The Biggest Loser Transformed dumped from 7.30pm slot

It seems Australians didn’t really want a more realistic version of The Biggest Loser with viewing figures crashing last week. According to TV Tonight it was fifth in its timeslot this week. Fifth!

As a result the show will move to a 1pm afternoon slot, Monday to Thursday. The show was airing replays at that time previously, so it’s not displacing anything while it takes the long march to the grave.

It’s unclear at this stage what will happen with the plans for the finale as viewers were meant to be voting for their favourite transformation to decide the really big prize at the end, instead of just basing it on weightloss percentage.

The Recap will continue to do its thing despite the change in timeslot, so if you miss an episode of the lowest rating series in the show’s history you can still catch up right here!

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