Season 3, Episode 8: First Official Elimination – Who Gets A Big Fat Boot?

Previously, on The Biggest Loser… a lot of disappointment on the faces of Red Team.
A lot of very happy Blue Team members.
And a lot of angry Red Team people about the flippant attitude of JJ and Cosi.

Would you like to know more?

(With apologies for this being so late!)

Everyone heads out and Debbie says the Blue Team felt fantastic, but they didn’t want to gloat.
Michael says to everyone that he doesn’t envy Red Team, they’ve got a tough decision. Nicola says that Rachel wants to go home. Everyone immediately tells her that she shouldn’t give up like that.
On the scales Rachel had said she doesn’t do anything on the outside so if she goes, she has plenty of time to lose the weight before the final.
Alison tries to tell her not to be disheartened, next week she might have a really big week next week.

In an aside Rachel says she did try and only losing 3kg makes her angry and frustrated and she hates that. She knows she can lose weight on the outside and that might be the easier thing to do.

JJ, Cosi and Garry head off for a pow-wow.
Garry says one of them has to go and JJ asks for clarification if he means one of Red or one of the guys.
Cosi says he and JJ are mates and he doesn’t want to vote for Garry, so it’s sort of three guys versus four girls.
Cosi says to the other two that all it takes is for the girls to say they’re a bit sick of JJ, Garry or Cosi and vote that way.
Cosi lays it out for the lads and says if Rachel wants to go, let’s just go that way. But he also needs to know how to spell JJ’s surname, just in case!

The girls take Rachel aside to try and encourage her. Nicole says if Rachel goes home she’s not sure she’ll manage to continue, she’ll be worse off, she hasn’t learnt to control her eating and her exercise.
Sheridan tells them that it’s their last chance to hold control. Nicole says that if they don’t vote a guy off now then from that point it’ll be a girl every week after that.
Rachel comes around and says she’s going to stick around for the sake of the other girls.
Nicole says that they’re strong girls and they need to believe in their strength. Then in an aside she says that a girl has never won this and she’s going to make sure that one of them do!
I think Kirsten’s actually a more likely candidate for winning, or possibly Alison, but it’s interesting to see that the women have finally twigged to how they can actually win the show, or at least massively improve their odds!

Nicola joins JJ and Cosi to let them know what the girls were thinking. Nicola says to JJ that some of the Red Team girls are sick of JJ’s little comments. Probably some of the Blue Team girls, too.
Cosi asks if the four girls will be voting JJ. Nicola grins and nods.
JJ’s a bit sad about that. He thinks he has as much reason to be there as the next person.
Cosi says to Nicola that JJ can be annoying, but maybe they should put that aside. Nicola suggests sitting the whole group down for a chat. In an aside she says that she needs that in order to make a proper decision.

Garry says that they need to sit down and discuss the decision to vote against JJ. See if everyone is comfortable with it?
Cosi says they found the girls at the dining table with their grumpy little faces on. Cosi seems unamused!
Nicola tells the girls that she wants them to hear what the boys have to say.
Cosi asks about the girlpower/boypower thing.
Sheridan is uncomfortable talking to JJ and Cosi because she has deep suspicions about them.
“My problem with JJ is in my heart of hearts I don’t believe you actually respect us, at all.” – Sheridan

JJ says, “We’re dealing with overweight women that have been subject to taunts and torment all their life.”
Insert replay of JJ being rude to the women.
JJ says that throwing those women into a house with him was maybe not the best idea.

Cosi puts up another suggestion, that the person with the lowest percentage of weightloss should be the one to go. It safeguards the guys from worrying about the girls ganging up on them, and the reverse also applies.
If the girls fall for that… Sheesh!

Rachel is the person with the lowest percentage, by the way.

Rachel says she has a bunch of spare time at home, she doesn’t have a job, so she has plenty of time to dedicate to losing weight.
Cosi says it made their decision even clearer. And the girls couldn’t very well stand up for someone who is saying send me home.

Nicole is unimpressed.

So it’s decided they’d be voting for Rachel. But as Cosi says, come elimination time you just don’t know!

They head down the stairs to the elimination room. Nicola has a pretty dress on. Nicole has a pretty dress on. Sheridan has a pretty dress on. JJ has a sort of stylish shirt on. Garry has a floral shirt on. Cosi has a bogan-ish shirt on.
Rachel has a SPIDERMAN SHIRT ON. Heh.

Elimination time! More lame drivel from Ajay. Get some decent writing people please!

Ajay reminds them all how Cosi picked the team and then sucked the big one at the weigh in. She says they had a chuckle but now we find out who had the last laugh.

Ajay asks Rachel if she’s feeling vulnerable as the smallest loser and Rachel says yes.
She asks Garry if political games are being played already. He says yes, there’s a bit of division and those divisions need to be gotten rid of.
Ajay quizzes JJ about having wanted to leave a few days ago. Does he still feel the same way? Not really, he says. Good people, good team.
Nicola is really torn over her decision. Da-da-dunnnn!

Voting begins!

Right after a convenient ad break so they can fit another one in just before the result is revealed, I guess.

Cosi is first to vote. He explains about the whole least percentage idea. So he’s voted for.
Rachel: 1

Rachel voted for someone who didn’t lose as much as they could have and once that person is gone the group may become a bit more involved with each other.
JJ: 1
Rachel: 1

Garry’s up next. Tough decision. Based his vote on scales and they didn’t lose as much as the rest of the members of the team.
Rachel: 2
JJ: 1

He apologises to Rachel, who says it’s okay.

Sheridan says that at the moment there’s a very clear alliance. And she needs to call mutiny.
JJ: 2
Rachel: 2

Cosi looks pissed!

JJ’s vote is next though. He says it’s hard, everyone is worthy of being in the Red Team. His vote is based on performance and weightloss.
Rachel: 3
JJ: 2

One more vote for Rachel will send her home.

Nicole is up next. She’s happy to be part of the red team, but they need to unite together and they’re not. The person she voted for is based on weightloss, they should have lost more, maybe should have gone a little harder. Her vote is for… JJ!
JJ: 3
Rachel: 3

JJ says it’s alright to her, not to worry about it.

It’s down to Nicola. Poor girl!
Ajay says whoever receives one more vote will be sent home. But what if she’s voted for neither of those two? Heh.

Ajay clarifies after the break. Vote for Rachel, she goes home. Vote for JJ, he goes home. Vote for someone else… wait, no she didn’t clarify!

Nicola says they had made an agreement to vote out the person with the lowest percentage. But she went away and thought about that and what it meant for her and emotionally she wouldn’t be able to handle that decision. So she had no other choice but to change her mind.
So she has voted for… JJ!

*dances around the house with his undies on his head* WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :-D

Ajay asks if he feels betrayed. JJ says you’ve got to do what’s in your heart and the girls have done what they think is the right thing. He tells Cosi not to be certain which way the wind is blowing. It might come up behind you and blow you over.
Cosi says that he can see why the girls voted JJ out, he’s an abrasive fellow. JJ nods in agreement. Cosi goes on to say he’s just disappointed that they sat down as a team and seemed to come to a decision. He just thinks it’s a bit, “you know”, to go back and scheme behind the rest of the team’s back. They need to voice their opinions.

Ajay asks JJ how he thinks he’s changed. He says he’s experienced living with a bunch of different people, especially the girls. “They’re delicate creatures.” Rachel smirks at that. JJ says he needs to learn to bite his tongue sometimes.
JJ says he’d like to see his family again. Also he’d like to see one particular person. Ajay asks him who and he says they’re long gone, but he misses that person a hell of a lot.
JJ says you’ve just got to keep truckin’!

JJ gets hugs from most people. Nicola hugs him, Nicole hugs him, Sheridan hugs him, Garry shakes his hand and hugs him, Rachel hugs him. Cosi tells him to wax his chest! Heh.
JJ moseys on out. Hooray!

Ajay tells them they’ve had their first taste of the elimination room. There’s obvious divisions in the team. Not only did they lose the weigh in, they lost by twenty kilos. They’re going to have to dig deep to avoid meeting her there again!

JJ gets home to quite a little party. There’s hot chicks!
Dude I assume is his Dad says he’s pleased JJ has lost a lot of weight. Hmm.

2 months on…
JJ says that before he never took his anger out on exercise, he took it out on people. And he lost a lot of really beautiful people. He’s finding when he gets a bit angry he goes and does some training or goes for a run on the beach.
Looking at him running around he didn’t look to have lost that much weight. But seeing his audition tape again, his face is a lot better defined now and the double chin is pretty much gone.
He says he’ll never be that person again because he’s realised that something he didn’t like, he really does enjoy. Exercise!
It’s just the beginning for him. The stuff he’s learnt on the show will carry over to the rest of his life.
During this he’s doing situps using his truck tires to hold his feet down!
Since appearing on the show JJ has lost 10.1kg. Not exactly a stunning amount, but the difference it’s made to his body certainly is. His fat pants can be pulled out a good couple inches from his body now.
He’s apparently inspiring other truckies to get healthier, too. No details on how, but good for him if so!

Next time on The Biggest Loser… Michelle is pissed! She says voting JJ off was just stupid.
For physical reasons, sure. But the team dynamic ought to improve!
Michelle’s looking a bit zombie-like during the training session. Maybe it’s the trainers turn to puke?
And morale is apparently going to hit rock bottom. Sheridan has “had enough.”

“It’s 100% or death!” – Michelle

Shannan has his fatties training on the beach. Fun! Only it seems not, since it looks like Debbie is going to attack someone? She seems to be lunging down on top of someone and poor Shannan is trying to wrench her off, but it’s hard to tell. There’s a bit of a blowup after that and Shannan tells her to go for a walk by herself, after she says she “does not give a shit!”
And The Warehouse is tomorrow night, Temptation looks interesting (Sam: “I hate myself!”) and the challenge for the week has something to do with surf boat rowing.
“Kill me now!” – Alison
There’s also going to be some bickering between Debbie, Michael and John. And apparently the competitions hero is going to fall. Over? Off something? Gain weight? I have no idea. Find out… some time? I have no idea when my website will be working again so I have no idea, maybe you’ve already seen it all!

(Hey, guess what, it’s working now!)

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