Season 3, Episode 14: Elimination 2, Fatty Boogaloo

Previously on The Biggest Loser… Second verse, same as the first! Red get whooped in yet another weigh in.

Tonight on The Biggest Loser, it’s elimination time. And “It’s time to stop the rot” says Mr Narrator Man.
And we catch up with the eliminated contestant, who manages to have both a hairy chest and boobies.

And no, I don’t mean manboobs!

Would you like to know more?

Garry says that as they came out of the weigh in room, the mood was pretty somber. Sheridan says they were deflated, flat.
Isn’t that what they’re aiming for?
Sean says it’s almost unbelievable, beating them by so much two weeks running.

Sheridan says that compared to last week the team is in a better place as a team, but that’s why she’s even more disappointed.
Cosi says there were no stars on the team, everyone is fair game because none of them lost very much weight.

Sheridan is very glad she has immunity because she feels she needs it, she still needs to be there.
Rachel says a bit of her is still pissed off at Sheridan because she ate 1800 calories and while she might have burnt it off, there’s still going to be fat in her system.

Nicole says she’s feeling vulnerable because she lost the least weight.
Garry says she’s definitely in shock and if she’s not going to pull the numbers, he’ll consider voting her out.

Sheridan says she loves Nicole and she’s like a sister to her and to vote her out because she’s had a crappy week is the most stupid thing you could possibly do.
Nicole has no idea where she went wrong (NOWHERE, it’s the second week!) and she’s not ready to leave until she gets close to 100kg. She thinks if she had to go home she wouldn’t continue, she wouldn’t have the motivation, there’s too much temptation out there and she hasn’t learnt how to deal with that.
She also makes reference to Carrianne giving up a spot in the House for her, so she’s doing it for her too.

Nicole and Sheridan remember that there was a suggestion last week that whoever loses the least weight would be the one to vote for and this week that would be Nicole.
Sheridan says she doesn’t want to go on percentages because Nicole is the hardest worker. And with Nicole being the lowest percentage that just proved to her that the idea from last week is complete rubbish.
They think that Rachel is the obvious choice. Nicole doesn’t understand how Rachel lost so much when Nicole has worked three times as hard. I suspect that it was Rachel’s fairly lackluster performance in the first week.
Nicole says she likes Rachel as a person, but she’s just not motivated. There’s no point having her in the team if she’s not dedicated to the team.

Nicola goes up to chat to Rachel. Rachel calls her, “Twixie”? Okay.
Nicola says that Rachel is her roommate and one of her best friends in there, she likes having her around.
Nicola tells Rachel it’s hard to make a decision. They don’t want to seperate anyone, because the team is finally working well as a team. They can’t kick out their big players, they can’t kick out a boy this week.
Rachel agrees with that and says that if she had her choice, she’d pick Sheridan, but she has immunity. Rachel says in an aside that her choice is between Nicola and Nicole.
Nicola asks her what she should do and Rachel says she doesn’t know. Nicola asks her if she wants to be there or not.
Rachel says she hopes she’ll survive for another week, after coming close last week she’s been a little more motivated.

Nicola thinks Rachel deserves to be there but she just hopes that everyone else can see Rachel wants to be there.

Cosi, Garry, Sheridan and Nicola sit down for a chat to decide between Nicole and Rachel.
Garry reminds them about the lowest number being the one to punt.
Sheridan says that she was the lowest number, but Nicole is one of their most dedicated team members. It’s more about consistent commitment to training, putting the hours in, keeping their food diary.
Garry says that Rachel has given them a way out because she hasn’t put in the work, but she did get a decent number.
Cosi says he thought Garry would vote for Rachel, but he was so disappointed by Nicole’s loss.
Cosi asks Nicola what she thinks and she says she doesn’t know. Nicola says last week she voted with her heart but now it’s week two and she’s going to have to start voting with her head.

Cosi says that until you’re sitting in the room and the little lid comes off, you just don’t know!

And we finally have the fatties dawdling down the spiral staircase. Past their “dream outfits” upstairs, which we never got to see and I only just remembered we usually get to see! Hmph!

Garry and Cosi are on the far end, with Sheridan, Nicole, Rachel and Nicola spread from the left.

Ajay’s looking very swish in a nice black jacket with something that looks pink and vaguely lace-like. Pretty black pendant hanging around her neck, too.

Rah rah, someone’s going home, they’re sucking as a team, lost two weigh ins, one major challenge and one teammate and shortly, they’ll lose another!

Ajay reminds Sheridan of her mid-week pigout. She asks if Sheridan thinks she would have been sent home if she didn’t have immunity and Sheridan says no. Lots of barely concealed smirks on various Red Team faces at that.
Nicole is asked if she feels vulnerable with such a lame number and she says a little, but she’s the biggest girl in the team, so she’s got a lot to lose.
Rachel gets asked if she feels safe with a decent number and Rachel says no!
Cosi says you think you know what will happen but then things change.

Ajay seems to be looking right at Garry when she says, “It’s time to cut the fat!”

Sheridan says that her vote goes to a “curious creature” (Rachel) who they’ve grown to love very dearly, but who maybe doesn’t need or want to be there as much as the rest of the team.
Rachel: 1

Nicole’s vote is for someone who had a chance to step up and prove they can do things for the team and they’ve proven that they could do it on the outside, where they have the comfort of home and the people they love. She has voted for… white glowing name!
Probably Rachel, given what she said, but that tricky white glow can hide any number of things…
And after the ad break they replayed Nicole’s entire reasoning before getting to it. This episode has been very heavy on replays!
Rachel: 2

Nicole also drew a little cartoon of Rachel on her card, complete with spikey hair and a poking out tongue. Cute!

Rachel is voting for someone who is really awesome and she really likes them, they’ve been her mother figure in the house. Really motivating for her, first to get her in the gym and to tell her she can’t eat things, which is a good thing. But she’s basing it on weightloss and this person just didn’t get the number they should have.
Nicole: 1
Rachel: 2

Nicola is up next. Nicola says she voted with her heart, not her head and now she’s realised this is a game and she needs to play it strategically. When she looks at what is needed for the game, it needs motivation and determination and she was looking for consistency from everyone with that and there was one person who wasn’t doing that. It’s going to crush her if this person has to leave because she relies on her so much.
Rachel: 3
Nicole: 1

Nicola has “Rach AKA Pants” on her card. Err, okay!
“It’s all good, Twixie! You’ll have a clean room now!” – Rachel

Ajay informs Rachel that if she receives one more vote, she’ll be going home.

Garry says it was a hard decision, he’s fond of everyone on the team. They did surprise him with their weightloss this week, he had to question this person’s dedication and performance at time. This person has shown that in patches, but it’s not always 100%. And if you’re going to be in the Red Team it has to be 100% of the time.
He’s voted for Rachel, meaning she will be going home tonight.

Rachel says she tried really hard and someone has to go every week, when you look at the whole team she’s definitely the main one who needs a kick up the bum most of the time. She’s going to take home a lot more motivation and some great friends.
Nicola is asked if she feels like she’s stabbed a friend in the back and Nicola says yes, it’s not something she’d do on the outside but she’s going to have just to deal with it. And being in her room alone tonight is going to be really hard.
“I love you! I do, and I already miss you.” – Nicola. LESBIAN? :-D

Rachel’s really looking forward to getting home and seeing her girlfriend, Jess, as she’s missed her a lot.
Rachel says she’ll be really hot at the finale. “Wearing a dress?” – Nicola. Rachel says she may, her family has never seen her in a dress or anything girly really.

Any last words? Cosi needs a haircut, Garry’s a top bloke. And she’ll see everyone at the finale.
And she’d like to see some Blues on the outside!

Cosi gets up to hug Rachel and says to her that she’s the only girl he can hug and not have his girlfriend get jealous. Nicola and Rachel have a big long squishy hug, n’awwww!
“Bye, mother hen!” – Rachel to Nicole.
Sheridan grabs Rachel’s nogging and plants a big kiss on her forehead.
“Pull your pants up!” – From a couple of people.

Ajay reminds them all how much they suck and how bad they’re getting whooped. They need to work very hard to catch up to Blue and avoid seeing her there for a third week in a row!

Rachel arrives home at last to a big cuddle from Jess and her Mum? And a whole bunch of other girls.
I wonder how she got to be a lesbian? *ducks*
2 months on and she’s going at the exercise pretty good. And her face has some actual definition to it now, not just a sort of slab of flesh. She says her life has changed dramatically since being on the show and she’s really enjoying going to the gym.
Before she went on the show, she ate bags and bags of lollies. Now she’s cut out the fast foods and fatty foods, she eats a lot of steak and chicken nowadays.
Comparing her to her application tape, it’s a big difference.
Jess says it’s a lot more enjoyable having someone with a lot more energy and get up and go.
She’s lost 10kg since appearing on the show.

Coming up tomorrow, who’s dining in and who’s dining out? It looks like the fried food is back!

“I’m having you for starters!” – Commando Steve

And in America, the Black Team is falling apart. Bob gives his, “I can’t want it for you” speech to Steven.

Temptation is going to have something to do with throwing darts at a board and then possibly eating an unhealthy food to try for immunity?

The challenge is something weird where it’s brain versus brawn in some fashion.
And the scales deliver harsh realities.

And a massive shock will change one team’s fate forever! In other words, they’ve going to fuck us over with The Walk again. You heard it here first!

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