The Biggest Loser Australia Season 10 Contestant Profiles

Season 10 contestant profiles have been added to the site. And you can add comments to them, if you like, unlike the silly official website. How good is that?

Anyway. Here’s the list, though you can also access them via the top menu as usual.

Auvales: Johnee, Tenealle, Moses, Rina.

Hailwoods: Sylvia, Kayla, Sam, Cliff.

Jofres: Rob, Pablo, Tony, Daniel.

Pestells: Terry, Melissa, Ali, Jodie.

As I suspected, not everyone has the same surname as some are unmarried partners and the like. Three of the Auvales are Pacific Islanders, which is a first for the series I think? Tenealle is white and married to Johnee and they want to have tiny babies and be fit and healthy when they do.

Pablo’s a player of video games, which is sure to do wonders for the image of gamers! Any guesses which games? He also has the biggest beard on this season so we should all cross our fingers he gets to Makeover Day!

Who do we think will be out first? Who do we think will win? Who will be the prettiest princess after Makeover Day?

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