Biggest Loser Australia 3×73: The very last weigh in and the very last elimination!

Tonight on The Biggest Loser it’s time for the final weigh in and the final elimination before leaving The White House.

Can the Blue Team finish off the last remaining Red Team member or can Garry save himself from humiliation.

It’d sure make a nice change!

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Lots of dramatic music and talk at the beginning of this episode about the journey so far and how it’s all come down to the final weigh in and the final elimination.

Alison says that it’s been Blue’s plan to have the three remaining Blues get through to the final, ever since Michael was eliminated. They told themselves that that was it, they had to make it happen.

Garry says he’s a fighter.
Alison’s feeling apprehensive.

And now it’s weigh in time!
Alison and Sam both think Garry’s got it in the bag. Sam thinks he’ll be in a lot of trouble at this weigh in.

Due to Alison’s immunity, there’s technically only one spot above the Yellow Line tonight. Two of the remaining three will be below the Line. Which means Garry must beat Sam and Kirsten in order to be safe, essentially. Otherwise he’ll be below the Line with a Blue with two Blues above the Line. Doomed!

Alison weighs in first. She is safe so long as she doesn’t put on weight. Which makes that “guaranteed” immunity even more dubious.

Alison’s previous weight: 79.9kg
Alison’s current weight: 79.3kg
Alison’s loss: 0.6kg
Alison’s percentage: 0.75%

Close call! But she got there and will now be guaranteed a spot in the Finale! For reals. Maybe. Unless they decide to offer her more money.
Alison says she didn’t change anything this week, not her diet or exercise, so she was a little surprised at the small loss.
Garry says that Alison and Kirsten work out together so maybe she’ll lose only a little, too.

Sam’s up next.

Sam’s previous weight: 100kg
Sam’s current weight: 97.8kg
Sam’s loss: 2.2kg
Sam’s percentage: 2.2%

He’s pleased with that. Finally under 100kg. He’s stoked he got there before going home.
Sam says 2.2kg is great but he doesn’t know if it’s enough to keep him safe and with only one spot above the line the odds aren’t in his favour.

Sam’s in first place so far.
Kirsten will need at least 1.9kg to beat Sam. Sam figures he’s sunk because Kirsten will get that pretty easily.

Kirsten’s previous weight: 82.2kg
Kirsten’s current weight: 81.5kg
Kirsten’s loss: .7kg
Kirsten’s percentage: 0.85%

Only a tiny bit more than Alison, meaning Kirsten is definitely below the Yellow Line, too. It’s just down to Garry, now.
Kirsten says she’d be devastated to go home but she won’t blame anyone for voting her out. It’s been a good journey!

Garry will need to lose at least 3.2kg. That could be a tough ask at this stage of the game.

Garry’s previous weight: 141.4kg
Garry’s current weight: 140.1kg
Garry’s loss: 1.3kg
Garry’s percentage: 0.92%

Garry’s gonna go hooooome!
He looks. Disappointed. Unsurprisingly. Sam looks a little shocked, too.
Garry says he’d been hoping to ring his Dad and say he was in the final. But now that’s not going to happen because he fell short.
Alison feels sorry for him because he’s worked very hard and done an amazing job. Any one of them would be shattered standing up there and missing out on being a finalist.

Sam wins Biggest Loser and is now guaranteed a spot in the final, too!

Kirsten is the smallest loser, so if it’s a draw, she’ll be going home.

After the weigh in Garry doesn’t hang around the lounge room for long, choosing instead to head up to the bedrooms and have a sulk.
Down in the lounge room it’s hard for the Blues to celebrate.

Kirsten mutters, “You’re not going to screw me, are you?” The other two say huh? Kirsten again, “You’re going to vote Garry, right?”

Garry thinks Sam is the one he might be able to convince so he goes to have a chat with him.
Garry remembers he spoke up in favour of keeping Sam back when Sam was on Red and they eliminated Sheridan. So Sam sort of owes him one.
Apparently Sam’s been telling Garry about how the girls have been treating him and Garry says that he’d’ve preferred to be against Sam than Kirsten in elimination. He thinks he’d’ve had a better chance then. The girls see Sam as being in their way and they’d’ve voted him out, Garry thinks.
Sam says that he’s felt a bit of a third wheel since Michael left.
Garry tells him that loyalty is right up there with everything else, but he’s also got to think business. Sam’s up around 37% of his bodyweight lost, Kirsten’s at 36 and Garry’s only on 32.
Garry says he knows it’s a tough decision and Sam says that he’d brought up some stuff he’d not even though of.

Sam says that they’re going up against each other regardless now, whoever’s in the final. How loyal is he going to feel if Kirsten beats him by a couple kilos at the finale?

So it’s looking like the voting order will be Alison and then Sam, since Alison will obviously not vote out Kirsten!

Alison says that what’s best for people can vary. For some that can be voting out the threats, for some, like her, it’s more important to not look back on the game with any regrets about how you’ve played the game.

Elimination room time!

Kirsten is asked how sure she is about getting into the final three on the strength of the Blue bond.
She says she’s not too sure. It’s right at the very end and they’d be stupid not to think about voting out one of the biggest threats in the game.
Garry says he’d once saved Sam from elimination, but he won’t hold Sam’s vote against him if he decides to vote Garry out.

Alison says today’s vote was very difficult. Everyone at the table is very deserving of going to the final. Her decision is upsetting to her. The person she’s voted for she entered the gates with on the first day and spent the entire journey with them and the only fault she can give is that the person they’ve come up against is someone she could never write on a card.
So she’s voted for Garry!

If Sam votes for Garry, Garry goes home. If Sam votes for Kirsten it will be a tied vote and Kirsten will go home.
Before the ad break Sam points out that it’s a pretty bad situation to be in!

Sam says it’s pretty close to the end and he has to think about what’s best for him and who he wants to compete against. Kirsten is the closest to him on the leaderboard and is determined and motivated and Garry, who’s a bit of a dark horse. He’s a bit behind now but he just screams out potential.
So ultimately he can’t make his decision based on who is the bigger threat because either would be tough competition.
It sucks that it came down to this and he’s got to vote based on loyalty, though it really hurts him to do it.
Sam lifts his platter… and we can only see the back of his card. Ooops!

But yes, he’s voted for Garry. He apologises to Garry, who says it’s alright.

Garry says he’s devastated that he won’t be at the finale but happy to be going home to see his Mum and brother.
Garry says there won’t be many words when he gets home, just lots of crying!
Garry thinks his Dad will be proud anyway, even though he’s not made the finale.

Garry gives a big hug to Kirsten and a kiss, big hug to Sam. Garry tells Sam to keep going. Big hug and kiss for Alison, too.
“Oh, and one more thing. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Garry yells as he heads out the hallway.

Final Three have been selected! Sam, Alison or Kirsten will be crowned The Biggest Loser and will win $200,000 cash!

Garry walks home? Not even a taxi? Weak!
He gives a big twirly hug to some girl. No idea who it is!

1 month on and Garry’s looking good!
He’s training every day, working on cardio and some upper body strengthening.
Garry now chops up the veggies and cooks up stir fries for his family.
He’s a lot happier looking in the mirror now. Used to wear a 147 waist, now down to 122!

Looking back at his audition tape he’s obviously lost weight around the face but Garry always carried most of his weight around his waist and hips.

He rang his Dad in Portugal and his Dad said he’s proud of him, awww!

Since appearing on the show Garry lost 66kg.

Everyone is excited about making the final. Alison’s also kind of sad because she won’t be getting to do all the exciting things with everyone ever again!

Sam says he came up the driveway in a 6XL shirt and pants around 46-48. Now he’s in a large/extra-large and 36-38 pants. He’s walking out in his dream outfit, which he’d never thought was achievable.

Alison’s leaving in her sexy dream hotfit, too. Kirsten looks good, too. Alison says Kirsten radiated happiness which made her really happy, too!
Kirsten and Sam come outside to see Sam in his spiffy gear. Wolfwhistles abound and they tell him he looks gorgeous and hot.
Alison says he looks so handsome and grownup. Being the Mum of the house, she felt really proud of the beautiful young man he’s grown into.

Meanwhile Shannan and Michelle rock up to the House to see who’s gone. They both look kind of crushed at Garry being gone. Though Shannan starts breaking into a grin behind Michelle’s back after not long.
Michelle admits her heart was crushed by Garry’s absence.
Alison says she felt sad for Michelle, too.

Michelle feels sad for Garry because she knows how hard he’s worked. Michelle congratulates them all. Shannan gives her a kiss and a hug.
Michelle says she was very concious of them knowing she was upset that Garry couldn’t be there so she left them to it so they could celebrate without feeling bad about it.

Shannan says, “You guys bloody rock! What is the chance of getting that done?” Alison replies, “Told you we’d do it!”
Shannan says the way they’ve played the game has paid off. They never sold out, never took the money, never took Temptations and their friendship has gotten them through.

Kirsten thanks Shannan and gives him a big hug. Sam thanks him and gives him a hug. Alison gives him a huge hug, too!
Alison says Shannan has helped her through so many things in the House. To have to say goodbye, knowing she won’t train with him again, was very difficult.

Kirsten says she’ll miss Shannan more than she thought she would. Even though he flogs them each week, he does it out of love!
Sam thinks he owes Shannan his life, even though it’s corny. He’s grateful and will be forever in Shannan’s debt.

The three finalists each get their own white limo to head back out in.
Kisses and hugs abound before they get in.
Kirsten says Alison means the world to her and they’ll never lose touch, after this.

Alison returns home in her dream outfit, but not in the limo. Hmm.
She says being away from her family was the hardest thing to do so she hopes they get a nice surprise.
She comes in the door and the looks on the faces of her friends and family are awesome. The shock on their faces is priceless!
She gives her girls big hugs.
Then says to her son, “Oh my god you’ve gotten taller!”
Alison says the plan for approaching the finale is to work her arse off. Time to finish first for a change!

Sam’s returning home in his limo. He never thought he’d be returning as a finalist.
His brothers haven’t seen him. Last time they saw him he was huge, now he might actually fit in with them.
Sam comes into a huge party and everyone screams when they see him.
His younger brother gives him a big bear hug, lifting him up off the ground, which he’s never been able to do in his entire life!

Sam announces he made the final three and that elicits a huge cheer.
Sam says he’d’ve not been happy with all that attention before. But 57kg lighter and feeling good about how he looks, it makes him feel great.
He announces that he’s ranked #1 in the final three and then gets an even bigger cheer!
Sam says regardless of whether he comes first, second or third, he’ll be there with a smile on his face.

Kirsten gets home and there’s a sign out front that says Shannan is hot! Which she agrees with!

Some of her friends have only known her while she was fat. She comes around a corner slowly and you can see the shock spread across the crowd of people as they can see her.
Her Dad barely recognises her!
Kirsten says it makes you feel fantastic. You expect the big reactions, but it’s still good to have the reactions!
Kirsten’s Dad says he’s proud of her.

And this Thursday night it’s time for the Finale!
Who will win? It really is anyone’s guess, with them all being pretty damn close in overall weightloss and weightlosing ability.

Don’t forget! Thursday night, 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Finale time. Watch it!

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