Biggest Loser Australia 3×56: Week 9 Elimination

Tonight on The Biggest Loser is Elimination night. Will the Fatties go crazy and eliminate Kirsten or will they get rid of Bryce?

And we get footage of “the eliminated contestant since leaving the House” but of course it’s the exact same footage they’ve used practically every week now. It’s particularly noticeable this week since neither Bryce nor Kirsten is that fat anymore!

Would you like to know who goes home?

Everyone comes out of the Elimination Room looking pretty glum. Bryce is angry, Alison says, because he’s “sure” he’s going home. And Kirsten is annoyed at getting Garry’s weight gain tacked on her tally sheet and thus went under the Line.

Garry’s still looking pretty shattered in the lounge room. Head in hands and eventually he can’t take it and gets up and walks outside.
Cosi’s a bit baffled, wondering why Garry’s so upset, since Garry’s not under the Line!
Alison thinks it was part of Garry’s plan to get a bad result for Kirsten.

Kirsten says sorry about it being her and Bryce below the Yellow Line. Whatever happens tomorrow, she wants him to know that it’s been fun.
Michelle says Kirsten and Bryce are threats but Bryce is her best friend in there so she’ll definitely be voting for Kirsten.
Kirsten is sure that Sam and Alison won’t vote for her. Bryce and Sam are close apparently, but… “Blue for life!”

Kirsten eventually wanders out to find Garry and see how he’s going to vote.
Garry says everyone has their agendas, voting out threats and so on. Cosi’s been in his ear to say that it’s a chance to vote out a threat.
Kirsten’s hoping Garry’s guilt will make him not vote for her!

Michelle knows she can’t convince Alison or Sam to vote for Kirsten so she decides to try and talk to Cosi instead and vote for Bryce. She pitches the “business decision” back at him. The idea of voting out the biggest threat.
Cosi wants to make sure he gets the biggest, long term, threat eliminated.
Michelle says Bryce is way down the chart and Kirsten is snapping at Cosi’s heels, so Cosi should probably get rid of her!
Cosi thinks Bryce is looking very lean around the torso, and Kirsten is right behind Cosi and is a former athlete. Both are big threats though, so who to vote for?

Your body works better with Burgen!

Ajay’s got a black jacket on over the top of… some weird orange top with a white stripe down the front? What the hell, Ajay? She looks like a piece of white chocolate wrapped in pretty foil!

Ajay tells Kirsten that if Garry hadn’t swapped the weights, Kirsten would be safe and Garry would be below the line.
Kirsten says, “You’ve got to love the game!”
Ajay asks if she thinks she’s going home today and Kirsten thinks it’s very possible.
How badly does she want to win? “Pretty badly!”

Bryce has Kirsten’s bigger-threat-ness pointed out and asked if he thinks that’ll keep him safe and he says no, though he doesn’t know why. And he refers to Kirsten as “a fair beast” which gets a shocked look and laugh out of Kirsten.

Time to cut the fat!

Alison, Sam, Michelle, Cosi and Garry is the order, for the curious.

Alison says the person she’s voted for has been loads of fun, they’ve a kind heart, they’re generous and loyal… but they’ve fallen beneath the line with someone who Alison could never vote for. So she’s voted for Bryce!
Bryce: 1

Sam says both people are strong competitors and have the potential to go on and win it. He has a close friendship with both of them. It’s like picking a sibling – get rid of his sister or brother? But the person he’s chosen is very similar to him. He does look up to them, they’re loyal and Sam is also loyal. So his vote is on loyalty to Kirsten.
Bryce: 2

Michelle says the person she’s voted for is a very strong competitor and she’s formed a good friendship with them while she’s been in the House, but she’s fallen below the Line with her best friend in the House. Like Sam and Alison said, you have to be loyal to your teammates.
Kirsten: 1
Bryce: 2

If Bryce gets one more vote, he goes home.

Cosi says both people under the Line should be commended. They’ve nailed the fitness, transformed their bodies and look a million bucks. They’re two of the fittest people in the House. Cosi votes for who he thinks, in his opinion, is the bigger threat. Either could be the biggest loser this year but in the end he decided to vote for who he thinks has the best potential long term and that is…
Bryce. Yay!

Bryce says he has mixed emotions. He came into the House 140kg of unhappy, overweight sadsack bloke. He’s going to leave completely transformed into a young man that’s fit, healthy and feels good about himself. Happy, laughs every day and enjoys life. The Biggest Loser is more about the rest of his life.
Michelle says she’s going to miss Bryce heaps. Been around the world and back and bombarded this joint. Going to be a shame to see him go, he’s her best mate in there. He’s probably the only person she can muck around with. “He gets me!”

Alison has grown close to Bryce as well, apparently. He has a great sense of humour, Alison says. She says they clicked from day one. He’s a fantastic person and it’s been a pleasure to meet him.

Bryce says there’s something about everyone in the House that has made his time in the House an absolute ripper.
Sam is a good kid, Bryce says. He’s a pain in the ass, but that’s what makes him good! He’s a credit to his family, Bryce says. Carry on with what he’s doing and he’ll go a long way.

And Bryce has a present for Sam? A wise man once said to him that every young man needs a good time piece. It’s not new, it’s Bryce’s and now it’s Sam’s.

Ajay asks Bryce how proud his Dad would be right now. Dad taught him about loyalty and pride which he has again now.
He’s learnt that it’s important to never give up. He can go home and be his own Biggest Loser. He doesn’t have to prove it to anyone else, just to himself.

Time to say your goodbyes! Kirsten gets a hug. Garry is complimented on being tall and gets a hug and good luck. Cosi gets a manly hug and good luck wishes. Michelle gets big squishy hug. Sam gets a hug too. Alison gets another big squishy hug.

To become The Biggest Loser they’re about to take the biggest leap so far. Their personal limits will be put to the test but be warned, not everyone will make it through what lies ahead!

Bryce’s “light” going out is a bit anticlimactic – Black is not a very bright light!

Bryce arrives home in a “Maxi Taxi”. Mean!
His girlfriend and his… Mum? Greet him just inside the door, then he heads out to a pretty decent sized party out the back. Awesome!

2 months on… Damn, dude is BUFF. Like, you’d swear he’s an athlete kind of buff. Think Cosi made a good call!
Bryce says that his diet has changed heaps and he’s realised that a big part of the way he feels has to do with the food he eats.
His pants were 127 and now they’re 87. He loves being able to buy nice clothes!

The difference between him in the audition tape and the 2 months on. Good lord, it’s incredible.
Since appearing on the show he’s lost 47kg.

Tomorrow night… “You’re off to Hawaii!”
“But are they heading to heaven… or facing hell?”

And there’s going to be another trek up a big hill with all their old weight in a backpack.

And old fears are faced. Some face sharks, some soar through the air, some climb a cliff? And a “race for survival” in a super challenge.
“The person who comes last today… will be eliminated.” So sayeth the Ajay!

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