8×31 – The Last Leg, Without Adam Hills

Previously on The Biggest Loser we all went camping in New Zealand, hooray!

Well, the contestants went camping. Except for the King and Fat Princess who got to stay in a fancy lodge.

Tonight there’s some more racing ahead. Including the traditional trek with their weightloss to date packed into their backpacks. Also, even more river paddling.

Paddling three nights in a row? Oh you better believe that’s a paddlin’.

But first, SHEEP! Was beginning to suspect they weren’t even in New Zealand but then they showed some sheep which obviously proves it.

Fourth and final leg of the race today. The team that wins today gets a golden ticket straight to the finale and the losing team will receive a one kilogram weight penalty at the final weigh in.

The race starts today with a 3km paddle down the drive. Then a lift up Queenstown hill? Then a 5km run to the finish line. Sounds easy? Not so, says Hayley. Halfway through the run they’ll have to pick up packs with their weightloss so far inside.

Green’s off first today, followed in a minute by orange, then two minutes by blue and four minutes for poor old pink.

Gerald and Todd walk their boat right out into the middle of the river to begin because Gerald says if you try and get in before there’s enough water under the boat you could tip over. Foreshadowing another team falling in? I hope so!

Katie and Robyn get into their boat too early and hit the bottom because they’ve gone into the shallow part. Even Amber can tell they’ve done a dumb thing. Blue head off and immediately get into the lead, though they accidentally run straight into orange again just like in the rafts they built.

This time blue power away while orange are stuck spinning around backwards. Richard and Amber are off on the chase to catch Gerald and Todd. At least it gives Janet and Kirsten a real chance to not be last!

Kirsten’s excited to do this because they had fun in the white water rafting and even though they’ve got a four minute penalty again they can still see both orange and blue when they head off.

Green’s doing pretty well, but blue are actually catching up quite well. They’re working together instead of arguing and Richard says it’s helping them a lot. They went in with a victorious mindset and that’s made all the difference. They start to spin a little but they don’t panic and get back on course.

Orange, meanwhile, are bickering quite a lot again. Robyn’s hoping pink will start arguing again because they’re catching up quickly.

But Janet and Kirsten are maintaining a steady pace, actually working well together. They catch up to orange but orange have little control over their boat and get right in the way. Kirsten actually hops out of the boat because it’s very shallow water and starts pulling the boat down the river while Janet struggles along behind. There’s nearly some more bitching at that but Kirsten looks at what orange are doing… just in time to see orange crash into a fallen tree in the river and get dumped into the water. Hah!

They’ve capsized a boat that is really difficult to capsize, Robyn says. She’s dropped her hat and tries to grab that but then she realises she’s lost her oar, too. Maybe that’s more important!

Janet and Kirsten manage to hit the tree too, but they don’t go under, unlike orange. Meanwhile out the front of the race Richard and Amber have taken one split of the river while Gerald and Todd have taken another. Blue’s split is running faster so they’ve taken the lead temporarily but blue gets turned around and green immediately catches back up.

Back up the river and pink nearly hits orange again, narrowly avoiding a collision as orange spins yet again. But they get a bit too confident at their success and end up beaching themselves again, forcing another walking the boat section. Janet says they were too excited to have actually passed someone!

Richard’s proud of Amber’s efforts in this race. She doesn’t have the same competitive drive he has and he’s come to accept that. Amber tells us that before the show she wouldn’t do anything out of her comfort zone, wouldn’t go out with her friends, hated doing anything uncomfortable. But now she’s doing all these crazy things and she’s built up her courage. She knows now she’s got to step up her game if they want the golden ticket.

Another split in the river and Richard and Amber have tried to take a shortcut. They run aground but Richard quickly hops out and pulls them over the bump and they’re back level with green again. Green push hard to regain their lead as they approach a bridge which signals the end of the river race. They’re first onto the shore and first into a car for their ride up the hill to the start of the running portion of the course.

Orange and pink are still battling it out on the river. Kirsten’s talking confidently about not having to come last for once and Janet’s agreeing. They know they need a solid lead on orange because they’re stronger runners. And Robyn knows they can’t afford a one kilogram penalty as the second lightest team remaining.

Gerald and Todd are in the car. Gerald’s got a really sore back coming out of the boat so he’s worried he won’t be able to carry his monster 46.6kg very fast, or far. But Todd’s confident that they just need to stay ahead of blue to the weight section because the weight on Amber will break her. Todd knows it’s going to be really hard for Gerald.

Richard and Amber are congratulating themselves on going past orange so quick and doing so well.

Kirsten refuses to come last again! Refuses! And Janet’s in agreeance, she says they’re not going to come last.

But Robyn and Katie know they’re stronger runners and will endure the backpack weight much better than the pink team.

Todd’s going to have to push Gerald all the way, he knows. Gerald’s back is hurting as soon as he gets out of the car, but Todd’s trying to stay ahead of Richard and Amber, who trot past with ease. Gerald’s calling for Todd to pull him.

Amber’s started to complain about not being able to run while Richard is pulling her. And so green start to pull ahead again…

Robyn and Katie turn up at the bottom of the hill just as pink disappear over the hill.

Katie’s taken off fast and Robyn’s worried she might struggle to keep up with her daughter for once. We get another little montage of Katie looking sad about Army stuff and how she needs to lose the weight to do Army stuff because she really wants to be in the Army, dontchaknow! Katie says her Mum has really pulled her through the show. Awww, hugs!

Kirsten’s encouraging her Mum to work harder because orange aren’t far behind but we can see behind them from the long camera shot and orange is nowhere in sight! Pfft.

Green and blue arrive at the weight packs around the same time but Gerald’s first to get his pack on. And he lets out a groan of pain as the weight hits his shoulders. Could be a long 2.5km for the old fella.

An unnamed Loser assistant helps Gerald on with his backpack in the end because it’s so heavy.

Meanwhile Richard and Amber are trotting off into the lead.

Gerald’s groaning in a lot of pain and getting terse with Todd, who’s only trying to encourage him to get past the pain and keep going. He really looks in a lot of pain.

As they go down the hill they pass Janet and Kirsten going up the hill. Kirsten’s trying to pull Janet up the hill but Janet’s doing it tough before they even get the backpacks on. Then blue pass orange and let them know green is struggling so they’re a chance at catching up and not being last.

Pink’s just getting to the packs and orange aren’t far behind.

But Janet’s having a lot of trouble even getting the bag on, though Kirsten’s doing her best to help her on with it. She’s begging Janet to do this because they need to not come last again. Janet says she doesn’t feel empowered by feeling all the extra weight back on her, she feels weak. She doesn’t know how she survived with all that weight on her.

Kirsten’s worried that they’ve already lost, if Janet’s struggling this much already. But she’s still urging Janet on.

Orange get to the backpacks just as pink are setting off back down the hill. Surely not a good sign for pink’s chances.

Then, as orange start trudging down the hill, Katie steps awkwardly on a rock and rolls her ankle. If you’ve never done that before it is EXCRUCIATING, even if you haven’t really done any serious damage. Very scary, especially if you can’t afford to be resting and icing it immediately! She carries on, but will it slow them down?

Blue are first to the final hill, though green are not too far behind. It’s a big hill and a fair way to the flags where Hayley and the trainers are waiting. Amber says they’re working well together as a team and it’s not as hard carrying that extra weight now as it was back when they really weighed that much.

Gerald’s still groaning a lot, but he’s carrying on as best he can.

Meanwhile Janet’s slowing down while Robyn and Katie are slowly catching up from behind. Orange are trying to get up a bit more speed, which could be risky on Katie’s dodgy ankle, but there’s nothing for it.

Kirsten’s trying to pull Janet along and she’s worried she’ll faceplant, she’s trying what she thinks is her best and Kirsten’s almost in tears. And then Janet does indeed fall down!

Kirsten tries desperately to yank Janet to her feet but Janet can’t get herself back up.

Robyn and Katie go past and Robyn tells us she’d’ve liked to help Janet back up but she’s struggling too much with her own weight. Yes, I’m sure it’s nothing to do with it being a race and you wanting to get into third place…

Kirsten’s calling her Mum such a complainer now. Janet says Kirsten’s saying it’s her fault that they’re losing, yet we can hear what Kirsten’s saying and she’s saying nothing of the sort, only that she can’t lift Janet up by herself. Meanwhile Janet’s having a cry and takes the weight off her back to try and help herself back up. You’ve still got to carry the weight while walking. Just get up!

Janet’s telling us she doesn’t know where their relationship has gone wrong. Says it doesn’t bother her that they fight, just the way that Kirsten disrespects her so much. Maybe you should try being worthy of respect? She thinks she deserves it but she’s never earned it! And finally she says that she didn’t respect herself so how could Kirsten.

And now, thanks to The Biggest Loser, she respects herself. And if Kirsten doesn’t respect her or her Dad in their home… Kirsten pipes up to say she respects Dad! Heh. Then Janet says that if Kirsten can’t respect her then when she gets home she needn’t bother unpacking her bags because she’ll be going somewhere else. Kirsten doesn’t seem bothered by that prospect.

Have a feeling that now Kirsten’s got some more self respect she’ll be getting the hell away from Janet as soon as possible.

Robyn says Katie’s had a tendency to be a little sooky in the past but today she’s just carrying on, despite the ankle problem. Katie tells us she actually wasn’t feeling the ankle at all… until she twists it again. Or is it the other ankle this time? She stepped on a very obvious rock and rolled her ankle again. Don’t step on fucking great big rocks you idiot!

Shannan’s always telling Gerald and Todd to push past the pain but it’s hard when all the weight is on Gerald’s back. Previously it was spread all over his body, Todd points out. Gerald finally can’t get enough air into his lungs because the backpack is too tight across his chest and he falls over to pant loudly beside the track.

Gerald’s got stuff going through his mind to try and push him through the rest of the way. He’s always had his daughter in his mind, before she goes into surgery each time, she’s always putting on a brave face and if she can, he can. It’s very hard to get back to his feet, but he manages it. And Shannan comes down to meet them as they come up the hill. One foot in front of the other, Shannan says, like Gerald’s done the whole thing.

But it’s too late to win as Richard and Amber have just secured their place in the finale by coming first.

So now it’s a matter of not coming last. Todd knows if Gerald goes down again they’re probably down for. He keeps calling Gerald to control his breathing and watch where he’s stepping. And they finally make it up to the top of the hill, where Gerald almost immediately collapses and Shannan hurriedly unstraps the backpack and Gerald calls for the medic right away and they put him in a car and hook him up to a drip right away.

And in third place it’s Robyn and Katie! They know they’ve got to stay above the yellow line because they’ll likely get voted out otherwise.

Mish goes down to encourage Kirsten and Janet and they need to finish as a team. And Kirsten finally gives her Mum a hug afterwards and tells us she knows her Mum isn’t a failure and she loves her to bits. AWWWW!

And at the end of the race Gerald and Todd are off seeing the medical team for poor old Gerald. So they get a round of applause before Richard and Amber get their golden ticket. They now have immunity for the final weigh in. And the next goal is the $200,000 after they get home.

Janet and Kirsten have a 1kg penalty for the final weigh in. Kirsten says it’s not over yet. Still a weigh in, still an elimination after that. It’s not over!

They’re in the home stretch now, Hayley says. Good luck at the weigh in and she’ll see them back at Camp.

Sunday on Biggest Loser the contestants will get a chance to pass on their training knowledge alongside their trainers as they instruct a bunch of schoolkids out on the lawn of Camp Biggest Loser. Cool! And then on Monday night, TRAIN THE TRAINERS! Woohoo!

And a surprise photoshoot for the remaining contestants… before the finale on Tuesday night. DON’T FORGET!