Biggest Loser Australia 3×44: Week 7 Elimination

Tonight on The Biggest Loser it’s time for another elimination. And for the first time, the Black Team will be the ones facing Ajay.

And Cosi’s going to get his sneak on again in an attempt to influence the vote. Will it work?

Find out after the break…

As the teams emerge from the weigh in room, Bryce says it felt horrible to know they’d lost.
Carrianne’s disappointed, she says they never wanted to experience an elimination.
Michelle says Black is like a little family, they’ve been through some good times, some bad, and to see one of them go home will be really hard.
Bryce says to further his progress in the game he’d vote out Carrianne in order to keep Michelle. He feels that Michelle has a lot to offer in the future while Carrianne is picking up a lot of injuries. She’s had shin splints and may even have a stress fracture in her foot.

Michelle and Carrianne sit down for a chat seperately. Michelle says that they’ve got to start thinking strategically, but she doesn’t want to. In an aside she says that Carrianne hasn’t been sleeping right for days. She didn’t want to put more pressure on Carrianne so she told her to write Michelle’s name down.
Michelle tells her not to feel obliged to keep her in the game because of turning down the $50,000 the other day. She didn’t leave with the money because she didn’t come for the money.
In an aside Carrianne says it frustrates her because she’s always told Michelle she’d take her as far as she can, but she now knows she can’t.

Cosi wants to sit down with Michelle to tell her some points he thinks she should consider. Cosi says to her that she has one of the last opportunities to get rid of a threat. Bryce will come back with a belter next week, Cosi says, and will get better percentages than the chicks.
In an aside Cosi says Bryce is the biggest threat in Black and he doesn’t think they’re going to be staying in teams much longer, they’ll be going to singles soon. And Bryce still being there will make Michelle more likely to be under the yellow line.
Michelle says that she understands where Cosi is coming from but there’s and pros and cons to eliminating either person. Cosi tells her that if it’s a hung vote, it’ll be Bryce going home, without a doubt.
Michelle says as much as she dislikes Cosi, he had quite a few valid points.
She thanks Cosi and Cosi says good luck!
Michelle thinks voting Bryce out would be better for her in the game, but she’s really good friends with him, but she’d also hate to see Carrianne gone, so she doesn’t know what to do.

And now it’s voting time. Bryce is in typical casual biker gear. The girls? Carrianne’s fairly presentable, Michelle’s dolled up.

Ajay’s in her nice black jacket with a peach (?) coloured top underneath, which shows off her bountiful cleavage quite nicely!

Bryce is asked how he feels about having to vote off one of their own. Bryce says he’s spent every bloody minute with them, ever since stepping on the plane to the US. He’s been stressed about it for a while and he’s not looking forward to revealing who he voted for.
Bryce isn’t sure who’ll be going home, and he’d rather be on the treadmill or running laps around the House. Ajay asks if he thinks the other House members would want him gone and he says definitely, 3 in particular. But if he goes back out then they’ve got to put up with him for another week!

Carrianne says all they’ve had for the last couple of weeks is each other, so it’s going to be really hard on all of them.
Michelle says she has no regrets about turning down the money. She’s said from the start that she’s not there for the money, so taking it would have been for the wrong reasons.

The voting order is Bryce, Carrianne and Michelle.

Bryce has been dreading this since coming home from the States. And it’s not any easier than he thought it would be. The person he’s voted for is much closer to their goal weight and since they’re on a weightloss show… He’s really sorry, but he’s had to vote for… Carrianne!
Carrianne: 1

“I’m really sorry.” “It’s alright!”

Carrianne says it’s the hardest thing they’ve had to do. She was confused about who to vote for. She could vote her biggest threat out, or someone who offered their own head on a platter. “Your loyalty is always with your team,” unless you’re the evil twin, “and sometimes you just got to do what is best for you.” So she’s voted for… Michelle!
Carrianne: 1
Michelle: 1

If Michelle votes for Carrianne, Carrianne goes home. If she votes for Bryce, it’ll be a hung vote. And Bryce will be going home from that, I suspect!
And since there’s quite a lot of episode to go, I’m going out on a limb and calling it a hung vote right now!

Michelle says it’s a hard thing to write someone’s name down, so instead she’s written down Mr White Glow!

After the ad break, Michelle says she couldn’t find a bad thing to say about either person and it made her decision really hard. She did put her hand up to get voted for by Carrianne because it makes her sick to see someone she cares about so much getting so stressed. But the only thing she could think of was to vote this person out because they’re injured, which she’s concerned about. So she’s voted for Carrianne!
What? No way! Heh.

Carrianne says she has no regrets, she doesn’t blame them at all, she’d’ve done the same thing.
Ajay asks if Carrianne agrees with what Bryce said, that Michelle is the stronger of the two of them. Carrianne says right now she is, because she hasn’t been able to do a lot of what she wanted to do and she felt like she’d let the team down.
Bryce is asked if he feels he’s betrayed Carrianne. Bryce says he feels terrible to have voted for her but the week they stuff up and end in the elimination room, and she’s the one who happens to have an injury. If it’d been him, he’d’ve put his hand up instead.
He says that the transformation from Day One that Carrianne has undergone is great, “She’s a picture!” And she has lucky parents and a lucky sister to head home to. And he wants to tell the boys in Adelaide to look out because there’s a feisty little unit on the way home and they’re going to be in a bit of trouble!

Michelle says they’ve had a great time but it doesn’t end here. Once they get out is when it really starts. Bryce wants her to not settle for second best anymore. He knows it’s happened in the past and she’s had trouble before.
Then he goes off on some weird tangent about baseball and not swinging at the first pitch and she shouldn’t do that when she gets out. No idea what he’s on about. But he says that the knight in shining armour she’s waiting for is coming!

Carrianne says she’s very sad to be going but excited to get home and continue on the outside and finish it. And now her and Nicole will be competing with each other, so they won’t let the other rest.

Time to say your goodbyes and leave the House for good!

Big hugs for Michelle and Bryce. Aww. Bryce says to say hi to her sister for him.
Michelle is in tears, Bryce is very stoic.

“This week a major curveball is coming your way. You are all about to experience firsthand that what goes around, comes around. Be prepared for absolutely anything!” – Ajay

And now Carrianne arrives home. Quite a lot of people there, including her sister of course!

2 months on… She doesn’t really look much different to how she left.
She says she works out 5 times a week, 4 to 5 hours a day.
Her and Nicole train together a lot, outdoors when they can.
She says it’s great to be active again and enjoy doing exercise.

Her life has changed heaps since coming back out. She’s never eaten so much chicken or fish in her life before and she’s absolutely loving it!

She was a size 20 and now she can fit into almost every 14 she tries on.

She looks very different in her audition tape. Definitely a lot lighter!
She says she can now go running and not feel out of place. “The new me is fun!”
Since appearing on the show, Carrianne has lost 19.7kg. Pretty good!

Tomorrow night… “Rin Tin Tin get rid of the twin!” – Cosi
Cosi and Bryce hit boiling point, apparently. Bryce is going to have words with him about Cosi’s advice to Michelle I suspect.

And a major announcement. Of some kind. That’s going to start a war. Ooh.

Plus later in the week the previous contestants thing will happen, but you already knew that because you watched on Sunday or read the recap, right? Right!

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