Biggest Loser Australia 3×68: Week 11 Elimination

Tonight on The Biggest Loser is Elimination night.

Michelle and Kirsten have fallen below the Yellow Line, with Michelle losing a paltry 0.1kg in the last week, putting her position in the greatest jeopardy.
With two ex-Blues in Sam and Alison voting, Kirsten’s position in the House seems secure.

But will the Blue alliance finally crumble?

*shakes Magic 8 Ball*

“All signs point to NO.”

Thanks, Magic 8 Ball!

Kirsten says you could have cut the tension with a knife as they come out of the weigh in room. Her making the big accusation against Bryce has made things a bit rough.
“You’ve attacked my integrity as a person, my integrity in this game and that I am disgusted in. I thought I knew you better than that and I’d hoped you knew me better than that.” – Bryce

“I think it’s fair to say I’ll be voting for Kirsten.” – Bryce, who says he wouldn’t’ve been voting for Michelle regardless.

Michelle goes for a chat with Sam first, trying to get him on board to get rid of Kirsten.
In an aside Sam says that in the past, loyalty has been a big deal for him, but now he’s sitting second or maybe even first on the leaderboard and if there’s anyone who could stop him winning, it’s Kirsten.
Michelle says she’s no threat to win, where Kirsten is a huge threat to Sam. “And let’s face it, everybody wants to win.”
Except, it seems, Michelle. Won’t win with 0.1kg losses!

Michelle then goes for a chat with Garry as well. She thinks Garry is a bit of a sheep so she’s hoping to put some ideas in his head to get him to follow along.
She tells Garry that there’s 3 Blues, 1 Red and 2 Blacks, so she’s hoping they can come to some kind of agreement.
Offer him your booty, Michelle! Or a cupcake!

Kirsten has a chat to Sam next. Kirsten asks how he’s going and Sam says not the greatest, but probably she’s not doing so well either!
Kirsten figures Garry is definitely going to vote for her but she wants to make sure he’s not going to vote for her.
Sam is not being very reassuring, either! She says she got quite nervous when they spoke.
Sam says he’d hate to go home at the next elimination, thinking that this elimination bit him in the arse.
Kirsten tells him he’s got to do what is best for him.

And we’re already off to the elimination room. That seemed to be a lot quicker than past weeks. Bryce didn’t say boo to anyone! You’d think he’d’ve been off recruiting Garry at least and maybe having a quiet word in Sam’s ear.

Ajay’s in the elimination room, of course. Pretty silvery top under her black jacket this week. Spiffy!

Kirsten is talked at about how she had the chance to be the first Australian female Biggest Loser. Does she feel safe with her friends? With Cosi going for reasons of being the biggest threat it’s natural she’d be next.
She says she’s a little worried about Sam, because for him to get further and for him to get to the end, it’d be smart for him to get rid of her.

Michelle is asked if she tried to sway anyone’s vote and she says of course she did!
Don’t see Bryce objecting to that, do we? Nooo.

Voting order is Bryce, Alison, Sam and Garry.

Bryce says he’s said that loyalty has been a big thing to him. He suffered at the hands of loyalty a couple of weeks ago and walked out a happy man because of it. So he’s decided to try and save Michelle and vote out Kirsten. BIG SURPRISE.
Kirsten: 1

Alison says she’s voting for this person because they’ve fallen below the line with a teammate. She’s sure this person will be very successful once she gets home and she wishes her all the best. For Alison, there was no choice. So she’s voted for Michelle.
Kirsten: 1
Michelle: 1

If Michelle receives a vote from Sam or Garry, she will go home. Kirsten must receive votes from both Sam and Garry to go home.

It’s down to Sam at the moment. Vote for Michelle, she goes home. Vote for Kirsten and the responsibility shifts to Garry.

Sam says people have fallen to various kinds of elimination reasons. Personality? Can’t fault either of them and he’s close to both of them. Deserves it? One has had to keep fighting for their position in the game and the other has had to fight to even get into the game.
So it comes down to strategy. In the past he’s voted on colour lines and loyalty. But he’s facing two options. Can vote as a team member, which could come back and bite him on the arse. Or he could take out the biggest threat in the game while they’re vulnerable.
So he’s voted for… Ms Blurry White Glow!


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He feels he had to go with his gut decision, “And it was saying to me… Stay true and stay Blue. Sorry, Mish.”

Woohoo! Blue for life! Heh.

Michelle will not be The Biggest Loser. We do not need to see Garry’s decision but it seems obvious he must have voted for Michelle as well, it’s just that that would not have been as dramatic as Sam’s vote.

Michelle is sad to be leaving, she’s changed her life and met some wonderful people. She’s looking forward to going home and putting everything into practice that she’s learnt. She’ll hold her head up high and be proud of what she achieved.
She says Sam might live to regret his decision. If he wanted to get in front, he should have gotten rid of Kirsten.

Ajay asks if Sam thinks he might have made a mistake today and Sam says yes and no. There was every reason to get rid of Kirsten, but he holds loyalty very close to his heart. He doesn’t know how he could have kept going in the game, knowing he’d gotten rid of Kirsten.
Good boy, Sam.
Ajay “sets the scene” for Sam, they’re at the finale and Kirsten just pips him at the post. Regret it then? Sam says it might be. He’ll go down nobly, though. He’ll tip his hat to her and congratulate her. Could he have done more, could he have worked harder? Not could he have gotten rid of someone who had the potential to beat him.

Kirsten says she can’t express how much she appreciates the loyalty Alison and Sam have shown her. She owes some people now and hopefully she can repay them.

Bryce is losing his best mate in the house, what will he miss most about her? He says he’s never met anyone as ballsy as her, she’s willing to stand on her own two feet and say what she really thinks.

Michelle doesn’t regret passing up the $50,000. Still. She says that money couldn’t buy the experience she had in there. She wasn’t happy with the person she was before she came in, she wouldn’t finish things she’d begun, but now she’s finished this. She’s a changed person!

Say your goodbyes and leave the competition for good. Again.

Hugs and kisses all round. Sam whispers something in her ear that is inaudible.

Five left!

In a few days time five contestants could become four as they’re about to face the ultimate surprise. You mean like another instant elimination? Yeah, it’s not so ultimate and surprising the second time round, dumbass.
Especially when you just tip your hand by saying five become four!

Just about everyone at Michelle’s welcome home party has Michelle shirts on. Creeeepy!

2 months on and she’s a little skinnier in the arms and face. Still very heavy around the torso and upper thighs.
She says she used to snack a lot, but now lunch consists of chicken or red meat with vegetables or salad. Huge change in her diet.

Michelle says it’s really embarassing watching her audition tape. She didn’t ever realise how big she was. She never wants to go back to that person.
She’s loving the person in the mirror now. She was in a size 22 before going on the show and is now a size 14.
She loves going shopping with her Mum now. Her Mum had stopped because Michelle used to get depressed by not being able to fit into anything.
She says she’ll be strutting her stuff at the finale!

Michelle has lost 30kg since appearing on the show.
And gained a boyfriend! Ooooh!

“ON YER GUTS!” – Sam

And they also get to hop into their “dream outfits” and someone is going to stun them!

Lots of hardcore training and the Temptation will have the biggest reward ever offered. And someone’s journey will be over!
Oooh. Wait, didn’t we find all that out last night?

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