Biggest Loser Australia 3×40: Will Michelle Stay or Go?

Tonight on The Biggest Loser, Michelle’s $50,000 decision will be drawn out some more, making us wait even longer for a resolution than ever before. Another world first for Loser!

Also, JJ’s gone for another walkabout. Will Commando Steve follow through on his threat to come kick his butt?

Read on to find out… Except you probably won’t find out because the show only goes for an hour tonight and they can’t resolve two things in one episode!
So read on if you’re curious in a general sort of way as to what happens in this episode.

As the show starts, JJ is packing his stuff away into a bag. Cosi and Garry stroll in, Cosi’s wondering if maybe JJ’s had a gut full again and is leaving yet again.
Cosi says that JJ’s come into a tough situation. Three teammates who’d bonded closely and then a controversial bloke like JJ’s been throw into the mix.
Garry tells him that JJ might just have to bite his tongue and get it done. JJ says he just can’t bite his tongue.
Lots of replayed bits of JJ mouthing off.
Cosi tells JJ it’ll be the greatest news Black have had since they met Bob and “Gilligan”. He also tells him that they all find it really tough, you’ve just got to go look at the photos in the trophy room and realise it’s worth it.
JJ says he feels like it’s making him sick, all the stuff going on in the House. He’s been thinking that maybe he’d be better off leaving than continuing to put up with the bullshit.
He thanks Cosi and Garry for trying to talk him out of leaving though.
Cosi says that he’s just out of his comfort zone, and that’s where you get your best memories, when you’re out of your comfort zone. JJ says yes, but he just doesn’t want to be there.
JJ says he’s learnt that he doesn’t have to be fat, he doesn’t have to be aggressive and he’s learnt that other people have feelings, even if they seem like poor, simple, sheltered, overweight individuals that really need to get out more!

A new day dawns on the Loser house… and Cosi’s wandering around looking for JJ, calling out for him.
Cosi thinks maybe JJ’s escaped again and gone for another walkabout. He heads up to JJ’s bedroom and the room is bare. He thinks maybe JJ’s left, but he would’ve said goodbye to him, surely?
Cosi finds a letter on JJ’s bed. He takes it down to read to everyone.

JJ’s letter has him saying that he hopes that everyone’s journey is what they expected and their weight comes down to their goal.
However! The House isn’t working for him so he’s off back to Adelaide and trucking, etc.
“So he’s packed his kit and scarpered?” – Bryce. Cosi says yes. And one of the girls, Alison maybe? Says about time!
Cosi says he knows 90% of the people in the house hated him, but he was the type of bloke where they’d get together and totally dribble but have some fun. He was Cosi’s comic relief, he’ll miss the mucking around.

“Unreal. Good fella, JJ.” – Bryce. Michelle splutters with laughter.
Carrianne says JJ has stuffed up their plans, leaving right now. If they’d gone to elimination he would’ve been gone.
Nicola says if Michelle takes the $50,000 then Black would be down to 2 people and she thinks that would be hilarious. And I’m forced to agree!

Black Team turn up for training, again without JJ! Steve wonders what’s going on.
Michelle says, with a smirk on her face, that JJ has gone, he left last night and hasn’t been seen since!
Steve says nothing much can be done about it at the moment, they’ll just get on with their training. He thinks without JJ being there they can focus on their own efforts without the distractions.

Steve takes some one on one time with Michelle. Steve says she’s doing everything he asks of her but he could see some doubt in her. Steve tells her that there’ll come a time when she’ll have to do this by herself.
Michelle says she was really upset by the thought that this could be the last session with Steve and her team.
“If she was to take the money and go and she doesn’t change her habits, ten years time, what’s $50,000 worth to you? Absolutely nothing. Make the most of what you have here and now, learn from the experience, and go forward.” – Steve
Steve thinks that due to her age and the situation she’s in, she should stay. He doesn’t think she’s ready to leave.
Carrianne says they wouldn’t blame Michelle for taking the money and going but the Black Team would be stuffed. They’d’ve gone down to 2 people from 4 in the space of a day.
Carrianne says her and Bryce were secretly hoping she’d stay.

Steve asks Carrianne and Bryce if they think Black can survive if Michelle goes home and Carrianne says she hopes so, Bryce says they have no choice, they’ll have to.

Cosi is boggling at the thought that Michelle might not take the $50,000.
In an aside he says, “Let’s be honest, fifty grand buys a lot of liposuction.” The way he sees it, if she doesn’t take it, she’s a fool.
Cosi says, “If she stays I am going to saw my head off with a spoon!” I bet a lot of people are offering their spoons right now!
Garry says he’d be taking the money, Nicola says she would too, Cosi says he would as well, “I’d be dropping you bastards like a hot cake!” “Thanks, Cos!”

Michelle has a chat to Bob on the speaker phone next. She’s still unsure whether to take the money or stay.
Bob tells her it all comes down to her. Is she strong enough to walk out the door?
Bob tells her she’s strong, she’s learnt a lot and if she decides she wants to take the big amount of money that could help her with her whole life then he’s all for it, that’s what she should do.
“What would you do if you were in my position, Bob?” “Michelle, I think I would take the money.”
Bob says he doesn’t know how many more times in her life she’ll get an opportunity like this. He tells her to just decide and live with the decision.

Next morning Michelle is in bed with hair that’s already wet. Yes, she totally just woke up!
She spent all night tossing and turning, been thinking about it constantly every day, she says.
Her Mum thinks she should stay, as do her dead grandparents.
Bob thinks she should take the money and run.
Steve thinks she should stay as well, though Michelle doesn’t mention that bit.

Everyone gets called into the weigh in room, wondering why for, but then they see the $50,000 on a pedestal.

Ajay’s there, of course. In a fairly bland black and white dress.

Ajay reminds her of the situation she’s in, because we haven’t been having it explained to us throughout the entire episode today, plus yesterday and the day before and basically ever since weigh in!
Ajay says she’s lost 18.9kg so far but she’s still nearly 20kg away from her target weight of 75kg.

“You’ve already lost one Black Teammate in JJ.” So I guess he’s really gone then. Again!

Ajay reminds Michelle that she’d be abandoning her Black Team and the money will come out of the end prize pool.
Michelle isn’t bothered by the money coming out of the prize pool because she knows everyone else would take the money and not care anyway!

“As much as I’d hate to say it I honestly think there is a small chance that this clown of a woman is going to say no to the $50,000 and stay on.”

Ajay asks Cosi what he thinks she should do and Cosi says Michelle said she’d be going with her heart, but Cosi thinks she should go with her head.
Ajay asks Bryce and he says he’s happy to back her either way.

And now we get a replay of her journey so far.
“Who’s your Daddy?” “You’re my Daddy, bitch!” – Michelle and Jillian

It’s now time for the $50,000 Biggest Loser question – will she stay or will she go?

Oh for the love of Bob, just decide already, fuck me dead!

And her decision is… really hard to make. Lots of pros and cons about both options. The money will help her a lot financially, but it won’t help her health.

So she’s decided to leave the money and continue her experience. Cue shot of Cosi rubbing his chin.
Bryce says it’s a ballsy move, it might be the wrong decision. But who cares? She made the decision and she did what she thought was right at the time.

Ajay says she’s still in the running for the big prize, though she conveniently doesn’t mention she doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell!
Michelle says it shows that she’s really there for her health, it’s the whole experience that matters to her and changing her lifestyle that counts.

Cosi is still boggling. “Is this the most stupidest moment in Biggest Loser history?” Back in the weigh in room Cosi says she looked a gift horse in the mouth.
And in another aside he says that Michelle is going to go home a loser!
Michelle replies in the weigh in room that it wasn’t about the money for her, coming to the House, if she left with the money it’d be for the wrong reasons.
Cosi says if you haven’t nailed the nutrition and exercise by now… Michelle says it’s not that, she knows if she went home she could do it, she’s there with awesome people and she’ll never get this opportunity again.
Cosi asks her if that’s worth $50,000?
Michelle says she can work her arse off and earn $50,000 again.

Back in asideland, Cosi says it’s a world first! Someone has been so stupid to say they want to stay for the experience and because they like the people in the house!
“Life is a gamble, and I just gambled.” “You did, and best of luck to ya. It’s solely an opinion, but you’re very brave.”
Bryce asks if it would have killed him to have just said well done Michelle. “Keep your snipey shit to yourself.” Hey, there’s a thought, why don’t you try that yourself, Bryce? You’ve helped run off one of your own team members with your whiny snipey shit!

Michelle thinks Red are pissed off that she’s still there. She thinks now they see her as a threat, they “know” she’s a strong person and she wants to be there till the end. She loves it!

Tomorrow night, Michelle has made her decision and now there’s no going back, Mr Voiceover Man tells us.
Steve says she’ll have to work damn hard to make it worthwhile.

And the Challenge is set. And the reward? A ten minute phone call home!
But who will miss out on contact with loved ones?
Well, we see a Black shirt lifting the phone received and Alison in tears, so I’m guessing Red at least will be missing out again!

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