Biggest Loser Australia 3×72: Cash Out Decision plus final Last Chance Training

Tonight on The Biggest Loser Bryce, Garry, Kirsten and Sam must make their decision. Will one of them choose to leave the game with over $30,000 or will they all stand strong?

If you’ve already read the spoiler you know the answer to that question but shh, don’t spoil it for the rest of us!

Would you like to know if anyone succumbs? Read on…

And we’re 5 minutes in and still seeing replays from last night. 6 minutes, now. Can they get to 7 minutes of a 30 minute show before showing us new bits?
7 minutes!

Finally! Bryce says he thinks he’s going to ring the bell. Nobody says much at first. Garry finally asks him why and Bryce says that he came on the show to get under 100kg and he’s done that. So he’s going to go out and ring the bell.
Good. Go do it. Now. Please. Don’t make this take all episode!

Bryce walks out of the gym expecting Garry to go running past him. Kirsten asks Garry if he wants to ring it and Garry says he doesn’t know.
Alison’s expecting Garry to crash tackle Bryce and go first.
Garry asks again if Bryce is sure and Bryce says yes!

Bryce tells the others that they deserve to stay in the game because they’ve been there since the start and he’s going to go home and have his own finale there.
Bryce says winning the show would be awesome, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of his life.
Bryce gongs the gong and it’s done. Hooray!

Kirsten says Bryce looks really relieved.
Garry says Bryce has come a long way and he can walk out with his head held high.
Alison doesn’t think he’ll regret it and his family will, rightfully, be proud of him.
Sam’s looking forward to seeing Bryce at the finale!

Bryce says The Biggest Loser will be responsible for making the next 60 years of his life “fricking fantastic!” He walked in a mess, he walked out feeling a million dollars and having something to take home to his girl – namely a bunch of money!

Michelle says Bryce’s decision was quite smart. He’s lost his weight and now he gets to go home with a bunch of money!
Shannan’s really happy that it’s the four who’ve been there the whole time.

And today they’ve got some extra motivation for them all.

It’s a surprise, though. Sam asks if he’s going to like this one!
Shannan’s got in touch with Sam’s family and gotten them to write a letter to him, because they’re super proud of what he’s done.
Sam has trouble reading it. He starts tearing up right away and he can barely talk.
Shannan ends up having to read it out loud for him. Sam says it means a lot, his parents saying they’re proud of him.
There’s also old pictures of Sam. Shannan says it was hard on Sam, looking back at how much of his life he’d wasted.
Sam says he’ll be half the size he was at 18 when his 21st rolls around. Sam says it’s his last bit of inspiration he needs before going home.

Garry’s got a letter from his sister and Mum. His letter is a lot shorter and he manages to get through reading it aloud, unlike Sam!
Garry says he got a warm fuzzy feeling out of reading it.
There’s a picture of Garry with his Dad, a couple of days after his Dad telling him he’s put on weight.
Garry’s hoping his Dad will be over the moon when he learns that Garry has lost a bunch of the weight. He hopes his Dad will be very proud.

Kirsten has a letter from her parents as well. She manages to read it aloud, though we miss the start bit which has references to water polo and the 2000 Olympics and stuff.
Kirsten has a horrible picture of her in there as well. It was taken at Christmas and Kirsten said right after that Christmas she put her application in.
She wants to fill the rest of the folder book with photos from now, with her having a sparkling smile and so on.
Shannnan can tell Kirsten is fired up more than ever!

Alison can’t wait to see her kids.
Shannan thinks the best way to get Alison re-inspired was some words from home. Alison’s is by far the longest, it’s from her husband. Lots of kiddywink updates and inspiring words and so on. He calls her his soul mate and he never wants to be seperated from her again.
And he has at the bottom, “P.S. GO THE BLUE TEAM!!!” Heh.
Shannan says the joy in Alison’s eyes turned into almost horror when he turned the page and saw the old picture of herself where she’s in ugly sweats and looks enormous as a result.
Alison says the book’s come at a great time for her. It reinforces that it’s all okay.
She says she’d like to surprise everyone and come in first at the Finale!

Tonight’s training session is the very last Last Chance training. So they decide to make it special and get away from the White House.
It’s night, it’s cold and it’s their last training session, so they’re going hardcore!
They’re at some local sporting field doing sprints up and down the field, situps, pushups and so on, over and over and over.

Shannan says the people who came into the House couldn’t do pushups or situps, now they’re knocking out everything under the sun.

They’re right in the middle of the training session when suddenly… The lights go out!
Shannan’s hollering away and suddenly he just disappears!
Alison says the only thing that went through her head was that she was warm now, she wants to train, let’s not stop!
The car headlights come on to illuminate the field and they keep on exercising!

Shannan’s not writing Alison off. She’s surprised everyone and he thinks she’s a real chance.
Sam’s had a far from perfect journey, but he’s still there and now he believes he can win it!
Kirsten’s always been a weapon in training, Michelle says, but Shannan’s turned her into a machine. Shannan tells Kirsten he genuinely believes she can be the Biggest Loser, and she deserves it.
Garry’s a little injured, but tonight he doesn’t stop. Given how fit he is and how much weight he has to lose, Michelle thinks he’s still one of the biggest threats in the house!

They’re fitter and healthier than they’ve ever been. They’re all giving themselves the best possible chance of getting through to the finals, Shannan says.

Morning of the final weigh in and Garry’s feeling a bit nervous and also excited, just like Sam!
Alison says good morning to Kirsten. Kirsten just sort of groans.
Alison says it’ll all be good and Kirsten says yeah, because you’ve got immunity!
Kirsten’s nervous and hoping to stay above the Yellow Line.
Alison says they’ve got to get Kirsten through safely.

Everyone heads into the weigh in room.
They’re all nervous, unsurprisingly, and hoping they can make it through.
Kirsten sees Sam as her biggest competition.

Hello Ajay in another god awful dress.

Sunday night is the very last weigh in at the White House. Two go below the Yellow Line. Who will it be?
Also, the final Elimination, where the final three will be revealed at last. Who will survive?

And don’t forget next Thursday is the Finale! 7.30pm to 9.40pm, or thereabouts.

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