Season 3, Episode 17: The Walk really, really sucks. And is Steven this season’s Sarah?

Previously on The Biggest Loser, Red Team had to eat takeaway for dinner while Blue got an intense workout with The Commando!
Temptation was darts and balloons and way too many calories.

Tonight, “The Walk gets serious” and one team’s journey will never be the same again!
And in America? Well, maybe we’ll finally find out if Steven is going to go home.
And maybe we won’t. Again.

Want to find out all that and more?

Michelle and Shannan rock up to the house. Sheridan says they’re freaking out about telling Michelle how much they had. Sam confessed to being a little nervous too.
Michelle says they’re all looking pretty sheepish. Cosi lays out the Temptation for them.
Michelle is happy that Sheridan sat out. Nicole and Nicola took 150 calories in and did an extra 300 calories worth of exercise. So Michelle is okay with that, they’ve dealt with it.

Garry then starts in on the justification of his pig out. He says that they decided to increase their chances and do a 1,000 calorie one. Michelle looks pretty annoyed at that and Cosi says she seemed to get madder and madder.
Garry then says he stepped up for another 1,000 and Cosi did a mere 500.
Michelle gets told the grand total of 2,150 and in an aside is visibly annoyed, asking if immunity is really that important?
Michelle tells Garry that he’s eaten more than his daily intake in one sitting. They’ve lost two weigh ins in a row and it’s killing her.
Aside, she says that what they’re winning is potentially sabotaging the main event.

Michelle then asks what he’s done since then to make up for it and he says he got on the treadmill a bit. “What’s a bit?” “Forty five minutes.” Michelle is all no, no!
Garry tries to justify himself again, saying it was pretty late when they got started training. Nicole’s having none of that, saying it was only late because they were watching a DVD!
Nicole is angry because between them they ate 4,000 calories they didn’t need to and that could mean they lose the weigh in.
Michelle is pissed off and says as much! “Well done, congratulations, you won immunity, you’ve got the power of The Walk. You’re going to sit on your arse on the couch afterwards? What do you expect me to do?” – Michelle
Michelle says the girls have every right to be annoyed. “That’s just crap man!” – Michelle
“Are you ready to train? Cause I’m fucking ready to give it to you! Let’s go!”
She says The Walk had better be worth it!

Shannan comes in for a chat to Blue. Quite a few of them are nervous because some of them had partaken.
Who ate the most? John. 2,000 calories.
Shannan says in an aside that there is a game being played, but the way you win is losing weight, staying healthy and winning weigh ins.
Kirsten says the boys ate way too much food.
John lays out the strategy of trying to win. Shannan points out that Red won the Temptation, but who won the weigh in? So why care if you win Temptation?
John says it would knock down their morale. Shannan says the strategy is to win the weigh in. Win the weigh in and you don’t have to eliminate anyone!
Sean says in an aside that he agrees and thought he’d been stupid. How could he have thought anything other than what Shannan said.

John tries to say they’ll agree to disagree. He thinks his theory was fine. Shannan says it’s not a theory, it’s wrong.
Shannan’s pretty livid in an aside, saying that he continued to tell him it was a fantastic idea and he was really smart for coming up with it. And that’s rubbish, Shannan thinks!
Shannan tells him he’s a leader on this team and he should be man enough to step up and say it was wrong. John thinks it wasn’t wrong, if it was he would step up and say that.
Shannan asks him if he won? Shannan thinks the team is fractured because of it. John disagrees and asks if the team thinks they are.
Alison speaks up and says that not everyone was comfortable going for it. It got out of hand.
John asks if maybe it should have been discussed at the time. He says in an aside that he was disappointed in Alison, saying she went to the schoolteacher and complain.

Hello? You asked, dumbass!

Shannan says they got sucked into a place they shouldn’t’ve been and now they need to get back to working together properly.

Michelle says the mood in her team right now, you could cut the air with a knife. And she’s coming in with a chainsaw!
Now they’re going to do the workout they should have done last night and because they didn’t, they’d all have to wear it.
Garry’s getting a bit pissy, Michelle’s asking him to work hard but he’s still pissed at Nicole and generally having a sook.
Michelle does the thing where she crawls under someone while they’re arched in the air.

Garry says he doesn’t know why he’s doing this. And he quits and heads off out the door. Michelle is unimpressed.

Cosi and Nicole were partnered on the punching bag and Nicole asks him if Garry’s walked out because of her.
Cosi, in a side bit, says, “You have got the brains of a gutter rat.” And he says it might be because she ran to mummy to dob on him for watching the dvd.
Nicole says, but they were!
Cosi says that it’s just not cool of her to do it. He says that he was off doing weights and an exercise bike during breaks during Temptation. But he wouldn’t tell Michelle that. Nicole says that he can tell her that. Cosi says it must just be different ways they were brought up, she was a tattletale, basically.
Nicole still thinks it was just a case of giving Michelle the full picture.
Nicole tells Cosi she’s sick of losing and Cosi points out they haven’t lost yet.
Cosi has another side bit, calling her sweet cheeks and saying that she’d only lost 900 grams in the last weigh in, so she’s got no right to be high and mighty and a dobber.

Garry’s outside chatting to Michelle. He says he knows he has to burn the calories and he’s got no problem with that and Michelle reminds him it should have been done ASAP.
He says he can’t train with those people because they just ratted him out. He just can’t deal with it now. In a side bit he says he’s not sure he can trust Nicole ever again.

Time for Garry to go off for his Walk.
Nervous, need something good, worried it’ll be something bad, uneasy, time for something good for Blue/Red, morale boost…


And we’re off in sunny California at last!
Bob says it’s Week 3 for the Black Team. Black is busting their ass and at this point their heads need to be right in the game.
Jillian thinks the Black Team is as strong, if not stronger, than anyone in the White House.
Carrianne kills herself in the gym, Michelle is a completely different person than the first day, Bryce is a machine.

Steven? Is just such an energy drain.
Bob thinks Steven is just trying to get by. He’s been trying to just get by for thirty years and it’s just not working for him.
Bob says nobody else on Black has said they’d quit, except Steven… Who has said it three times.

In a group sit down, Steven says he’s just not motivated. He should be pulling 7-8 kilos a week and Bob asks him if his head is really in it. How long has he been overweight? Steven says he doesn’t remember ever being skinny, but fat at least since six years old.
Steven says that year after year, he’s gotten bigger and bigger, lots of taunts and name calling, thus lots of emotional eating. When his daughter was born he made himself a promise that he’d not let her get obese.
“No one’s going to be living your life but you, Steven. It’s your life.” – Bob
Steven says he wants to quit, he wants to be with his baby.
Bob gives his “I can’t want it for you.”

Bob says the only way it will work is if the whole team is on the same page. If it’s not for him then he owes it to the others to make a decision, so they can all go on to be much stronger. If he needs to go home then he needs to go home TODAY.

Steven says to his teammates that it’s a team thing and he’s holding them back.
Bryce says no way, they’ll drag him along.
Bob tells Bryce that Steven doesn’t want to be here. While Bryce is saying that Steven can’t go home and do it.
Him not wanting to be here will destroy Bryce and the rest of their chances.
Steven says he doesn’t want to destroy their dreams.
Carrianne says that she’s seen how much stronger he’s become, but ultimately it’s his decision.

“If you want to be here, then be here! Because they need you. But if you don’t want to be here, then you must go home today. Because you will destroy all of this. So what’s it going to be, Steven?” – Bob

Shannan rocks up for another day and his team is already training in the gym. He’s stoked because after yesterday, it hadn’t been left in a good place. The team was a bit broken up.
Shannan asks them again who was proud of what they did in Temptation. Debbie raises her hand and Shannan said that she should be because after last time she’d been disappointed, as she’d participated last time.
Shannan says he wanted to let them know they’d let him down and let themselves down, but it was time to put that to rest and get stuck into training.

Shannan doesn’t want them to become great manipulators or strategists, that’s not what he’s there for and it’s not what he’s about. What he knows is how to get them to lose weight, how to eat well, teach them discipline, strength and how to live life.
Blue Team is now level, one team, same level.

Shannan also sits Sam down for a chat because Sam’s calories are very, very low. They sit down to check his online diet diary. Sam says he’s overweight due to bad lifestyle choices. Snacks are biscuits, chips and pizza.
Sam’s scared that if he doesn’t lose the weight, he won’t ever lose it.
Shannan says that there’s a part of Sam that must be thinking that if you eat less calories, you’ll lose more weight. But the problem with that is you end up burning out. The show is about long term, sustained weight loss.
Shannan tells Sam he needs to be between 1,600 and 1,800 calories and every day he needs to hit that number. If you go below that then your body thinks it’s starving and it goes into shutdown mode.

Sam actually had 561 calories on one day. Which is way, way below where he should be. 300% below, Shannan says.
Sam’s in the diary room saying he has no idea where the calories are going. He thinks he’s hit his target but he’ll look and only have 600. He doesn’t know what he’s doing wrong.
Shannan changes Sam’s schedule and gets him to use the diary after every meal. He needs to hit 1,500-1,800 every day and he’ll find that he’ll get on a roll.
Shannan tells Sam he needs to find foods he likes that are still within the guidelines. Less processed foods, more protein, less carbs, always low fat.
Shannan says if he follows what Shannan says and doesn’t lose weight, then Shannan’s heads on the block. He’s worried Sam will come to him in tears after a bunch of cardio but because he didn’t do the diet stuff, he’ll be stuffed.
Shannan thinks it’s good to take the guesswork out of it. The calculator will tell you exactly what you’re taking in, in conjunction with the calorie counter. You can’t leave anything to chance!

Garry’s off to The Walk. He’s nervous! He’s going to make a big decision! He could change the fate of the game! Or his own fate!

Only two pedestals this week. So either Red Team will be making a choice or Blue Team will be making a choice!

It’s time to make this fight a little more even, a new teammate will join Red.

The stones read:
1. Choose a blue team member to join the red team
2. Choose an eliminated red team member to rejoin the red team.

Hellloooo JJ!

FOUR MINUTES OF ADS. Screw you, Channel Ten!

Cosi says he reckons they’re going to get a Blue person. Everyone asks if he thinks so and Cosi says he doesn’t really know, he’s just starting a conversation.
Someone suggests maybe they’ll get swapped with the other fifteen. Heh.

Garry comes back in to a bunch of nervous looking folks.
He tells them the teams are going to even up.
Once he says the red team member might get to come back, everyone is all, “JJ!” Cosi’s hoping for JJ to come back.

The stone he got was… the lamer one. One of the Blue Team will be joining Red.

Debbie’s heart broke. She doesn’t want to lose anyone.
Cosi says to the Blues that there’s nothing like the feeling of joining a winning team! Everyone has a good laugh.

They want to go for the best Blue team. Nicola says the chance might not come along again.
Garry says for him it comes down to a choice between Michael, Sam and Kirsten.
Someone asks if maybe John? But John is too much a gambler, Sheridan says.
He’s losing a lot of weight, very strong and focused. But he’s a gamble. He’s been doing well, but it would only take one slip and he’d be useless to them.

Kirsten is very focused, but they don’t need another girl.
So it’s down to Sam or Michael. They need a strong boy.
Nicola points out that Sam loses more weight. She also says that he’s not eating. They need to keep that in mind.

Personally, I hope they poach Michael. If you’ve seen the video diaries on the official site, you’d know why!

Debbie hates it all because they’re the underdog team and they’re doing so well.
Kirsten says they should make an agreement that whoever goes, there won’t be any hard feelings. She says in an aside that she doesn’t like the way Red work as a team.
John says it doesn’t matter what happens, you can’t go into negative mode. Alison says everyone is still shocked and allowed to have their opinion. John says he’s not arguing her opinion.

And we’re back to California!
Michelle is in tears.
Steven says in a side bit that if he quits now he would be letting his team down. But at the same time, he’s holding them back and that’s not fair on them.
Bryce says he knows Steven’s heart is at home with his family so it’s maybe not the right spot for him.
Steven heads out the doors of the gym.

Jillian is outside and asks him what happened. Steven says they had some bad results on the scale and he’s the weakest link. He doesn’t want to let the team down. He wants them to fulfill their hopes and dreams and hopefully become the biggest loser.
He tells Jillian that he has good days and bad days. “BUT THAT’S LIIIIIIIIIIIIFE!” – Jillian
Steven says it needs to be good days every day in there. Jillian says no, it doesn’t. People fall down, they get back up. Good days, bad days, huge victories and terrible losses.
Jillian has a side bit saying that Steven has spent his whole life being overweight and he’s very attached to it and he’s not ready to let go of it.
Jillian tells Steven that it doesn’t matter who believes in him, whether his team does, Bob does, she does. It only matters that he believes in himself.
Jillian says she has to go train the team. Steven wishes them luck.
Jillian thinks in terms of the game, the team is weaker. But emotionally and physically, they’re stronger and better off overall.

Steven says it was hard to say goodbye. He needs to do this, needs to be at home, journey is going to continue.
Blah blah blah, you’re an idiot. You’re an idiot and a quitter.

Bryce says that it sucks that his friend is going home and they’re now three. It sort of gives them the feeling they’re mortal and any of the others could go home.
Michelle wanted him to do it for himself and prove he could do it.

“I know there’s probably some people out there that think I’ve quit” – because you have – “but for me it’s a beginning of a new life” – in which you’re going to struggle so much harder now you don’t have the help of two of the best trainers of fat people in the world!

Everyone’s sitting on the staircase back in the White House. Cosi says Blue looked very scared, for the first time they’re worried about something!

Garry says it was a tough decision. They’ve been struggling and the decision came down to someone who would help them in the weigh in room to keep them out of the elimination room.
Sam is getting nervous that it might be him, but also for Michael because it might be him, too.
Basically, none of them want to go over to Red.

Red would like to welcome… Sam. Oh damn.
Sam is gutted. He feels like crap.
Debbie says that it was Sam’s team, he put it together, and he’s just been pulled from it. She just hopes it’s not going to cut him too deep.

Kirsten’s crying and Alison’s close to it. John is almost angry.
Sam now looks like a giant tomato!

He says he’ll miss Blue, but he’ll still be giving 100%. It’s a team thing, but it’s also individual as well.
Awkward. So awkward.

“Blue for life, Sam!”

Alison says she’s sure Red feel bad, but also excited because they think they have a real chance to win the weigh in now!

Garry asks him how he’s feeling while they sit in the lounge room as a team. Sam has a smile pasted on his face but isn’t saying much.
Nicole tells him he’ll be an asset to the team. Garry says they wanted him to pull big numbers and keep them out of elimination.
“No pressure, but it’s all up to you, Sam!” – Cosi

Sam heads up to the Blue Team pow-wow. Alison asks him if he’s allowed to sit down with the Blues. Sam says he doesn’t know, he’ll go ask for permission!
Sam tells them he’s got a new team now and if he doesn’t give 100%, he’ll feel bad for himself. And everyone says he’s got to do that, he’s got to do it for himself.
Sean tells him he’ll be right, soon there won’t be any Red Team left.
Alison tells him it’s a compliment, they wanted to take the strongest player, and that’s him!
John tells him to make himself indispensible. Lose the weight, do it for yourself, and they won’t vote him off.

Steven the quitter gets home at last. Family, including his daughter, greet him at the airport. They think it’ll look like Steven, but a few kilos lighter.
Steven says in LA he’d said his family was his motivation and his fire. They drive him to lose the weight. Without them he was pretty dead. Looking forward to rebuilding the spark.
Everyone’s really excited to see him as he comes back in. His daughter runs up and gives him a big flaily-hug.
He says it’s good to be back. He missed them. It was a short time and he says he gave it his best – *snort* – and he just wasn’t strong enough.

3 months on he’s looking a bit thinner. And he’s cut off his huge afro, which probably dropped another couple kilos!
He does about 3 hours training a day and he’s really enjoying it, especially getting on the bike.
Perseverance, persistence, and the results pay off. Gee, isn’t that what you were supposed to do in LA?
He says the food he used to eat was a lot of junk, now he’s enjoying the healthy food instead.

Comparing him to his audition tape, he’s definitely lost some weight.
Steven says he’s happy to have been given the skills, the education that he needs. He’ll now get to see his baby turn 21.

Since appearing on the show, Steven has lost… 10.6kg. Which is pitiful, considering his size and that it’s been 3 entire months since he was on the show.

Tomorrow night, Shannan is furious that Sam has been stolen.

The challenge looks to be a quiz show. Get the answer wrong and your team has to hold up an ever increasing weight of sandbags. Or something.
At one point Cosi asks Nicole, “How many calories in 10kg of sand?” Heh.
Looks like a fun challenge, should be a good episode!

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