Biggest Loser Australia 3×38: Week 6 Elimination – Who Will Go?

Tonight on The Biggest Loser, Red face Ajay in the elimination room once again. Hooray!
Will Nicole go home or will she convince Garry to force a hung vote?

And Michelle has been offered $50,000 if she goes home now. Will she take it or will she stay in the game?

Read on to find out…

Everyone congratulates Michelle on her win in the weigh in room. She’s a bit upset that she’ll have to give up her spot in the competition to get the money.
Carrianne’s happy that Black Team didn’t lose their first competitive weigh in but also bummed that Nicole might be going home.

“You alright, G-Train?” – Bryce to Garry. Geddit? Because he’s huge!
Garry says in an aside that he’s gutted because he loves everyone on Red at the moment so it’s going to be a really hard decision.

Nicole says she feels vulnerable but is hoping for a hung vote. Alison says to bring on the hung vote! She thinks there won’t even be a need for discussion, they’ll be kicking out Cosi!

Garry, Cosi and Nicola sit down for an alliance-chat.
Cosi says that it’s about them, any of them not being there for the next challenge and having Nicole instead? Bad!
Cosi says he’s feeling very vulnerable because he’s lost so much weight and he’s one of the fitter people still in the show. Leaving wouldn’t be the end of the world but he’ll be doing everything he can.
Nicola says it will be hard for her because she’d promised Nicole she wouldn’t put her name on a piece of paper. So it’ll be an elimination of breaking promises, she says.

Garry says he has two real choices. Nicole is the “otheR” prime target, but it’s also a good chance to get rid of a big threat in Cosi.

Carrianne wanders in for a chat to her twin Nicole. Nicole starts crying before Carrianne really says anything.
Nicole say it’s like the first day all over again. Carrianne left that time and now Nicole might be leaving!
She tells Carrianne that she’s hoping to get to a tied vote.
Carrianne says that Nicole needs to stay more than Cosi. Cosi only needs to lose another 5 or so kilos while Nicole needs to lose another 40kg.
Nicole says she’ll try to change Garry’s mind and maybe try Nicola, but she doesn’t think she’ll manage to change Nicola or Cosi’s mind.

Nicole goes for a chat to Garry. Garry says he felt like he needed to hear her out.
Nicole tells him that she doesn’t think anyone deserves to be there any more than them at this point because they’re so far away from their goal.
Garry agrees and says they’re pretty close and could probably do it on the outside.
Nicole in the diary room says that Garry needs to realise that maybe Cosi will screw him over at some point too.

Nicole says she knows Cosi will vote for her but what worries her is… “You’re next.”
Garry says he doesn’t want to be the next one to go and in an aside he says that she’s given him something to think about. If Garry teams up with Nicole then they could go a little further in the game.
Nicole also dangles the $150,000 prize at the end in front of Garry. And while Cosi is in first place, Garry’s not in second! Nicole forgot to mention that bit…

But enough dilly-dallying, it’s time to head to elimination!

And all of Red actually look presentable this time, Nicola in particular looks hot!

Ajay looks very nice in a black jacket with a white lacy top underneath. Even her hair doesn’t look horribly mangled!

The order is Cosi, Nicole, Nicola and Garry. So expect it to go right down to Garry!

Cosi is asked if he thinks anyone is letting the side down and Cosi says no, not really, everyone’s putting in the effort they’re just not necessarily getting the results.
He also thinks there’s a good chance of a hung vote. “Desperate times, desperate measures.” He says giving the opposition a hung vote would be madness, but it could happen.


Nicole says there’s alliances in the team and she’s not part of it.
Garry is asked if he’s sure he’s made the right decision and he says he doesn’t know. Today he thought about himself and his own standing in the game. Usually he makes a team decision but today it’s about him. Bye bye Cosi?

Should there be a hung vote both Blue and Black will have to decide who leaves.

Ajay reminds them that they don’t want Blue and Black holding the power and we get a shot of Cosi looking a bit worried down the table towards Garry.

Cosi says this week has been the toughest week for elimination because everyone wants and needs to be there. The person he voted for is the weakest link in challenges and has the lowest percentage of them all. That said, she tries hard and is a lovely person and needs to be there… But he’s voted for Nicole!
Nicole: 1

Nicole says she’s fighting for her own spot to stay in the House. She needs to be there to get stronger and fitter and the person she’s voting for is at their peak fitness and strength and could do it on the outside better than anyone. So her vote is for Cosi!
Cosi: 1
Nicole: 1

Nicola’s vote means she’s breaking a promise. Cue disgusted look from Nicole. Nicola says they’ve been close since Day One. She’d promised not to put her name on a card but in retrospect she was never going to be able to keep her word. So based on overall weightloss percentage and their ability to contribute to challenges… Cue shot of Nicole looking more disgusted. Nicola has voted for… Nicole!
Nicole: 2
Cosi: 1

If Garry has voted for Nicole, she will go home. If Garry votes for Cosi, it will be a hung decision and Blue and Black will decide. If Garry votes for Nicola, Nicole will go home!

Garry says it was an ultra hard decision to make. He’d made an alliance with two members of Red and so his path was clear. But then some people got in his ear and made him think about his position in the house and started wondering whether he should stick with the alliance or get out of it.
He says he’d rather avoid elimination and the people who can help him best do that are the people who he’s stuck with. So he’s had to vote for Nicole! Yay!
Nicole: 3
Cosi: 1

Nicole tries to put on a brave face and says she gets to go home. She’s asked if she feels betrayed by her team and she says no, they did what they had to do to stay in the game and she tried to do the same. It’s a game and you have to play it well.
Garry is asked if he thinks he’ll regret the decision and Garry says he doesn’t think so. It was about trust and one person he’s trusted from Day One is Cosi. He’s his best friend in the house and has done everything right by him so he thinks it’s the right decision and will see him through.

Ajay says that Garry basically saved him today, showing a lot of loyalty. If the shoe was on the other foot, would he do the same? And Cosi says it gets harder and harder and if they’re in there again it’ll be the worst thing ever.

Nicole is asked to remind us why she came on the show and she says to lose weight and learn who she is, not be tagged as the twin. So she’s learnt she’s a nasty piece of work and the evil twin to Carrianne. Hooray!
Nicole says she thanks Carrianne every day for the opportunity to be there, Carrianne had given up her spot in the house to let Nicole stay there, a very selfless act.
She says she’s learnt she has a lot to live for and that it’s not the end of the world that she’s overweight.

It’s now time to say your goodbyes and leave the house for good! Hugs all round and a smooch for Garry!

Red is now down to 3 people. The week ahead will seperate the weak from the strong, Ajay says.

Nicole arrives home to a house packed full of squealing women. Scary!
2 months on… She doesn’t look like she’s lost much more weight to be honest, though some has come off her face and thus she looks a lot more like Carrianne now.
She sees her trainer 5 days a week and on top of that she goes for runs on the beach with her dog. She’s a happier person!
She says she used to like lots of chocolate but she hasn’t touched chocolate since entering The Biggest Loser.
She’s gone from a 22 to a 16, which she’s very happy about!

Looking back at her audition tape the difference is more noticeable. Her head and neck are sort of a shapeless lump before, now she has a face! Though her pale skin makes it still blend all together a little.

Since appearing on the show Nicole has lost 26.6kg. Not bad!

Tomorrow night, Carrianne is crying. Cosi is unsympathetic, “No one’s dead!”
Carrianne says she’ll make Red pay!

And Michelle will get a chance to chat to her Mum about the $50,000 decision, though she’ll also be at The Warehouse to make her food choice.
Alison makes a reference to something showing Black’s true colours.
And JJ and Bryce have a bit of a face off. JJ offering Bryce a broken nose and Bryce saying he’ll get one!

And Cosi wanders around the House calling for JJ, who seems to have gone for a walk again. Will the Commando come kick his ass?

And the challenge has something to do with doing a whole bunch of chinups.

And at some point Michelle will make her decision. Will she stay or will she go? What do you guys think?

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