The Biggest Loser: Transformed Premieres March 14!

Gosh, that’s crept up on me. Wasn’t expecting the show until April. Or was that wishful thinking?

In any event, it’s official! The Biggest Loser: Transformed will start Tuesday March 14 at 7.30pm on Channel 10. Shannan’s excited by sixpacks and bikini bodies!

Yes, this is a timeslot we’d usually see I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here in at the moment. With the jungle camp still containing 11 people I can’t see that it will be over within two weeks, so… They trying to hitch a ride on that show’s popularity? Guess we’ll see.

The official website has started its own transformation from the showcase for last season to the new one. Shannan and Fiona have both received updated profiles, along with new trainer Libby Babet getting her own blurb. All three profiles are, of course, already up here, with Shannan and Fiona’s previous ones archived for posterity. And to laugh at them just repasting Fiona on a new background…

The official site has also added a profile for Psychologist Glenn Mackintosh. The show has had professionals behind the scenes before, but his profile suggests that maybe there’ll be regular sessions aired on the show? Talking about mental health is important and the show might be looking to push it into the spotlight. Stay tuned?

Other than that, the header’s been updated, the FAQ’s been tidied up and the typing exercises begin today. It all begins again… SOON!

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