Biggest Loser Australia 3×50: Week 8 Elimination

Tonight on The Biggest Loser Nicola will be sent home from the elimination because everyone loves Alison.

Well, okay, I don’t actually know that yet, but come on, is anyone really expecting any other result, honestly?
Cosi will vote for Alison as he won’t want to vote for Nicola due to his alliance with her.
Garry will vote for Alison because he, too, won’t want to vote for Nicola.
Sam, Kirsten and Michelle will all vote for Nicola, as they are all friendly with Alison and Michelle flat out dislikes Nicola.

Bryce is the only real wildcard, in that he might choose to vote “strategically” for Alison instead of Nicola. This is extremely unlikely.

However, even if he does, that pushes it to a tie, meaning the person with the lowest weightloss percentage for the week goes home.

And that’s Nicola!

Want to see if I’m right? Read on…

Getting a little tiresome seeing Steven in the intro credits…

Everyone heads out of the weigh in room and all four trainers are waiting for them. Bob says it looked bleak, everyone looked really bummed out.
They tell the trainers what happened. Cosi congratulates Bryce for being the Biggest Loser. And Garry says Alison and Nicola are the ones under the Yellow Line.

Alison says she started feeling a bit teary at this point, thinking she might be going home. And she doesn’t want to go home yet!

Shannan says the luckiest person in the game this week would have to be Michelle (the fatty) who, without immunity, would have been below the Yellow Line.
Jillian agrees, also in an aside, that Michelle needs the immunity pretty badly.

Nicola says it’s hard knowing all the rest of the House gets a vote, except for the two under the line, and it’s no longer just teammates.

Alison and Nicola have a chat first.
Nicola doesn’t think she’s ready to go home and is worried about what will happen to her when there’s temptation all around.
Alison says she needs to be there because everything she does there will help her and her family.

Alison lays it out for Nicola, saying they’ve both got their guys supporting them, with Black in the middle. Nicola says it’s pretty much up to the Black Team.
Alison tells Nicola that she should remember she’s 7th on the rankings, while Alison is 4th. So she’s more of a threat and this is the time that threats go.
They both wish each other all the best of luck and give squishy hugs to each other. Awww!

Red head in for a chat with Black and Bryce is instantly suspicious since Red haven’t gone for a chat with them since they’ve got into the House, but now there’s a Red in the elimination, they want a chat!
Garry says they’re hoping the Blacks will be voting with their heads, not their hearts.
In an aside Cosi comes to the same conclusion I did at the top – if one of the Blacks votes for Nicola, it’ll be a hung vote, which means Nicola will go home. So they’ve got to convince them that having Nicola still in the game, as one of the “poorest performers”, is the most advantageous to them.

Cosi says to them that they’ve got to be thinking about their own survival. Bryce says it has to be based on how he can advance himself in the game and that’s the brutal reality. Cosi agrees and says it is brutal, but that’s the way it is.
Bryce says there has to be a “business element” to the decision. Alison’s higher than him on the leaderboard while Nicola is lower.

Michelle says she knows her and Nicola haven’t gotten along so well, bit of a personality clash. Alison is a wonderful person, but she’s a bigger threat, too.

I think both Bryce and Michelle might just be telling Red what they want to hear…

Everyone heads down into the elimination room, looking very solemn as usual. Ajay is there with her black elimination jacket with a pink top underneath this time.

6 people voting today, Ajay says that makes it very likely there’ll be a hung vote, which means the person with the lowest percentage will go home – Nicola.

Alison is asked if she’s ready to go home and Alison says she doesn’t want to but she knows she’s made the most of every day. She thinks she might be a bit of a target, due to being a bigger threat. Bryce looks a bit smug, as does Michelle.
Nicola is asked if she’s made enemies and Nicola says she doesn’t think they’d be enemies, just disagreements and personality clashes, which might influence votes, but you’d think in the final 8 it would be more about strategy.

Cosi is first to vote. He says it gets tougher and tougher. He’s made it clear that voting on likes and dislikes isn’t how it should be going down now, it should be strategy. It’s nothing personal, he really likes the person he’s voting for. She’s taught him a lot about cooking and nutrition. Before he used to cook like a bloke – heat on full, now he knows to simmer, and he’s eternally grateful! But he’s had to vote for her anyway, because she’s a threat.
Alison: 1

Cosi gives a rueful smile down the table to her.

Garry is up next, unsurprisingly. He says he thought it would be easier in singles. This person is above him on the charts so he’s got to vote based on that.
Alison: 2

Bring on the Nicola votes by the truckload!

Kirsten is up next. Kirsten says her person has achieved a lot, they’re fitter and stronger, but she made a promise to never write the other person’s name down and she prides herself on keeping her word.
Nicola: 1
Alison: 2

Nicola doesn’t look at all surprised, she smiles down the table to Kirsten.

Sam’s next. Sam says he somewhat agrees with the guys that you can’t vote with your heart, you’ve got to vote with your head at this point in the game. So there’s two reasons he’s voted for this person. It’s not on personality, because he gets along fine with both girls, they’re both fantastic. The first reason is strategy, one is a member of an alliance, a strong alliance, and weakening that alliance would help him immensely in the game, as well as other people.
And the second reason, “I bleed Blue.”
Nicola: 2
Alison: 2

Nicola grins down the table at Sam. Good to see there doesn’t appear to be any hard feelings over this. It’s not like Sam and Kirsten really have a choice, they can’t send home a mate, but people have gotten shirty over stupider things.

Ajay reminds them that if both Black Team members vote for Alison, she’ll be going home. Otherwise, Nicola is going home.

Michelle casts her vote first. Will she actually vote for Alison, just to keep things interesting?

Michelle says her vote is based on personality and strategy. She’s voted… For Ms Blurry White Glow!
After the ad break we get some longer chatter from Michelle… after a replay of what happened just before the break. The one minute long ad break. Morons.
Michelle says the person she’s voted for has come a long way and looks amazing. She thinks they have similar personalities which is why they’ve clashed. Cue shot of Garry looking like he’s going to blow his stack.
Michelle also refers back to Sam’s talk of an alliance that needs to be broken. So she’s voted for… Nicola!

Even though technically that is not a majority, Bryce’s vote is a formality at this point. Nicola seems a little disappointed, but still manages to smile. We don’t get to see Bryce’s vote, because there’s no point.
It would have been interesting though.

Nicola says she’s a bit excited about going home to see friends and family. She wanted to make it to the end, though.
She wanted a lifestyle change, that was the main reason she came to the House. She wanted to learn how to love exercise, which she’s done.
She’s also realised she can do a lot of things she never thought she’d be able to do.
Nicola chalks not getting along with Michelle up to a personality clash. She thinks that on the outside there probably wouldn’t even be a problem, which has Michelle giving a rueful nod.

Cosi is then asked if he thinks a silly decision has been made. Cue change to background music from airyfairy light stuff to dramatic stuff. Ooh!
Cosi thinks people have thrown their votes around willy-nilly once again. Bryce should have gone last week, he’s a big threat and could win. Michelle saved him and they sent the weaker Carrianne home. Now they’ve voted out the weaker player again in Nicola.

Michelle butts in to ask if she can say something. Michelle points out that the week before they eliminated Carrianne, Red were in elimination and sent Nicole home. Bryce nods like a twit in the background. Michelle points that if they were so concerned with threats they should have sent Garry home.
Maybe, but considering Nicole was an evil, horrible, backstabbing she-troll, the right choice was still made. Sorry, Michelle!
Cosi says he’d probably agree, but that was back during the Teams stage.
Michelle says the alliance formed a long time ago and when Black came into the House they were really only made welcome by Blue.

Meanwhile Kirsten and Sam are sitting between them as the serves go past in front of them. I think Sam’s having trouble not laughing, Kirsten has a grin on her face.

Cosi says that then their vote was based on personality, not strategy, which is fine.
Bryce then steps in to say that at the end of the day, the vote’s been cast, let’s move on. Because I’m sure that’s going to solve everything!
Cosi says that’s fine, but they have been asked to discuss it… Bryce says he thinks it’s over now. Because Bryce is the boss of you, Cosi, y’hear? He’s not talking to you no more. Ner ner.
Cosi rightly points out that he’s just answering the questions.

We finally get away from the dramatic music and back to mellow music. Garry is asked if he thinks Nicola can do it on the outside and he says, “Bloody oath!” He thinks she’s mentally there and can do it, she’ll be a stunner at the finale.

Nicola says her Mum will cry and probably get the credit card out to go clothes shopping for her!
Dad will be gobsmacked, she says.

Nicola, you are not The Biggest Loser. Say byebye and leave!
She gets up and gives Alison a kiss and a hug first. After flashing some mighty fine cleavage. Woo!

Then gives Bryce and Michelle hugs and kisses. And says, “Bye Shammy!” To Sam, who also gets a hug and a kiss. Sam wishes her good luck.
Kirsten gets a big hug as well.
Garry gets a big hug and a kiss and Garry says stuff that’s totally muffled.
Cosi also gets a hug and a kiss, then Cosi pulls them all in for a last big Red group hug. “Aww, jeez, how embarassing!” Says Nicola.

After another very short ad break we see Nicola arrive home in a dodgy taxi. God, spring for some decent transportation, Biggest Loser!

“I’ve got ankles!” Nicola declares to her skinny girly friends, of whom there’s a truckload at her homecoming party.

2 months on… She’s looking pretty good. Going running in a skintight top with a plunging neckline. Ahuhhh. That’s totally not staged.
She sees her personal trainer 5 days a week. She’s loving being pushed by a trainer.
Before coming on the show she had mouthfuls of cheese. Now she has chicken and salad, meat and veggies, and it’s all cooked properly.

Before coming on the show she was a size 20-22 and now she’s a size 12-14. They show her modelling some of her new clothes and she looks gorgeous.
Nicola says that in her audition tape she had very fat cheeks and even a fat forehead!
Nicola says she’s still looking for love and she thinks it will be easier now that she’s happier within herself.

She’s loving being able to walk into regular stores and pick up anything off the shelf and being able to wear it. She’s not a sad person anymore, she loves her body and the new life she’s created.
Since appearing on the show she’s lost 28.1kg.

Tomorrow night… IT’S MAKEOVER TIME! ROCK!
The trainers are all really happy with the transformations.

And like the American season, they’ll be having a reunion-y bit with their loved ones, too. Even Sam’s going to get a bit teary eyed at that!

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