Recap #35 – Thursday 15th March – The Walk takes a walk!

Yesterday, on The Biggest Loser Recap, Mythor said the next Recap would also be late. And Munnalita is fuuurious?

Who was paired with who? Who is returning to the game? Who was the one armed man?
Read on to find out!

First duo Damien has chosen: Mel and Greg.
Greg is concerned because Mel is carrying a bad ankle injury. Mel is happy because Greg trains well and loses a lot of weight.
Second duo: Munnalita and Courtney.
Damien is hoping that they’ll help to push each other. Courtney is a bit pissed off because putting them in the same duo basically makes them a target. Munnalita looks fuuuurious? She says that he’s not real strict with his dieting (hello?) and he’s not real strict with his exercise (double double standards!).
Third duo: Damien and Laura.
Damien says that Laura’s big number previously and his numbers should mean they’ll do well together. Laura is happy because she’d been hoping to be paired with Damien. She feels sorry for Pati, though.
Pati is the Nevillina Nofriends, not being partnered with anyone.

Ajay reminds us that the reason there’s not enough for a full four duos is because Jules went home for medical reasons. Because of that, Jules must be replaced!
Nobody can replace Jules! :(
Damien realises they’re going to be bringing someone back.
Ajay says they’ve been keeping an eye on everyone outside the house, they’re all training hard, eating well and losing weight.
“If you bring back that last one, I’ll go fucking nuts.” – Courtney, referring to Marty, due to his plotting and scheming and thinking about how to get rid of him (paraphrased, but he essentially said that. Strike #4,000 against the people saying Courtney is a lovely chap!)

Ajay says the person who’ll be returning is the one who has lost the most weight since starting… Which pretty much guarantees it will be Marty, since he spent the longest time in the house!
And whaddaya know, “Heeeeeeeeere’s Marty!” He thought it was “sweet” the shocked looks on most of their faces. Blue and Greg all have gigantic grins on their faces, Pati looks sort of bemused and Courtney’s and Munnalita’s smiles are totally pastede on yay!
Damien’s loving it because it’ll cause a bit of friction, “not that I’m an advocate for trouble, but it does make things a bit exciting!”
Greg’s grinning because it’s great to have a mate back and he’ll be even more determined now.
Pati’s got a lot going through her mind because they’d only just got rid of Marty, in a very messy elimination. She’s worried because of the way he stepped on a lot of toes last time and now she’s paired with him!

Ajay also says that Marty is coming back without immunity, which means everyone is up for elimination… And it will be a duo to leave, not just a single person now. I’d’ve thought they’d’ve had a week off to make up for all the people leaving early!
The Yellow Line is finally back. The two biggest losing duos will be above the yellow line and safe. The two duos who lose the least will be below the yellow line and eligible for elimination.

Marty says hello to everyone again, bit of a handshake for various people, big hug from Greg.
Courtney says, “He doesn’t deserve a second chance, he got eliminated, when you’re eliminated you should be eliminated and that should be end of story!”
Marty tells everyone he’s not holding any grudges, he’s just happy to be back.

Greg takes Marty aside to chat to him about people’s attitude towards him in the house, because he feels like Marty should know where he stands.

Marty’s coming back with extra drive to go even harder. We’ve seen the gentle Marty and now we’re going to see not the mean Marty but the determined Marty.

Munnalita and Courtney have a chat about their training regime. Courtney wants 5 hours a day, Munnalita wants 6, she tells Courtney that she’s been doing 6 and if she can do 6 then he can too! Courtney tries to say 6 is too much but Munnalita just talks all over him and even goes so far as to say sometimes she’ll even do 7 or 8 hours a day of training. Heading for a burnout! She doesn’t want to go home this week, may even have to get up at 3am and if she does, he has to as well!

Pati and Marty head off for a chat where Pati tells him that he didn’t leave on the best of terms. Marty says he has to trust her because they’re teammates again. He just wants to work his butt off! He’s never really thought he could win it, but now he’s been gone and come back, he’s really determined to win it.

Shannan and Michelle finally rock up to the house to find out what’s been going on.
Shannan counts and gets to 8 and goes…? And Marty turns around and Michelle is just… shocked! Shannan seems much more pleased by it though. As Courtney says, Michelle’s reaction was strange, very low-key.

Outside for training today. Shannan has Damien and Laura, plus Mel and Greg. Michelle is a little disappointed at not having Greg anymore.
Marty’s pushing hard on his first day back.
“You bastards have underestimated me for too long!” – Courtney
Michelle actually thinks Munnalita and Courtney will do well together because they’re friends so they’ll push each other.
She’s also hopeful for Pati and Marty, thinking they’ll do well.

Greg’s doing some boxing training with Shannan, Shannan saying he’s fit and focused but he needs a kick in the bum to get moving.
Shannan’s objective is to push him really hard and Greg is looking forward to it. Shannan thinks that Greg and Mel is going to be a team to look out for.
He also thinks Damien and Laura is going to be a really dangerous team as well. “The new Laura! I haven’t seen her cry for at least three or four days, which is a record!”

Now that Munnalita and Courtney are paired up, she’s noticed a few things about his diet that she wants to clean up a bit.
Courtney’s in the kitchen smearing a bit of peanut butter on a piece of bread for breakfast, which horrifies Munnalita. Courtney asks if Michelle had said peanut butter was alright (if she hasn’t, Bob or Jillian has) but Munnalita says no, Michelle wouldn’t want it there at all. Munnalita continues to lecture him on diet. Asks him how many hot chocolates he’s having a day and he says 2 or 3, Munnalita retorts he’s having 2 or 3 a night sometimes. “I’m sick of eating just steak and chicken and salad, might as well be in a prison camp!” “That’s exactly where we are, we’re in a fat camp! Because we’re eating too much of this stuff!”
“If Courtney doesn’t control himself and we do end up going home I’ll be really disappointed?” It cuts both ways honey, you need to learn some self control as well!
Courtney finally caves in and chucks the bread and peanut butter slice in the bin. Munnalita says she’s happy but Courtney says he’s not, to which Munnalita replies it’s okay that he’s not happy.
She’s definitely getting too big for her boots and I think even Courtney is starting to regret attaching himself to her!

Next time on The Biggest Loser, it’s some weird harness challenge thing lifting water to the top of a structure and into a tank. One person has to lift the other on a rope and it’s looking like some hands are going to get pretty torn up. Ouchies!
And there may be a weight penalty associated with the challenge for whoever loses? Ugh.
At least there was no Walk this week, thus only a half hour ep!

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