Michelle (Trainer)

Michelle's Profile PictureWith a “take no prisoners” attitude and well-honed techniques, Michelle Bridges is more than ready to bring her renowned discipline and dedication to The Biggest Loser house. One of the country’s highest profile fitness professionals, Michelle is the perfect choice as a local identity to match the charisma and professionalism of the program’s resident gurus, Bob and Jillian.

The former “Australian Fitness Leader of the Year” runs her own Personal Training business and just like The Biggest Loser, she’s famous for quick transformations. A no-nonsense trainer who refuses to baby her clients, Michelle uses intense cardio and weight training to achieve amazing results.

With an uncanny knack of judging people’s abilities, this vigilant expert knows exactly how far to push her clients. A true realist, Michelle knows that extreme weight loss is never easy and if The Biggest Loser’s contestants think they’ll be receiving any mercy from this driven individual, they’d better think again.

Added in Season 4:
She is a leading ambassador for the National Heart Foundation, and has been involved with the charity for the past four years.

A columnist for some of Australian’s leading consumer publications, including Woman’s Health and Cosmopolitan, she has just penned her first book for release in 2009. A must read fitness handbook, it lifts the lid on the diet myths and misinformation we are exposed to daily, and provides a guide to shedding pounds fast.

Michelle’s motto “with every breakdown there’s a breakthrough,” is reflective of her intense technique. This tough trainer will push the contestants to the very edge of their mental and physical fitness limits.

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