Season 3, Episode 20: Week 3 Elimination – Who Will Blue Choose?

Previously on The Biggest Loser, Sam was Blue for life!
But he’s now Red and dead?

Tonight Blue must head to the elimination room for the first time. Sean looks to be putting his hand up to be sent home and the “eliminated contestant” footage is all clearly of a dude.
But will they really send the fat cripple home so soon?

Let’s find out…

Sheridan says it’s hard when you come out of weigh in, you don’t want to gloat, you don’t want to be undignified. Nevermind you lost the last two on the trot, huh Sheridan?
Michelle says it shows what Red is capable of. Sam’s feeling bad for Blue, losing and in front of Shannan, too.
Michelle asks Shannan how he feels and he says dreadful.
Alison is shattered, getting 1.5kg after working harder than she’d ever worked in her life.
Sean thinks he’s got to go. Poor result and he was primarily responsible for getting the 3kg penalty for his team.

Michelle takes her team off to leave Blue in privacy for a chat. Shannan congratulates them as they head out the door.
Red head off to the trophy room where Garry starts hooting and hollering like an idiot. I think they can still hear you, boofhead!
Cosi’s the biggest loser and he’s happy because of the fattest people in Australia, he lost the most weight!

Shannan talks Blue through having to go to elimination. Shannan doesn’t want to tell them who they should vote for, “It’d be like saying which one of your kids do you love more?”
He wants them to not leave it a tied vote, so Red don’t get to choose instead.
The thinking is that maybe half would want Sean gone, half would want Debbie gone.

Sean says to his team that he’d promised himself he’d get as far into the game as he could but if he felt like he ever became a burden on anyone else, he’d leave the game. He thinks that he’ll likely continue to hold his team back in challenges and so on.
Sean tells his team that everything he does, he’s working through pain. He’s been through a lot of stuff but it’s starting to get to him.
He has a side bit saying he doesn’t want to let the team down but he’s so tired of the pressure and pain.
John says it was hard on Sean, his description of the pain was like a hot nail sticking in your heel all the time and John knows what that’s like because he stepped on a nail as a kid. He says he saw Sean’s face on the beach boat race and it must have been killing him. Sean says when they were with the Commando he fell flat on his back and couldn’t breathe, but he got back up and kept going. He doesn’t doubt what Sean’s got in his heart.
Sean says to Blue that Shannan said whoever stays has to make a 100% commitment, but Sean can’t do that because he can’t run.
John says the team will evaluate the situation and work out what’s best for the team.

Debbie says she loves them all and loves the experience, but it’s time for it to finish. Someone has to go home and she thinks it should be her.
Debbie says in an aside that she can be strong there but she thinks she’s ready to face the battle on the outside now.
“Even though of course I miss my kids, but not to the level that I need to get out of this place.” – Debbie, spookily laying a bitchslap on Steven the Quitter.
Debbie tells Blue she just wants to lay out how she feels, someone has to go home.
Side bit, she says if she’s meant to leave, she’ll leave.

Kirsten and Alison have a chat. Alison isn’t sure between Debbie and Sean. Sean is a bigger threat. But it’s fairly even overall.

No other side chatter, we’re off to the elimination room.

Ajay’s wearing another nice black jacket over a nice green shirt. Very nice!

Rah rah, dream is about to end, rah rah, pack your bags, say goodbye, leave FOREVER.
Recap of how much booty Blue has been kicking. But now, the tide has turned!

Sean is asked if he thinks his time is up and Sean says it could very well be.
John is told he’s quite outspoken on the team, does that make him a target? John seems unfazed and says if he goes home, he’ll be fine.
Debbie is asked if life is harder inside the house and she says she’s struggling some days, she doesn’t regret coming though, she’s made some great friends.
Alison is revealed as the smallest Loser so far, though she feels she’s put in 100% she’s feeling like she might have let the team down with a meager 1.5kg loss.

Michael is first. He says the reason he’s voting for this person is because their heart is not with the Blue team, it’s on the outside. If their heart is not fully with the team it’s probably best for them to go.
Debbie: 1

Didn’t expect that. She has a bit of a sneer on her face, too.

Sean next. He says it’s a hard decision for him. They have a very special friendship, this person understood him the best, though he’s friendly with the rest of the team too. He’s voting for who he thinks it’s best to vote for for the team.
Debbie: 2

Same sneer.
John’s turn now. He says he is outspoken, but he respects people who shut him down more than anything because he doesn’t know everything and you always learn from other people. This person is a great person, but he’s voting for them anyway…
Debbie: 3

One more vote and she will be going home. Sneer.

Three girls left. Have they colluded?

Debbie’s turn. She found it hard to find something bad enough about someone to want to send them home. The person she voted for is very outspoken in the house. She has voted for… Mr Shiny White Light.
John: 1
Debbie: 3

That might avoid a hung vote at least.

Alison has voted for someone who has come a long way since day one, they’ve had ups and downs, struggling through pain barriers and injury but kept getting up and keep trying. They’re strong enough to do this on the outside and while she’ll miss them, she’s voted for…

Debbie! Woohoo!

Her smile seemed a little pasted on.

Debbie is asked what the first thing she’ll say to her kids is and Debbie says she’ll bawl her eyes out first.
Mostly she’ll show them the new her, no more picking a DVD to watch, they’ll be up and about and doing things.
Debbie says even though she’s only lost just over 13kg, she’s lost huge amounts in centimetres. She’s lost 32cm around her chest and back, 27cm around her waist.

Sean says to her that he doesn’t know if words can say enough and he hopes that losing her from the team won’t be too much for them, he knows she can do it.
“Can’t wait to see you at the finale.” “I’ll be there!” “I love you, darling.” “Thanks, hun.” Oooooooooooooh?

Debbie says byebye to everyone, hugs all round, kisses. “Bear!” “Seeya ya old sook!” John, that is.

Debbie heads off down the corridor. No one seems overly upset. Alison wipes a tiny tear away from her eye, but that’s it.

Ajay tells them all the teams are uneven once again. Plus John has a heart condition and Sean has a major injury, so they have 3 healthy individuals versus Blue’s 6. Ajay thinks they need to reassess their voting strategies and how they play the game.
Blue is warned that what awaits them in the coming days will test them like they’ve never been tested before. The mountain they’re climbing is about to get a lot steeper!
Watch your diet, train harder than you’ve ever trained before and expect the unexpected!

Debbie arrives home to a decent sized gathering of friends and family. She wiggles her body around and is then crashed tackled by her kids. “I can feel cheek bone!” Her son, I assume, after giving her a kiss on the cheek.
2 months on she’s looking much better, way skinnier. Unsightly bulges on her thighs still, but overall better body shape. She walks for 1-2 hours every day before work. Shannan introduced her to boxing, which she loves. It’s become her chocolate!
Her fridge is full of veggies and lean meat and she loves the burgen bread.
Her old clothing was 22-26 and now she can get 14-16 in tops, 16-18 in pants.
Looking back at her audition tape she looks much different. She says she has a neck now, and even has collarbone! She used to say she had an ass the size of a mack truck and she wasn’t lying.
Since appearing on the show Debbie has lost 29.9kg. Putting certain other ex-contestants to shame.

Tomorrow night there’s going to be a bit of a scuffle in a pergola thingy. John’s demanding a camera be taken away while Sean is sitting on the floor and Shannan seems to be trying to intercede between John and Sean? It’s not entirely clear but looks very exciting!
Shannan has a side bit saying that it’s time for him to back down.

The Warehouse is back and generating more bickering.

The Temptation has to do with eating jaffas in a movie theatre and someone’s pig out sounds like it’s surprising?
The Challenge is something to do with tires. “Either win, or someone goes home.” – Shannan

And at the weigh in? “Hey White House? Get ready!” – Bob
“They. Are. Coming.” Says the tv screen in the weigh in room.

… but there’s only 3 of them while the in-house teams are still 5 and 6 strong. So I doubt it’s going to be too soon, just more teasing!
Looks to be a good week. So long as that win-or-go-home thing is just the “go hard or go home” style go home and not another instant elimination…

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