Recap #61 – Sunday 15th April – Double weigh-in, 4 people going to be sent home, could it be any more dramatic?

Qualifying weigh-ins for the whiteshirts tonight, for the chance at gaining a blackshirt.

Should be pretty dramatic. Want to know who wins the black? Want to know which of the blackshirts will then be facing elimination? Yes, that’s right, double weigh-in tonight, woohoo!

The whiteshirts wander on up the drive. In the rain, suckers!
Marty thinks that maybe it’ll be third time lucky and wonders if they’re all shitting themselves. He asks the other two if they think they should knock on the door or just stroll in. In the end they decide to knock and get the rest of them to come out front. Everyone seems happy to see Damien, but they’re also worried to see Marty and Michael back.
They tell the others about the challenge. Damien tells them about Courtney’s act of generousity, which annoys Pati because it cost Courtney his place in the final three. Surely that’s his choice!
Munnalita says that the three biggest contenders coming back infuuuuuriates her. If you couldn’t see that coming you’ve obviously missed way too many episodes!

Pati and Munnalita are pissed off and angry about it all. Munnalita says they’re the last two remaining original contestants and so she’d be annoyed if one of them got kicked out for one of the returning people. Pati says that each time Marty gets to return to the house he comes back refreshed and he’s much more keen and determined to win.
Munnalita was annoyed by Courtney not being one of the whiteshirts because she knows he had the strength to get through. Pati says she can see why Courtney did what he did, but it infuriated her nonetheless.

Michelle and Shannan arrive and Shannan tells us for the umpteenth time that they’ve no idea what to expect today.
Shannan looks around the room trying to find the three new whiteshirts, checks down the back of the couch but nothing. Eventually he demands the new people come out. Michael comes out first, much to the delight of Shannan, since that’s another Blue back in the game. Marty strolls in next, which makes Michelle happy and Shannan has a laugh about “The Cat with nine lives!” Then Damien comes in last of all, which makes Shannan really happy because they’ve come so far together.
Meanwhile Pati’s looking pretty glum and Munnalita’s looking less than impressed.

Michelle says the final four are feeling the heat. Three big guys coming back into contention. Laura who’s a quiet achiever and Gerard “who is a changed man.”

But now it’s time for last chance training… “There’s so many Blues, Mish, can I please take White?” “Just have them!” Michelle said that last with mock disgust in her voice. Hee!

Jules! Jules! Special catch-up with Jules!
Having left due to medical problems, the change isn’t enormous, but she looks so much better now compared to Day One in the house. Much better body shape, way less fat around the face. She’s looking much better.

Shannan tells his Whites that they’re in the fiercest competition they’ve been in since they entered the house. Damien says that it might be the last chance to train with Shannan so it’d be silly not to give 100%.
Gerard loves the crosstrainer now!
Marty thinks his biggest competitor is likely to be Michael, so he’s hoping that Michael will have hit a plateau and that Marty’s plateau is over.
Laura runs at 14km/h for the first time ever. Her previous best was 11km/h. Shannan thinks people might underestimate her, he thinks she’s a real threat to the boys. Laura says she has to prove to the boys that she wants this. She’s looking pretty damn strong so she may just do it!
Shannan says that they’ve all been through the pain of elimination before and he’s really looking forward to seeing one of them after the weigh-in.

Michelle knows this last chance training is critical because if they don’t pull the big numbers they need to, one of them will be going home. Last chance was potentially their last chance to stay in the game.
Kimberlie’s Michelle’s special target for the day. She gets pushed really hard all through the session.
Pati says they can’t muck around in training anymore because it could make or break her time in the house. So could’ve all the others!
Michelle says one of the whiteshirts is coming back through and it doesn’t matter which one it is because whoever it is is going to be a big threat in the game.
Munnalita sees Marty as the biggest threat to her, so she thinks to herself that she can’t give up for a second.
Michelle says that Chris feels the most vulnerable and he’s feeling the pressure because he wants it so badly.
Michelle wants them to feel the heat outside like they’re about to feel the heat inside.

Kim and Michelle go for a chat after training. Kim says she thinks Michelle wanted to connect with her emotionally, but she’s not really like the other contestants in the house. Michelle sits her down for a talk and says that all her contestants, the big breakthroughs have come after asking some hard questions of themselves. Kim doesn’t think she needs to do it because she’s dealt with her personal life stuff already and she’s already very strong. Michelle says she thinks Kim holds her cards close to her chest, doesn’t let people in, feels very much in control and in charge. Which sets off alarm bells in Michelle’s head usually.
Kim says she needed to do it for herself, she doesn’t care about the money or the title, she just cares about fixing “this” for good. She never wants to go back, she’s sick of it and it’s been going on too long. She needed The Biggest Loser for the embarassment of it, she’s accountable now, everyone knows what she weighs, everyone’s seen her in her underwear, she’s got too much pride to go back now.

Now a special catchup… With Courtney? Ha!
He’s looking much better. He says before he lost weight he didn’t like having photos taken of himself, he wouldn’t look at them, he felt ashamed. The Biggest Loser came at the perfect time for him, when he needed to be saved. He’s got no problems anymore, he doesn’t feel insecure. He says it’s the fittest he’s ever been, in fact it’s the first time he’s ever been fit at all. His goal weight is 90kg and he’s almost there already. By finale, he’ll be happy.
“It just feels good. I feel like a normal person.”

Kim has mixed feelings walking into the weigh-in room. Michael’s really nervous as well, he’s scared of the scales! He’s hoping to pull a big enough number to stay in the game.
Marty says they’re used to going into the room and only one person having to go home, but this time there’s a bunch of them fighting to be able to remain in the game!
Ajay’s looking a wee bit sunburnt around the cleavage area. She has burnlines, not tanlines!

The whiteshirt who’s lost the most weight will win a wildcard entry back into the game.

Pati’s video diary has her saying she knows she’s done everything she can but you’re never sure if it’s enough.

Two weigh-ins today, first up the qualifying weigh-in where the biggest loser will be returned to the game. Then a second weigh-in of the blackshirts to decide who it is that will be up for elimination.
“One of the returning contestants could still become the biggest loser!” – Ajay

Munnalita “really really” wants to be part of the final four.

Damien gets to weigh-in first. Everyone wishes him good luck. He’s happy to go first and is hoping to lose around 5kg.
Prelim: 162.7kg – LOSS: 4.3kg
Laura thinks it’s fabulous that Damien’s lost over 53kg. Damien says he thought he was too far gone at 216kg to do anything about it. He says being the Biggest Loser and the money isn’t the most important part to him, losing weight and saving his life was the important part for him. The Biggest Loser was the kick up the arse he needed to turn his life around.
Everyone says well done and Marty calls out that it’s a super effort!

Damien’s Percentage: 2.57%

Laura needs to have lost at least 2.3kg to beat Damien. Very doable! She looks so different getting up on the scales from what she looked like last time.
Prelim: 87.4kg – LOSS: 1.5kg
She says she was hoping for a little bit higher but it’s still a loss at the end of the day and that’s the important bit. Ajay says that she’s been an inspiration to her Dad and Laura says yes, when she got home that made her Dad realise he needed to do something. She knows her Dad is proud of her, she’ll be able to live the next 50 years of her life happy and healthy.

Laura’s percentage: 1.69%

So she’s now second which means she’s definitely not coming back.
Munnalita is hoping that this means either Damien or Gerard will be returning.

2.7kg is what Gerard will need to return to the game. He thinks he might’ve but all he really wants is to get his weight under 100kg. He doesn’t care if it’s only by 100grams, so long as he’s under it!
Prelim: 99.7kg – LOSS: 4.3kg
“YES!” He’s stoked. Michael’s worried because it’s going to be hard to beat. Munnalita nearly fell over backwards and she’s really happy for him. Gerard says his kids will be very proud of him. Marty says every fat person hopes to get back to those double digits and then he realised that that meant Gerard might win!

Gerard’s Percentage: 4.13%

Puts him in first place, meaning Damien is now definitely not returning…

Michael will need to have lost at least 5kg to still be in with a chance. He thinks that realistically he’ll be between 3 and 4, not 5.
Prelim: 115.8kg – LOSS: 5.1kg
He’s really happy about it. He says his legs are shaking he can barely stand up. Gerard is really happy for him, he’s not upset at all, because Michael’s done so well on the outside and then come back in and lost so much and been so competitive.
Ajay asks Michael when the last time was he was under 120kg and he says maybe in his middle teens, fifteen or so. It’s always easy to pick on the fat kid in school, makes you an easy target, but he’s now let go of that part of his life. Ajay says he looks so different to the old Michael on the wall.

Michael’s Percentage: 4.22%

So now Michael’s in first place and Gerard won’t be returning.
Kim says that Michael’s looking pretty confident as if he’s already back in the game and imagining himself winning the entire thing.

Marty needs to have lost at least 4.9kg and Marty doesn’t really think he’s got much of a chance of getting in. Chris says that when Ajay told Marty he’d need 4.9kg he though Marty had Buckley’s, even though it is Marty and he’s Superman, but his luck’s run out.
Prelim: 109.9kg – LOSS: 7.6kg
“YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” Sweet Jebus! Chris thinks that maybe Marty really is Superman. Gerard says he’s amazing. Marty says it proves that hard work does pay off. Munnalita says that he’s been in and out of the game like mad and now she thinks that he’s just meant to be there.
Ajay asks him how long it’s been since he’s weighed that much and Marty says probably not since 21 or 22. He says he was having the best time of his life back then and he had confidence to burn. He says when they get out he’s going to pick up 50kg to see what it’s like, he might even exercise with it in his pack to prove how far he’s come.

Marty’s Percentage: 6.47%

Blitzed them all. Laura, Gerard, Damien and Michael are all going home. Ajay says they should all be very proud of themselves and while they might not be finalists, they’re all still in with a chance at winning the $50,000 for the eliminated contestants weigh-in. She’ll see them all at the finale!
But before they go, they’re going to welcome back the wildcard, Marty! He wanders forward to get his blackshirt.
“Awww, not good enough for you anymore, eh?” Damien chuckles from the sidelines.

Laura says she’s disappointed at not getting a blackshirt but she knows she can continue on the outside and she’s looking forward to being at the finale at her goal weight of 70kg… “Looking hot!” And Laura has a giggle. No tears?!
Gerard says it doesn’t matter because he’s leaving very happy, he’s achieved something major – he finally won a competition for the first time in his life!
Michael says he can see himself living to 100 whereas when he started he was looking at more like 50.
Damien says it’s sad to be leaving the White House, there’s been a lot of blood sweat and tears but it was definitely worth it. He wouldn’t swap it for anything in the world.

So now there’s a final five. Marty is back in the game, but without immunity. He might be leaving the game sooner than he thinks.
But, as Chris points at, looking at the board Marty is already in first and he lost 7.6kg to get there – “We’re all stuffed!”

The two contestants who have lost the smallest percentage of weight this week will be facing elimination.

Kim’s up first. She’s hoping to lose 5kg but will be happy with anything over 2kg.
Week 10: 105.2kg – LOSS: 5.2kg
“Wow! That’s big!” Munnalita looks at that and is worried because if Kim has lost that much that means Munnalita probably hasn’t!
Ajay asks Kim what she’d say to the 10 year old version of her, “Stop being so frigging stubborn!” She knows she should’ve done something about it back then.

Kim’s Percentage: 4.71%

Not bad, second place behind Marty. One more of the three remaining losing less than Marty will guarantee him a spot in the finale!

Pati goes next. She’s hoping for enough to keep her above the yellow line.
Week 10: 85.4kg – LOSS: 4.6kg
“Get out of town!” Marty was only expecting 2-2.5kg out of Pati. He’s quite shocked. He thinks it’s amazing. Pati says she trained so hard that it hurt like the first day again. She did things she didn’t really want to do or didn’t think she could. She’s never wanted anything in her life like she’s wanted this.

Pati’s Percentage: 5.11%

Pati’s now in second place… And Marty is now guaranteed to be above the yellow line! Marty pumps his fists.

Chris needs to have lost at least 4.8kg to be above the yellow line. Less than that and he’ll be facing elimination this week. He’s worked hard and his diet’s been good. He’s always had trouble getting below 100kg so he’s worried it’s going to plateau now.
Week 10: 93.1kg – LOSS: 7.9kg
“Yes!” He says it’s a big achievement for him to be under 100. He hasn’t been that low since he was 14. “Where’d that come from? That’s huge!”
Ajay asks him how he’s changed since losing the weight. He says he’s had a lot of emotional changes, he’s trying to look out for others in the house lately and he’s proud of all the other people in the house. Chris says he’s happy because no matter what, he’s hit his goal weight now… He’d still like to win but he’s just happy with where he is now.
He goes over and shakes hands or hugs everyone but Kim. Because he doesn’t like her. Heh. He doesn’t think she’ll lose sleep over it.
Kim is now under the line. She’s still confident that karma will come and bite him in the end!

Chris’ Percentage: 7.82%

He’s now first place ahead of Marty, and “unfortunately” (Ajay’s word) Kim has been pushed below the yellow line.

Munnalita is last to win. To beat Pati and stay above the yellow line she’ll need to have lost at least 4.8kg. Marty says Munnalita doing well would push Pati, her friend, under the yellow line… but secretly, Marty’s hoping she would fall under the yellow line. It’s not entirely clear which “she” he means.
Week 10: 86.6kg – LOSS: 6.3kg
Which gets her into the final four. She says she’s played the game, never made a secret of it, and she’s actually proud of everything she’s done and she’s happy about all the friends she’s made in the house.
She says she was 88kg when she bought her wedding dress, hoping to get to 80 for her wedding… And instead ballooned out to 105kg.

Munnalita’s Percentage: 6.78%

Which puts her in second place, ahead, even, of Marty!

Pati and Kimberlie are now below the yellow line. Chris, Munnalita and Marty will have to vote to decide on whom to elimination. This could get very interesting!

This will be the first time for Pati or Kim to be facing elimination. Pati’s frustrated at not losing enough.

Next time on the show, the two girls will be fighting for survival. “Sometimes business doesn’t mix with friendship.” – Pati
And then the final four will get a special visit… From Adro! Cool!

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