Biggest Loser Australia 3×67: Week 11 Weigh In

Tonight on The Biggest Loser we find out which two contestants will be returning to the game.

Also, it’ll be time for yet another weigh in. The Yellow Line will claim two more victims.
Kirsten drops some kind of bombshell in the weigh in room, too. What is it?

Read on to find out…

And we’re back to the eliminated contestants lugging hay bales up a sand dune.

“Guys, we gotta lift.” Har har, Shannan.
Not time to give up, Shannan says, even though they’re quite a ways behind.

Michelle’s team and The Commando’s team get to the top of the hill neck and neck… but Michelle’s team have left a hay bale behind.
Nicola dropped one of hers and she knows she’s let the team down by doing so.

The Commando’s team stack their bales first and Bryce clambers up to release the flag.
Bryce is very excited to let the Final Four know that they’re back!

The Commando is very proud of them both.

Nicola says she’s on the brink of tears when she realises she’s blown her chance at getting back into the game.
Cosi says The Biggest Loser has changed his life. He’s fit and got his life and health back. He’s the complete package as a Dad and husband, now.
Nicola’s disappointed, but also thanks Michelle for all she’s done. She’s 28kg lighter than when she started the journey and that’s amazing!

Sheridan says it’s been an “amazing rollercoaster ride of a lifechanging experience.” That’s quite a long way of saying it, congratulations!
Michael says he’s in a better place mentally, he’s not afraid to do stuff anymore. He also says that Bryce and Michelle deserve their place back in there.

Bryce and Michelle head up the driveway. Bryce is talking shit, as usual. Says it’s been a backs to the wall fight since Day One, first they didn’t get picked, got sent to LA, came back as the Black Team, got kicked out, came back in. But they’re doing the best they can to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Garry says whoever comes back in will probably be dirty on them, because they got eliminated one way or another.
Alison’s biggest concern is that the people on the outside might not have been working as hard as the people inside, so when they come back to working out hard they’re probably going to lose quite a bit of weight when they first come back.

Sam jumps all over the lounge on the way to the door.
Kirsten drags the chain a little, she says. She doesn’t want to welcome people back in, if they don’t answer the door can they just stay away?

Sam gets to the door… And knocks on it himself. Heh.

Sam opens the door and sees Bryce and Michelle. “This is going to be very, very interesting.”
Alison says it’s hard to go out and greet people. Two people back in the game? So happy to have you back? Like hell they are!

Kirsten says it was a bit of a shock. Probably the worst case scenario, they’re probably the two strongest competitors. They still have a lot of weight to lose. Michelle in particular hasn’t done big numbers and now she could knuckle down and do big numbers and knock Kirsten or Alison below the Line.

The lounge room conversation is… awkward!
Sam says it’s good to have them back. Bryce says they get along great and Sam gets along well with Michelle.
Sam says it’s like nothing has changed, because they’ve only just left anyway!

Kirsten says they’re not going to let Black Team win, they’re going to try eliminating them again!

The Final Four head up to a bedroom for a private chat. Garry says those weren’t the two he was hoping to see.
Alison thinks it might be two of the Final Four to fall below the Yellow Line.
Kirsten says that once the other two got eliminated they would’ve known they had a chance to come back, so they could have backed off a little bit, now they can go hard and lose a big number this week.
Garry thinks they’ve probably done exactly that.

Alison says friendships aside, they said they’d stick together. Kirsten says, “Final Four, all the way.”
And there’s no side chatter about them shafting him this time, either. Interesting!

Alison’s 35th birthday today! So she gets a phone call home as a reward. She’s missed all her kids birthdays and now they’ve missed hers. It’s a lot to miss out on for a mum.
Alison gets to chat to her girls and they sing happy birthday to her and she tells them she’ll be home soon!
“Have you brought me a present?” “Umm…….. not yet.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Alison promises them a big shopping trip to buy presents for all of them.
Alison says one more week and she’ll be home!
Alison can’t wait to get home. The longest she’d been away from them before was a week, now she’s only gotten to speak to her family three times. But she says it’s worth it. Every day is giving them more than she could ever have imagined.
She also gets to talk to her Mum. Which sets her off crying completely. Awwww!

The Commando is back yet again to train the Black Team. He tells them there’s no holding back now.
Last Chance Training session! Commando tells them to make sure it’s not their last.
“This is war! There’s four others in here that don’t want them here.”
“I want you to break my ribs, come on!” – Steve, while holding the kickbag to his side. Crazy man!

The Commando wants to see Michelle and Bryce both in the final, after the success of Chris last year. He can see the same in Bryce and Michelle.
Only, presumably, they’re eating more food.

Michelle’s really struggling to jump beyond a line on the ground in the weirdest training thing ever. She tells the Commando she physically can’t jump that far.
Commando asks her what she said, and she said she couldn’t do this, she said it to herself, Commando says.
The Commando says she shouldn’t accept that, she shouldn’t quit.
Eventually she manages to just get ON the Yellow Line. With a walking start to the jump. Hmm.

Shannan’s got the Blue Team working out on the lawn.
“I don’t want to go home yet!” – Sam
Alison says she’s very determined that the ex-Blacks won’t take any of the Blue Team’s spots in the final.
Shannan’s biggest concern is that it’ll be two Blues below the Line.

Kirsten’s disgruntled and a little pissed off that Black is back. She desperately wants to be there until the end. So Bryce and Michelle better look out because they’re going to have to get out of the game for her to do that!

Alison says she’s sacrificed too much to come so far and then get sent home.
Shannan says it’s not only fired the contestants up, it’s fired him up. They’ve worked too hard and too consistently and with no charity to have two people who’ve been eliminated twice coming back to take what’s their’s.

Garry’s doing his Last Chance with Michelle. Last Red standing!
Michelle thinks Garry can be the Biggest Loser still.
Garry says he needs to fight for himself and for his Red Team.
Garry is running along at 15km/h and he says he feels quite calm. They’ve done a half hour of boxing before that and he’s fine, not exhausted at all.
It’s crucial for him to stay above the Line, he says. Being the only Red Team left, versus 3 Blues and 2 Blacks, he’s got a big target on his head.

Michelle then has him doing an arch on the ground and places a medicine ball on his back on top of that. Ouch!

Time for weigh in at last!

Alison’s hoping Bryce and Michelle will be below the Line, just because they’ve only just come back in!

Ajay has a pretty pattern on her top today. Well, the top part of her dress. The bottom part has no pattern. Hmph.

The two contestants with the lowest percentage will be below the Yellow Line and thus eligible for elimination.

Sam has a 1kg weightloss advantage for this weigh in. He’s also hoping to be under the 100kg mark this week, but he’s okay with it happening next week.

Sam’s previous weight: 103.3kg
Sam’s current weight: 100kg
Sam’s loss: (pre-bonus) 3.3kg
Sam’s percentage: (after 1kg bonus) 4.16%

Cue much laughter from everyone, including some rueful chuckling from Sam.
Sam’s okay with that. He says that now it doesn’t matter when he next weighs in. Next week or tomorrow night, the weight will have a 9 in front of it!
Sam says the Blue Team is still really tight. But he wouldn’t be unhappy to have any of the others in the final with him, either.

Garry’s previous weight: 147kg
Garry’s current weight: 141.4kg
Garry’s loss: 5.6kg
Garry’s percentage: 3.81%

Everyone says well done. Probably because it’s a legitimate loss from hard work this week, not from water loading!
He says the weightloss has increased his confidence and he can see a future for himself, now.

Kirsten will need at least 3.5kg to get above Sam and Garry and be safe from elimination.

Kirsten’s previous weight: 84.1kg
Kirsten’s current weight: 82.2kg
Kirsten’s loss: 1.9kg
Kirsten’s percentage: 2.26%

Kirsten looks crushed. She figures she’ll probably be under the line with that result.
On the up side, Sam is now safe from elimination!
Ajay asks how Bryce and Michelle returning makes her feel. She says she wasn’t too happy with it, but that’s the way the game goes so she’s just going to roll with it!
Ajay also asks if she thinks any of the Blues would betray each other to get ahead in the game and Kirsten says she doesn’t think so, but it is a game. She hopes they don’t have to, but someone’s going to have to win at some point.
Alison says in an aside that she’d never vote Kirsten or Sam out to try and win. But if they’re all in the Finals together? May the best man win!
Sam says he’d like to say he’d stick to it, but something might come up and you might have to change your mind.

Kirsten is currently at the bottom of the board. Garry is above her.

Alison will need at least 3.2kg to move above Garry. “Ohhh f…” She doesn’t look confident!

Alison’s previous weight: 83.4kg
Alison’s current weight: 79.9kg
Alison’s loss: 3.5kg
Alison’s percentage: 4.2%

Enough to get above Garry, but she’s way more excited about getting into the 70’s! She says her wish was to lose exactly 3.5kg. She’s over the moon!
“Welcome to the 70s!” – Ajay
Ajay also wishes her a happy birthday. Awww!
Alison says the phone call to her kids was beautiful. Michelle has a smile plastered on her face that looks extremely insincere. Ugh.
Alison says she can’t wait to show her kids how she looks!

Sam and Alison are now both safe. Garry and Kirsten remain in danger, Kirsten is in dire trouble right now.
Her main saving grace is that if Bryce or Garry go under with her, either is a good chance at being voted out instead.

Bryce will need at least 3.8kg to keep himself safe. That ought to be doable, though quite tough.

Bryce’s previous weight: 97.8kg
Bryce’s current weight: 93.7kg
Bryce’s loss: 4.1kg
Bryce’s percentage: 4.19%

Kirsten does not look pleased! She says her initial reaction was complete and utter shock.
Bryce says he’s standing up on the scales and he can see Kirsten giving a big eye roll.
Ajay says Kirsten looked a little annoyed. Why was that? Kirsten says because she’s going below the Yellow Line, obviously!
Ajay presses, is that all it is? Kirsten says, “You know, been out of the House for 3 weeks, loses 2.3, comes back in, has a really bad week and loses 4.1.”
Bryce says “Ohhh!” Michelle gets a disgusted look on her face and shakes her head.
Bryce says that gave him the shits!

Bryce tries to justify it by saying that his weightloss has always been up and down. He says he wouldn’t be here if he wasn’t wanting to give it all he can. He says the only thing he gives two tosses about is the Current Weight number. “Money, I can make. Friends, I can make. That? I’ve needed help with for the last fifteen years. So that’s why I’m here.”

Kirsten says she was hoping some of the others might have jumped in and said they agreed, but the others stood there quietly and she felt a little hung out to dry.
Sam says the reason he didn’t say anything was that he didn’t agree with her!

Kirsten is now below the Yellow Line, with Garry still in danger of joining her. Only Michelle remains to be weighed in.
Kirsten thinks she’ll probably be going home. Ajay asks if she’s ready to go home and Kirsten isn’t able to answer.
Kirsten then says the thing from the ad about making a large accusation and it’s probably going to cost her!

Michelle will need to lose at least 3.6kg.
That should be completely impossible for her if she did not in fact water load last week.

Michelle’s previous weight: 94kg
Michelle’s current weight: 93.9kg
Michelle’s loss: 0.1kg
Michelle’s percentage: 0.11%

Hilarious. Bryce is shattered because he thinks he’ll have to live in a House with “these people” for another week.
Michelle says she knew it, she knows she could have worked harder. She says she’s not going to deny that. She says it was a mistake, there’s not much she can say to change it.
She regrets not trying so hard with only one week left. She doesn’t know what to say.
Michelle then justifies a whole bunch, saying that it’s been a very disrupted week. She spent a lot of time socialising and perhaps she should have pulled her finger out and gotten to the gym.

Oh, I so hope they’re going to stick to their “Final Four For Life!” deal. Michelle deserves to go home for robbing people of a place in the House. Hard to believe any of the other four eliminated contestants would have only dropped 0.1kg after getting back into the House!

… Also, Alison got the title of The Biggest Loser for the week! First time ever, well done!

Alison, Sam, Garry and Bryce will now have to decide between sending Kirsten or Michelle home. It’s a choice between one of the biggest threats in the game, the current overall biggest loser, and who has just made a massive accusation… and someone whom nobody much likes, who put in a pathetic number, who always puts in pathetic numbers, but who has come back into the game by unfair means!
Sam says it’s a hard position. He’s got to do what’s best for himself, because it might come back to bite him in the arse next week!

Tomorrow night, it’s game on. Michelle’s not going to give up without a fight.
And Kirsten has a chat to Sam… and is not reassured!
Sam says, in the elimination room, that it’s something he’d never do… So expect him to vote for Michelle, because it’s a misdirect! ;)

Also, another person will be leaving the game later this week, to get us down to a Final Four once again. Who will it be?

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