Biggest Loser Australia 3×62: Week 10 Elimination

Tonight on The Biggest Loser, Cosi and Sam face elimination.
Both are seen as threats within the game, however with Blue holding a majority of the votes, it seems a foregone conclusion that Cosi will be sent packing.

But will the Blue Team alliance finally show a crack tonight?

Read on to find out…

There’s lots of talk prior to the show actually starting about biggest threat and Sam’s the biggest threat and team loyalty may have to take second place to biggest threat voting. So expect Cosi to go home, heh.
Also, they used the exact same footage for the “eliminated contestant” again this week. Well done guys, well done.

Everyone is very shocked at Sam and Cosi being below the Yellow Line together. Nobody expected them both to go under.

Sam doesn’t have a lot to say. He says he’d feel crap to go home but also staying would make him feel terrible. He did sabotage Cosi a little and while it’s not why he’s below the Line, he still feels terrible.

Cosi points out to the girls and Garry that this is a good opportunity for them, since the two biggest threats are under the line.
Kirsten says, in an aside, that they’re a bit torn, because Sam’s a big threat and has weight to lose… but so is Cosi and Cosi’s a big threat in physical eliminations.

Sam goes for a chat with the girls first.
In an aside he says it’s a scary thing. They’ve not had many opportunities to get rid of him, he says, but they’ve got a good one now.
He tells the girls that he doesn’t want them to feel obliged to vote for Cosi because of the ex-Blue thing. He tells them he won’t hold it against them if they choose to vote for him over Cosi.
Alison says there was never any doubt for her. Whoever fell below the line with a Blue is gone!

Kirsten says that the Blue Alliance is the main reason to keep Sam in the game. But he’s probably the one who’ll win the game. And that’s a reason why you could send him home right now.

Garry says to Cosi that he needs to try swaying Kirsten, because Alison will be wanting to save Sam.
Cosi goes into politician mode as he calls it, to try and convince Kirsten that Sam’s the one to vote for.
He says to her that he knows they have the alliance, but Sam’s the bigger threat. Which Kirsten agrees with.

Kirsten says it’s a strategic decision. She’s not going with her heart, though she loves Sammy. It’s for her own progress personally, which one might get her further in the game.
Cosi says to her that if she votes out Cosi then it’s essentially handing Sam the title, because Sam won’t go below the line again. It’s the last chance to get him gone.
Cosi says that she’s essentially handballing him 200 g’s. But he wonders if she’s smart enough to realise she’s got to get rid of Sam.

Everyone heads into the elimination room. Sam looking a little sheepish at the front of the line.

Voting order is Alison, Garry and Kirsten. So obviously the votes will be Sam, Cosi and then…?

“Now your bags are packed and one of you will be walking out of the gates today.” And then right back in tomorrow, eh Ajay?

Cosi says he’s feeling vulnerable because the Blues have always stuck together, but now they need to be thinking long and hard because they’re both contenders for the title of Biggest Loser. If that’s what their heart desires, then they should vote off “the young fella” but if they want to stick with the Blue thing, they’ll vote Cosi off. “Whatever they decide, they decide.”

Sam’s concerned with how things may go. He says he knows the girls are Blue girls, but you never know till the platter is lifted. Cue shot of Kirsten looking very stonyfaced.

Alison says the person she’s voting for has been a strong contender since Day One and she’s actually sad to see him below the Line because he deserves to be there at the end… but unfortunately someone has to go and so today she’s voted for Cosi!
If Cosi gets one more vote, he goes home.

Garry says the two people up for elimination are two people he thought he’d never have to put on a card. Both are good mates, both have been teammates and they’ve bonded well. But his decision is based on strategy and threat value. It was hard to put pen to paper and write his name, but he’s put down… Sam!
“Sorry mate.” Sam says it’s alright.

Whoever gets Kirsten’s vote will be going home. DA DA DUNNNNNNNNNNNN.

Kirsten says if you’d asked her this a few weeks ago she would probably have gone with team loyalty but at this stage of the game you have to look at who’s the biggest threat so today her vote is for… after the ad break, naturally, where she’ll probably say more things that will make that out of context quote seem a bit less out of place!

After the ad break, Ajay again tells Cosi and Sam they have one vote each.

Kirsten says the decision was much tougher than she’d imagined it would be. Both dudes are big forces in the game, they’ve achieved so much and lost bucketloads of weight. If you’d asked a few weeks ago, team loyalty, biggest threat. And who’s the biggest threat for her. The person she’s voting for could definitely win this game. They’re hard working, disciplined, fit and strong. So much so that she doesn’t think she can beat them, so she’s voting for…

Cosi! I knew it! Heh.

Kirsten says sorry and Cosi says it’s okay.

Cosi is asked if it’s a silly decision and he says nahh, it’s a loyal decision and very admirable and he’s sure Sam appreciates that.
Sam says he feels like he’s had a narrow escape. He’s grateful that he’s staying, but it was close.

Then Ajay asks Sam if he’s played the game honestly this week and Sam… says most of it he has. Yesterday, he grabbed one of the diet toppings and put some of the full strength topping in it.
Kirsten looks surprised.
Cosi… looks a little disappointed, more than anything. He’s asked how he’s feeling and he says that he’s just lost a weigh in by 300 grams after someone’s been spiking his diet products. How does Ajay think he’s feeling, deep down?

Sam explains that it was only a small change, it wasn’t like swapping the whole bottle around or anything. He says he knows that it probably wasn’t the best thing to do.
Cosi’s been telling everyone how good the diet topping is! Sam says it was only yesterday, that’s it.
Sam apologises. Cosi says it’s alright, it’s very funny. But it feels a bit weird, maybe because he’s going home. “That’s pretty… I don’t know. It sucks a little bit, you know, man?”

Sam says how he’s feeling is hard to describe. He regrets doing it. He doesn’t think it would have played a detrimental role, but he knows it shouldn’t’ve been done. He apologises again and Cosi says it’s alright. It’s not going to have made 300 grams difference.
Kirsten looks unimpressed. Garry looks livid.

“Ratbag.” – Cosi, who has a small smile on his face. Sam sort of chuckles.

Cosi says the White House has saved his life. He knows it sounds corny and cliched, but it has. It’s not just taught him how to lose weight, it’s also taught him stuff like health and nutrition, his knowledge of calories.
And he says the good thing is that his unborn baby will know no different than a healthy lifestyle.

He’s now 50kg lighter on the way home to his girl. What will be the first thing he says. He’s not sure, just that he loves her.
And then he breaks down and says it’s just been too long. I think Ajay cracked a little there too.

Ajay asks who he thinks will be the biggest loser now and Cosi says it’ll be Sam and he doesn’t begrudge it to him at all. Best of luck to him, “and same with any these clowns as well! Anyone can jag it, you just don’t know!”

Time for Cosi to nick off home for a day or two!

Cosi gives Sam a hug and a manly handshake. Cosi wishes him the best of health. Sam thanks him for everything, he appreciates it all. Cosi says he’s a rockstar, a very funny kid. “Knock ’em dead!”
Big hugs for Kirsten and Garry. He tells Garry not to just sit there, get in there, get stuck into it, get into his diet. Nail it.
Cosi says Alison is a “good chick” and she’s welcome by his campfire anytime? Okay.

By far the best “walk out” ever. He’s not fat at all anymore. I can’t recall anyone ever looking that good on the way out. Ever!

Ajay says the game has become more ruthless than ever and they need to be on their toes and watching their backs at all times.
And get ready, because they’re about to be put to the ultimate test. Another massive bombshell is headed their way.
This game is far from over!

Cosi gets home. In a lift. Okay.
He gives his girl a big hug. She’s starting to show a little!
Also gets a big hug from his stepson.

2 months on…
Cosi’s running alongside the river. Like, running, not jogging. Incredible.
He looks even more lean than when he left, though his chest seems to be more built up.
He says he trains 5 times a week. Mostly weights. He’s looking to get a bit of muscle definition now. He doesn’t want to be super thin, he wants to get some muscle on him.
Now when he gets in front of a mirror, he likes what he sees. His waist size used to be 50+, now it’s a 34-36. He’s looking pretty good!

Comparing it to his audition tape? Has Cosi shaking his head. Has me feeling a little ill. I’d forgotten how terrible he looked.
Cosi says it’s disturbing to think he used to be that fat. He used to rock up to his radio gig with pies and donuts and so on. Now he gets teased a bit because he has his fruit salads and stuff.

He used to be the fat guy lying on the couch, too lazy to do anything. Now he’s doing so much more with his young fella, Harry. He’s so much more motivated to spend time with him and generally do cool stuff.
Harry has a lot of praise for him, saying that he runs around like an athlete!
Sam says Cosi wants to be a good Dad, an active Dad, and a really good role model.

Cosi’s been teaching Harry all the stuff he learnt as well. All the health and nutritional stuff. Harry knows about his meat and veggies. Cosi says you’re giving your kid a healthier start to life and what could be more gratifying than that?

Cosi says he loves his fiancee and his little fella, they’re the world to him and with a new baby on the way he can’t wait to be the best Dad, the coolest Dad and the fittest Dad!

Since appearing on the show Cosi has lost 49.3kg!

Tomorrow night… “G’day suckers, Uncle Cosi’s back!”
Yes, that’s right, all the eliminated contestants will compete all week to be granted a chance to come back into the game.
Hate the bringing-people-back thing, loved the challenges last year. So here’s hoping the challenges are equally fun this year!

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