Munnalita’s Profile PictureAge: 32
Height: 170
Start Weight: 119
Current Weight: 119
Target Weight: 60
Hometown: Mount Gambier
Team: Red

This year’s amazing contestants are all powered by a host of different motives, but every mother will easily connect with Munnalita’s desire to shed kilos. The highly creative hairdresser already enjoys a happy marriage with the man of her dreams but has been told that she must lose weight to be successful on the IVF programme where she’s made constant futile attempts to become pregnant. To complete her life and begin a family, this emotional character must dramatically change her body.

Another motivating factor is Munnalita’s dream of entering the fashion industry, which is infamously image-conscious. Only a twist of fate denied Munnalita an early opportunity to realise her huge potential as a designer. Perhaps, when her need for children has been fulfilled, the frustrated hairdresser will turn back time and make her dream job a reality.

With her sights set on a large family and exciting career, expect to see a determined individual when Munnalita enters The Biggest Loser house.

Note: This page will be updated as the series progresses!

Weightloss Progress:

  • Week 0: 127.3kg
  • Week 1: 119.4kg – LOSS: 7.9kg
  • Week 2: 116.4kg – LOSS: 3kg
  • Week 3: 113.5kg – LOSS: 2.9kg
  • Week 4: 110.5kg – LOSS 3kg
  • Week 5: 106.9kg – LOSS: 3.6kg
  • Week 6: 97.9kg – LOSS: 9kg
  • Week 7: 97.9kg – NO CHANGE
  • Week 8: 95.3kg – LOSS: 2.6kg
  • Week 9: 92.9kg – LOSS: 2.4kg
  • Week 10: 86.6kg – LOSS: 6.3kg
  • More Pictures:

    Munnalita’s Makeover

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