TBL 6×03: Trainers weigh-in for the very first time. Also, The Contest. Who will be Master of Their Domain?

Previously on The Biggest Loser Australia the contestants finally arrived at Camp, were weighed in and given their first workout for the season.

Tonight the trainers join the weigh-in party!

Then a contest between the four teams. The prize? “Power over the game.” Son of a bitch.

First thing in the morning the contestants are asked to file back into the Weigh-In Room, again.
Everyone’s more than a little nervous to be back in there so soon. They’re wondering if they have to weigh in again already. But Hayley sets their mind at ease – they’re not weighing in today.

No, instead it’s time for the trainers to weigh in. Time to see what a week of unhealthy eating does to four of the fittest people in the country.

Hayley asks them, “How bad can one week really be?” Cue montage of bad food and Michelle rejecting some of that food and Shannan rejecting some of that food and Tiffiny crying again!

Shannan’s start weight: 84.5kg
Shannan’s current weight: 89.5kg
Gain: 5kg

Wow. Five kilos in a single week! Everyone is stunned. Shannan asks us to imagine months of hard work undone by one week of bad eating.
He says to everyone that it affected him physically and psychologically but he wanted an insight into their lives and he threw himself into it wholeheartedly. Now he’s asking his team to throw themselves into it wholeheartedly and he’ll save their lives.

Mish says Shannan takes a lot of pride in looking after himself and she could see he was hurting after the weigh-in.

Tiffiny’s turn next.

Tiffiny’s start weight: 56.9kg
Tiffiny’s current weight: 61.5kg
Gain: 4.6kg

She’s amazed and her ninjas are horrified at what they’ve done to her. But Sarah-Jayne says it’s made her realise what Tiffiny was talking about them doing to their bodies by eating that crap all the time.

Commando Steve’s start weight: 92.5kg
Steve’s current weight: 99.1kg
Gain: 6.6kg

“You’re dead. From this point forward, you’re in my world now. And I don’t expect halves, I expect everything you’ve got, nothing less. And I’ll give you the same in return.”
Michelle was clearly stunned by how much Steve had gained.
Tiffiny tells us she feels sorry for Steve’s team. And then laughs!

Michelle’s start weight: 59.7kg
Michelle’s current weight: 65.5kg
Gain: 5.8kg

Michelle’s very upset by that gain. She says it goes against everything she does. She respects herself and right now she doesn’t.
Greg says it’s a bit of a wakeup call.
Mish says the one thing that stood out to them all when she met them was a lack of self respect. So she’s going to help them get it back.
Michelle tells us there’s no surprises here – they ate garbage, they didn’t exercise and they all put on weight. “Go figure!” Heh, gotta love her.

Next morning, it’s time to train! Michelle says she doesn’t care if it’s 5 o’clock in the morning!
Tiffiny even has gigantic cymbals to clash together to wake her people up, Shannan’s got a whistle, Steve’s just got his big army voice, Michelle’s got a megaphone and tells her team that for every minute they’re late it’s another 20 pushups.

Tiffiny’s got her ninjas in the dojang again, kicking while carrying weights. Kicking the butt of past temptations.
Jarrod’s doing it a bit easy, Tiff thinks, so she pounces on his back and makes him do squats and kicks while she hangs on his back!

Michelle has her Challenors doing cardio combined with strength training. “My favourite!”
They’re all on treadmills to start but two minutes in and Greg is whimpering and clutching his chest and Michelle says, “Really? Okay. I’m good with that. Keep going.” Haha, no sympathy!
Greg starts getting pain in his chest while doing some weights and asks to see the medic so Michelle immediately takes him to see the medic.

Damien’s a bit less sympathetic, he’s not sure there’s anything wrong with him, he’s just looking for an out.

The medic takes his heart rate and blood pressure and whatnot and he’s fine. The medic pokes Greg’s chest, which is sore. Sore chest muscles. Not a heart attack at all. So Michelle tells him it’s time to get on with it!
The brothers are starting to get a little fed up with him.
Damien’s the engine for the family, Mish says. When he fires up the rest of them get going. He’s really impressing Michelle so far. He always turns up ready to go every time and gives it all he’s got, despite his weight and everything holding him back.

Damien says when he hits the wall in training he has his family in his mind to keep him going.
Damien’s puffing and panting on the floor afterwards and trying to chat to Mish, who tells him he’ll get there. He’ll get there.

Steve’s got his girls outside today. Lots of ropes and tires and open grass and dirt.
He says he’s not sure how the girls feel about the outdoor session, but… he doesn’t really care!
Jodie says he’s not treating them like princesses today, he’s treating them like men. Men wriggling around in the mud and the dirt and the bindies. Ouch!

Shannan’s got the Westrens in his boxing ring. They’ve got a proper boxing ring this year, neat!
Sharlene’s having a sook again. Shannan’s got them doing squats in the corners of the ring and she can’t get down and stay down without falling over.

Shannan’s then got them doing a drill. Do one pushup and 10 punches on a heavy bag. Then two pushups and 20 punches. And keep increasing till they get to 100 punches.
Craig eventually starts dry retching again. Into a bucket specially labelled “Contestant Sick Bucket Only”. Classy!

Lara and Sharlene both finish first, surprisingly. Lara thrashes Leigh to the finish line, which he thought was a bit of a kick in the guts considering Leigh used to do some boxing.
Leigh’s a broken man, Shannan says. 23 and he’s broken. Does he want to change? Is he sure? Will he do everything? To what point? Past breaking point.

So now Shannan’s wondering what it’ll take to break Leigh. So into the ring they go!
Sharlene tells Leigh to give him one for her.

Shannan starts ribbing Leigh, asking if he’s a wuss, letting his girlfriend beat him. Leigh’s punches are starting to get slower and sloppier and so Shannan starts giving him a clip over the ear with the mitts or a jab in the guts.
Then finally Leigh says everything just stopped and he’d had enough and he just snapped. He suddenly got a bunch of energy out of nowhere and starts pounding away at the mitts again and Shannan finally cheers and throws out a hug.
Lara says it’s been three and a half years since she’s seen him like that and it’s so good to see!

After another ad break the contestants all file into the huge gym they’ve not been into before.
Dr Swan’s there to have a chat with them. So he can have a chat with them about their biological age versus their chronological age. We didn’t have to watch them do the tests this year, which is good.

Nathaniel is 18. Biologically he’s 31.
Geez. Someone exclaims “shit!”
Nathaniel realises he’s lost not only his teens and lost his twenties as well.

Damien is 43 but bio is 56.

Sarah is 29. Bio: 45. 16 years.

Sharlene, 49. Bio 60. Only 11.
Sharlene says her parents were dead at 65 and she doesn’t want to be.

Lara is 25, bio 39. 14 years.

Sarah-Jayne thinks she’ll be the worst. She’s a “30 pack a day smoker”. 30 packs?!
SJ is 29. Bio 52. 23 years!
Her Mum has only just turned 50, she says. She’s in tears.
SJ tells us the way she feels is no way to live life. It’s time to change.

Being overweight kills your joints and muscles due to carrying around so much weight.
And now he’s going to illustrate by putting a similar amount of weight on one of the fittest people in Australia – Michelle!

She’s 63kg. “After my week with the Challenors.”
Damien’s the heaviest contestant. 230.4kg.
So they have 165kg to add to Michelle’s weight.

Michelle is wearing 5-6kg of clips and belts to hold the weights.
The first set of weights Mish already says she can feel it, it’s like she’s being pushed into the ground.
Dr Swan says it’s so much weight they’ve had to be careful about where they put it on so she doesn’t hurt herself.

Steve, Tiff and Shannan are helping to add the weight on while Michelle stands there bracing herself.

Steve asks Damien what he’s thinking. Damien tells us words can’t describe the emotion welling up inside him.
And there’s still 120kg waiting to be piled on. They add some more weight onto Mish and she asks Damien how he’s doing this!

Dr Swan tells Michelle not to push herself, if she starts feeling bad they’ll stop.
Mish is struggling on. And says no wonder Damien needs help getting out of his chair. Damien’s still unable to watch for more than a second or two.

Still 35kg to go. They ask Michelle if she can keep going. Michelle thinks for a moment or two and then says okay.

She now weighs 234.4kg. It’s obviously an immense workout for her just standing still. Shannan comes in behind her to make sure she doesn’t just plain topple over. Many of the contestants are in tears seeing Michelle struggling under the load.
Michelle says she can’t and the calls for the other trainers to take the weights off come from many corners but to Michelle’s credit, she doesn’t give in.

Afterwards Michelle gives Damien her promise that they’re going to get through this.
Damien tells us the old Damien would have crawled out of there and given up, but not now.

After bio age they’re all making videos to their future selves. Then they’re burying the videos in a time capsule so they can dig it up in 3 months time. Digging it right in the middle of the lovely field!

Lots of tears in the videos. Lots of promises to never get back to the shape they’re in for the videos.
“Bye fatty!” Says one of the contestants as her video is placed in the time capsule/treasure chest.

Afterwards it’s very dark out, lots of braziers with fire coming up out of them. They’re at The Warehouse but it’s now being used for The Contest.
The Contest will either be a battle of Strength, Knowledge or Endurance.
And The Contest will be worth winning because the winner will have power over the game, power over the families and power over the trainers, which gets a cheer.

I’m not sure Biggest Loser have thought the name through, however. There’s a Seinfeld episode by the same name…

First Contest will be Endurance. Much like the Seinfeld episode.

The Moons will be represented by Jodie. The Duncans will be represented by Jarrod. Joe is fronting up for the Challenors. Leigh’s going to represent the Westrens.
Lara’s absent for the challenge else she would have done it, Leigh says. Apparently she has endurance.


The challenge is to run 10km on the treadmill. The first stage is a 2km race. First three to finish move on to the second stage. Stage two is a 3km race. First two to finish move on to stage three – a five kilometre race.
First to win the 5km race wins The Contest.

Jodie’s not very confident. She’s a Mum versus three boys.
Jarrod figures Leigh and Joe are his main competition. Three of them wish each other luck and Joe wishes Jarrod luck? Guess Joe’s thinking it’ll be between those two.
We’ll see!

One of the Moons calls out “You’re the only one who’s given birth, you can do this!”
Jodie’s trying to keep up with Joe at the start, trying to pace him so she’d know she was in the race. Both hit 1.5km around the same time while Jarrod and Leigh are both 1.6km.
So it’s Joe versus Jodie for first loser!

Leigh finishes first, followed by Jarrod. 200m to go for Joe and Jodie.
Kellie’s screaming for Jodie to keep going. 50m to go for both.

Then Jodie manages to pull just ahead and finishes the first stage in third place. Joe, the former elite cyclist guy, is the first to be eliminated!

Second leg. Jarrod says it’s getting a bit painful. Jodie tells us the boys were calling her Mum and giving her a bit of a ribbing and she thought to herself, “Oh yeah? I’ll give you Mum!”

Jarrod’s in the lead at the 20 minute mark with Leigh and Jodie level pegging.
Jarrod finishes first. Leigh’s got very little left, his leg is hurting but he keeps pushing. Jodie’s ahead and Leigh realises he needs to push the pace so he ups the treadmill to 17km/h and goes for it.

But it’s too late, Jodie makes it into the final round! Kellie’s impressed, telling us she’s never seen Jodie run that fast, even after boys!

So it’s Jarrod and Jodie in the final 5km race.
They’re both trying to keep a steady pace at the start. Halfway mark and Jarrod is only 200m ahead. Jodie’s team pushes her on, telling her to lift the pace if she wants to win.

Jarrod’s starting to cramp up with only a few hundred metres to go. Everyone’s worried he’s going to fall off, including Jarrod himself.

But Jodie can see the finish line and picks up the pace yet again…

Tomorrow night we find out who won? Damn it.
Also a Westren family feud “sees Sharlene close the door on the competition”. We’ll see!
Seems to be a bust up with Lara so I think we all know which side I’ll be on!

Then in the biggest challenge ever seen in Biggest Loser, Blue still has four members so obviously Sharlene’s not really leaving…

Oh and they’re pulling train carriages on a track. Toot toot!

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