Biggest Loser Australia 3×32: Week 5 Elimination

Tonight on The Biggest Loser, poor old Blue head to the elimination room once again. With Alison immune, Blue must choose one of their strongest members to eliminate from the game.
It’s being characterised as the most emotional elimination ever. And yes, there are tears!

Would you like to know more?

Blue look pretty devastated coming out of the weigh in room. And Kirsten tells us she was, indeed, devastated.
Blue congratulates Red on doing well.
Cosi says if they’d lost it would have been 4 out of 5 weigh ins they’d lost.

Alison says she’s feeling guilty for having immunity, but they have to send someone they love home.
Alison says she won’t write Kirsten’s name down, so it’ll be out of the boys…

Michael and Sam head out for a chat. Michael says it’s got to be said so he’s just going to throw it out there. He made a promise to Kirsten that he’ll owe her one for not eliminating him. And he won’t go back on his word. Sam says that’s alright. Michael says Alison has immunity, can’t vote for himself, so he’s going to have to put Sam’s down. And Sam chortles and admits he’ll be voting for Michael in return.
He says even if Alison didn’t have immunity, he couldn’t’ve voted for either of the girls. They need it more than the two of them do, he says. So it comes down to the girls.
Michael has no idea how they’ll vote. He just doesn’t know.

Alison and Sam head off for a chat as well. Sam tells her that he and Michael will be putting each others names down. They didn’t want to put pressure on the girls, but Sam says he doesn’t want to go home yet. He’s not ready to go. But on the other hand he has no justification for why it ought to be him over Michael.
Sam thinks the team swap may have been a disadvantage now. He’s back on Blue but he’s been away for two weeks so his position is a bit more vulnerable.
Sam says to Alison that he won’t be begging and pleading, he doesn’t want it to go down that way.
Alison giggles and says Michael said exactly the same thing. Sam says that’s why they’re such a great team!

Kirsten and Michael have a chat as well. Michael says in his heart he doesn’t want to go home. And Kirsten says she doesn’t think he should. “It’s like choosing a brother. Which brother do you choose?” – Kirsten
Kirsten says there’s a lot of advantages to keeping Michael in the game. He’s such a great person, she says, the best guy in there.
Sam is fit and fast and has pulled good numbers so far, but he’s a little immature. That’d be a good quality in my book, guess Kirsten’s one of those spoilsport people!

Kirsten and Alison finally sit down for a chat. Kirsten says they keep voting with their hearts, Alison says they keep getting screwed over each time.
Sam needs to lose more weight, Alison and Kirsten agree. Michael has not so many but he’s ready to settle down, so he needs this.
Alison says she doesn’t want Michael to feel like he failed something else. It’s his biggest fear, Kirsten says.
There’s no way to pick one over the other, Alison says, before bursting into tears. Kirsten is stoic as ever!

Blue head down the stairs and into Ajay’s lair/elimination room.

Everyone gives a very subdued hello to Ajay.

Alison is asked how important the immunity is to her and she says the other three guys are the strongest on the team. She’s grateful for the gift, but it leaves an immense amount of guilt.
Michael, Sam and Kirsten are the only eligible Losers this week.

Michael is asked if he thinks he’s come far enough. He says he doesn’t want to go and a decision has got to be made. He’s done everything he can to stay in the House. He won’t lie, he won’t cheat, he’s not going to do any of that sort of stuff.
Sam is asked if he’ll be packing his bag. Sam says he might be a bit vulnerable but if that’s the decision Blue think is best for the team, he’ll go by their word.
Kirsten is asked how hard it was to write down someone’s name and Kirsten says it was the toughest decision she’s ever made.

In the event of a hung vote, Red (only) will get to choose who they want to eliminate from the show.

Michael says the person’s name who is under the platter he has selected by default. Obviously he can’t vote for Alison, but even if she didn’t have immunity he wouldn’t vote for her. “You’ve been giving your whole life to your kids, to your family, it’s about time someone gave you something back.” That causes Alison to start crying. Kirsten has Michael’s word that he’d never vote for her.
But that only leaves Sam. They’ve grown quite close, they’ve been roomies since they got there and he has a lot of respect for Sam. Much as he hates it, he’s had to vote for Sam.
Sam: 1

Sam says his decision wasn’t easy, either. It’s difficult to vote anyone out, particularly family. Which is what they’ve become. Even though this person is their best friend, and it kills him to vote for him… But he’s voted for Michael.
Michael: 1
Sam: 1

Everyone’s faces fall a little further.

Kirsten’s turn. Words can’t express how difficult her decision was. She’s made her decision based on what she thinks is best for the team at this stage in the game. This person has been an amazing member of the team, they’ve achieved so much already and they should be really proud. But today she’s had to vote… Mr Glowy White Blob!
This game is about weight loss percentage at weigh ins and she’s not sure this person will lose as much as other members of the team at this stage. She’s voted for Michael. She looks across at him for a fraction of a second but then has to look away.
Michael: 2
Sam: 1

If Alison has voted for Michael, he will go home. If Alison has voted for Sam, it will be a hung decision and Red will decide. If Alison has voted for Kirsten, Michael will go home.

Alison never wanted to have to make this decision. She based her decision on what is best for the team when it comes to percentage weightloss and this person has already fulfilled a lot of milestones. She’s breaking into tears throughout all this. So she’s voted for Michael.

Michael starts crying! Again! Alison is crying now and Sam also starts the waterworks.
Kirsten? Still stoic!

Michael says he feels disappointed, but he knows it’s the right decision. Since Day One all he’s talked about is playing footy with his brothers and now he’ll definitely be able to get back into that.
Ajay asks him if he feels like he’s closer to bettering himself and finding love now. Michael gives a rueful grin. He says he’d sort of given up on finding love. He used to be a hopeless romantic, he used to believe love will conquer all. But for some reason he stopped believing in that. Probably the same time he stopped believing in himself, he thinks.
He says it goes to show you shouldn’t give up on things.

Alison says Michael is one of the most amazing men she’s met and this place won’t be the same without him.
Kirsten says, “That’s the best guy in the world, over there!” So genuine and honest and loyal. “So proud of him! That’s why it hurts so much. Get out on the footy field and we’ll come up to Orange and cheer you on.” “That’d be nice, a couple of hot cheer girls, I’ll take that!”

Sam says it will be tough without Michael. It’s crap that his best mate has to go. Michael says it’s nice seeing him finally cry!

Michael is most looking forward to seeing his little brother, in his family. He says his brother will notice a change in his attitude. He’s less defensive, now, nor is he as hard on himself.

Time to say your goodbyes, Michael.
Sam gets a hug. Sam thanks him for everything and Michael says likewise.
Kirsten whispers something to him but we can’t hear it very well. Anyone want to risk their hearing and turn it up loud?
Michael says he’ll miss Alison heaps, but he’ll be okay!

Blue is back down to 3 players once again. Now they’re not only facing Red, they’re facing Black.
This week will also see someone face the greatest dilemma the game has ever thrown at them, Ajay says. “One person’s fortunes will take a dramatic turn.”

Michael arrives home to a nice party.
His brother says it was fantastic to see him again.

2 months on… Michael’s looking great!
Of course, being cleanshaven again has helped.
He sees a PT six days a week, lots of boxing and intervals on the treadmill.
Before he went on the show he was a sucker for burgers with the lot, now he eats a lot of lean meats and even enjoys fish now.
Before the show started, he was 6XL, now he’s just XXL.

Looking at his audition tape… The difference is staggering.
He says football season has started up again… And he’s been selected in first grade with his brothers. Which is awesome and his brother says he’s really happy seeing Michael back at footy.

Since appearing on the show, Michael has lost 45.5kg. Pretty good!

Tomorrow night, Bob and Jillian check in with Black. “Before the knives come out…” Mr Voiceover Man says.
Jillian asks JJ to step out of the room for a minute, then asks Black for the truth. And Michelle says, “He is a fuckwit!”
And JJ goes AWOL. There’s security camera footage of him scarpering!

Cosi dishes up helpings of despair at The Warehouse, apparently? Someone says whatever Cosi is doing, he’s doing it to cause controversy.

And Temptation once again spins out of control?

And a “depth defying challenge”? It’s in a pool and Bryce says he just hoped it wouldn’t result in a drowning!

And “The Brand New Walk” offers no choice at all – yet it still throws the House into chaos.
And we get a quick glimpse of a suitcase full of cash. Ooh!

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