pub, used to enjoy it, but he’s not even looking forward to a beer now. Craig says the looks on the kids in his extended family’s faces when he got home made it all worthwhile.

    Craig says he probably stressed Commando Steve out a few times but in the end you’ve got to eat right and work hard and get it done.

    Then Hayley says someone who was in our hearts from the start is up next. Oh, she means Katrina? I guess she did a lot of crack this season!

    Anyway, Katrina recap footage time. Would have been so much better if Shannan had given the shirt to Spanner!

    Shannan thinks Katrina has what it takes to win, says she’s one of the fittest Mums he’s trained since coming to the show nine years ago. I guess he’s forgotten Lisa and Alison and…

    Anyway, Katrina comes out on stage in a nice off the shoulder black dress with some sparkly details. She doesn’t look to have lost as much weight as some of the others though, so not sure she’ll be winning.

    Katrina wanted to be there for every single day, so she reached her goal already. She’d always put her family first before, so how hard was it to go into the house? She says it was hard because while her boys are grown up now they’re still her boys! And it was hard to leave Spanner behind too. And when Spanner visited the house she gave him a lot of stick in training.

    I don’t know who the girl is sitting beside one of Katrina’s sons but I do like the amount of sideboob on show. Not sure the producers were as happy as there’s a lot of tighter shots to follow so she’s not in frame anymore. Hah!

    Anyway. Spanner’s lost over 16kg on his own on the outside. Good job!

    After another ad break there’s a replay of Michelle and Shannan’s hilarious attempts at milking Peaches the cow. They’re both killing themselves laughing. Then Steve takes over and fills the jug for them. Yay Steve!

    Now it’s finally time to weigh in for the finalists. Took long enough, damn!

    First up will be Sharon. She seems quite excited but she also says she hates weighing in. She thinks she’s done well overall. She wants to be under 70kg but it might be close.

    Sharon Start: 109.8kg
    Sharon Now: 69.6kg
    Sharon Loss: 40.2kg
    Sharon Percentage: 36.61%

    Not bad, Sharon. Hit her goal and in the lead for now. Interesting to note Cam would have beaten her though!

    Next up, Katrina. She needs at least 48.1kg. She thinks probably not but she’s hoping to come close.

    Katrina Start: 131.1kg
    Katrina Now: 87.3kg
    Katrina Loss: 43.8kg
    Katrina Percentage: 33.41%

    Not bad, not bad at all. Not enough to topple Sharon though!

    The winner tonight gets $75,000 in cash. Only Toni and Craig to go though!

    Next to weigh in will be Toni, big surprise! To beat Sharon she needs at least 45.5kg. She’s been aiming for 45kg so she thinks she might get there.

    Toni Start: 124.2kg
    Toni Now: 76.5kg
    Toni Loss: 47.7kg
    Toni Percentage: 38.41%

    And into the lead… but still behind Cam’s result. Crazy. Only Craig left, might an eliminee technically be the biggest loser of the year?

    Probably not. Craig’s looking pretty good. To win though he’ll need to lose at least 70.5kg. That’s a hell of a lot of weight, even for a man who started quite big. He says he never would have thought he could do that much at the start. He’d set the goal of losing 20-30kg and ended up doing 50kg in the house alone. So he’ll see what happens.

    Toni says her and Stocky (Kerry) have already won, they’ve got their health back which is so much better than the money.

    Okay Craig, time to weigh in for the very last time.

    Craig Start: 183.4kg
    Craig Now: 103.6kg
    Craig Loss: 79.8kg
    Craig Percentage: 43.51%

    Smashed the girls, excellent effort from the not so big anymore man! Everyone’s very excited for him, the other champs come over and congratulate him before anyone else can even get there. Lovely to see all the friendliness this year.

    Hayley recaps the high points again and ends with, “I’ll see you soon.” I’m not sure you will, Hayley. I’m not sure The Biggest Loser is coming back this time.

    So, that’s a wrap for another year. Pretty different from previous seasons and they seem to have really made a difference to an entire town.

    But the ratings were abysmal. Even considering Ten usually lags behind both Seven and Nine, The Biggest Loser probably didn’t do well enough this year to justify filming another one, at least not in the same format.

    What did everyone else think of the show this year? Think it’ll be back?

    If it does come back I’m sure I’ll be back at the recapping and bitching and moaning. But it’s goodbye for now. :)

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      • Chris W

        Another season down! Stirling effort mate! As always, I’ve really enjoyed your recaps and I’m always bewildered how much effort you put into your write-ups!
        How did Cam lose so much weight??!! He must of been to the Karen Carpenter weight loss clinic for his operations?
        I did a weight loss program over this past 3 months and lost 20kg, and all of it was from proper eating, and my exercise was just walking everyday.
        I do hope the show gets another season! I’ll be back as a loyal reader as I enjoy your quirky style! (any chance you could do Game of Thrones recaps?). LOL! :)

      • Rocket

        Gotta get rid of Hayley. She turns the whole show into a lovey-dovey chick flick. Bring in Derryn Hinch to tell them all some home-truths and call them on their shit. Imagine him attacking Sharon about turning the arrow, then laughing. And then recapping it when she spat the dummy at Craig for simply training hard. Hinch would shame Cam, who still has no regrets for being a dickhead to everyone AND stealing $30,000. Would be a great show. No elimination, just, “You are the weakest link. You’re fired!”

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